Bad Traders

Bad Traders Reported by Millington

Cutio BTRs6-Sep-2001
Status: active
Aliases: Cutio
Address: Vincent Maldonado Jr,PO BOX 20084, STATESBORO GA 30460
Reporter: Millington

Lets see... where to start where to start. First of all we made a trade for his GBA and zelda seasons and zelda oracles for my rpgmaker, Lunar2, and FF9. We agreed to send same tiem due his to his past bad experiences and cuz it was a sweet deal on both parts. This is total bullcrap it has been way to long for priority mail. I sent him multiple e-mails and he only replied to them after i threatened a BTR and mail fraud charges. He is and has been vague with details. Now as of 11:20 pm Sept. 6th he says he never even recieved the package yet when i sent delivery confirmation. #0304 7990 0003 3163 5472. Check if you like. I feel this guy should be banned and avoided at all costs he has ripped 3 people or more off with his broke ass schemes. I know he has recieved the package CUZ HE SAID HE DID. I have all the e-mails that I saent him logged and the ones from him are logged also. This is total bull I want my stuff back or the gba package within a week or I am filing mail fraud charges. I also have his phone number and won't hesitate to call his home..... SEND MY STUFF ASAP OR FACE THE CONSEQUENCES I HAVE LET THIS GO ON LONG ENOUGH.


we are currently working out a plan for him to repay me for what was taken from me.

1.24.2004--- spoke to him today... is "sending" me money
3.`11.2004--- RECIEVED a $20 anda note that said more will come.