Bad Traders

Bad Traders Reported by RainMoN

ugtzff7 BTRs14-Apr-2002
Status: active
Aliases: ugtzff7
Address: 414 Rocky Ridge Rd. NE Jacksonville, AL 36265
Reporter: RainMoN

This whole monstrosity of a "deal" was agreed upon the night of March 25th in the gametz chatroom. On my end, I was supposed to send $17 for a complete Suikoden 2, in excellent condition, and receive it as soon as possible. Neither happened. I had to wait over a month and a half for the game I was expecting, only to be horrified on the morning of May 14th when I finally received it. Delay after delay I had to tolerate, and what it came down to was a scratched up, disc only game. Some of the circumstances behind his delays were most likely unavoidable, but there is NO excuse for lying. I can understand if someone who has a good track record messes up on the shipping once in a blue moon, but I have no toleration for anybody that lies or withholds info about the item that they are sending. That's why I cannot leave this BTR within the bounds of what happened between him and I. This trader lied to me and that means that he can, and will, do it again. He's fortunate that I took this deal as a loss three weeks after I sent my money. This BTR MIGHT come down if he refunds ALL of the money that this joke costed me.