Bad Traders

Bad Traders Reported by ProsetheticMind

jthor2N BTRs29-Oct-2002
Status: active
Aliases: jthornx
Address: 130 Maple Ave. Chester NJ 07930
Reporter: ProsetheticMind

Joe, Im putting this up to get your attention.
I sent you payment for the Dreamcast system a while ago, which you said you received. I was willing to cut you some slack because you were busy, but 4+ months is just _way_ too long, and you havent been responding to my email now for a while.

Please let me know

imeron27 BTRs2-Jul-2001
Status: active
Aliases: imeron27
Reporter: ProsetheticMind

Jared, Im posting this to get your attention.

I sent Moonwalker quite a while ago (even though technically you were going to send first) but still have not received your part of the deal or heard back from you in a long time.
Im giving you the benefit of the doubt,
Please let me know right away .
(Im putting the trade back up right now because it has been pending so long it was deleted automatically today)