Bad Traders

Bad Traders Reported by chef_larry

mrsega Canada BTRs28-Feb-2000
Status: active
Aliases: blaze,garypitts
Address: 8460 bloedel dr. port alberni,bc v9y-7l7
Reporter: chef_larry

we pended a trade for his panzer dragoon saga for my sonic jam, an analog controller and memory card plus. we agreed to ship at the same time 2/7.well he stopped replying to my emails after 2 weeks went buy and i felt like i was being ripped off. I found out his phone number and talked to his mother, she said she would get to the bottom of this. As i found out he says" the panzer dragoon saga doesn't work" and he is "really stressed over this". Knowing this he still took my stuff and is now answering me with i'll send when i get a chance. this is unacceptable behavior. He knowingly ripped me off and now that i could track him down is still being difficult all i want now is my stuff back. I know his real name is gary pitts. this whole ryan turner thing is a lie because an email search confirmed his name is gary pitts