Bad Traders

Bad Traders Reported by Yoshi

digginit BTRs27-Apr-2000
Status: active
Address: Escondido, CA
Reporter: Yoshi

The trade in question involved a Playstation 2 and Ridge Racer V on my end and a Neo Geo cart system with 3 games, 2 DC games, and a DC mod chip on his end. On April 13, Gary and I agreed to both send on April 14th and exchange tracking numbers. I sent via USPS with delivery confirmation. He has an online account with UPS. He printed out his own label and gave me the tracking number for it. The number was legitimate and at the time showed a "manifest pickup" status.

This is where the problems start. He entered the weight of the package as 1 lb. The actually weight of the package was probably more in the neighborhood of 20 lbs. He says that he dropped off the package at Staples, a UPS pickup location. He then went on a short vacation. On Monday, April 17, my package was delivered to him, as confirmed with the USPS Delivery Confirmation number that I have. At this point, three days after the package was supposed to go out, the status on his package still said "manifest pickup". I was able to contact Gary over AOL Instant Messenger. He allegedly called UPS. They told him that the package had been rejected and was still at Staples where he dropped it off. Gary agreed to get the problem corrected and get the package sent out as soon as he got back on Thursday, April 20. I never received another tracking number or a package.

This entire week (April 22 through April 27), I have been trying to contact Gary via e-mail. I know that the messages were received, because we are both using AOL, and I received delivery receipts for the messages. However, I have received no response from Gary.

I will be more than happy to remove this report as soon as either my original items or his promised items arrive. In the interrum, I want to prevent anyone else from having to go through what I am.

5/4/00 Update ---

I have now filed mail fraud charges with the United States Postal Service. I suggest anyone else that sent anything to Mr. Oversteet do the same.