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Completed Trades

16-Jan-2006wolf gets: .Pokemon Pinball : Ruby unopened
AzzipCats gets: The Incredible Hulk (Game Gear)

20-Dec-2005wolf gets: Disaster Report (PlayStation 2)
shadwolf gets: Supercross 3D (Jaguar)

13-May-2005wolf gets: Golden Axe II (Genesis)
Slim_Trigger gets: Kessen (PlayStation 2)

6-May-2005wolf gets: Eternal Champions (Genesis)
mjsbbs gets: Wing Commander (Sega CD)

1-Oct-2003wolf gets: 5 Shining Force Chinese guide books 2 Chinese games money
Game_Hunter gets: 5 Complete N64 games (mint) Flip Out Jaguar (mint)

1-Oct-2003wolf gets: Saturn Memory Cart.
Game_Hunter gets: NBA In The Zone 98'

4-Sep-2003wolf gets: Flash Sega Saturn Vols. 23 28 32 & Hyper U-L Tech book
hiroshi175 gets: money

4-Sep-2003wolf gets: Shining Soul 2 Poster
hiroshi175 gets: Money

30-Aug-2003wolf gets: Cash ($50)
Chris5687 gets: Shining Force G

21-Aug-2003wolf gets: Shining Force 2 Brazilian Version
darini gets: Crazy Taxi PS2

18-Aug-2003wolf gets: Shining Soul 2 - Guide - Key Chain - Carrying Case
hiroshi175 gets: money

24-Jul-2003wolf gets: Cash
mcgee9 gets: Airport Tycoon (PC)

28-May-2003wolf gets: 4in1 Action Replay
Mox_Demon gets: Shining Wisdom

20-Apr-2003wolf gets: Shining Force 3-3 Flier Book & Sticker
hiroshi175 gets: money

11-Mar-2003wolf gets: Kaleidoscope CD-Rom
hiroshi175 gets: money

1-Mar-2003wolf gets: HalrQuarter book 1 & Yogurt plushie
hiroshi175 gets: money

16-Feb-2003wolf gets: Kessen
pugmagician gets: Magic Knight Rayearth 2

15-Dec-2002wolf gets: Dragon Force (Saturn)
kirkwh gets: Atari Jaguar System, 2 Jaguar games, 1 SMS game

8-Dec-2002wolf gets: Shining & the Darkness postcard - Flash Sega Saturn Vol. 27
hiroshi175 gets: Money

2-Dec-2002wolf gets: Kessen 2 (PS2)
John_De gets: Flip Out, Iron Soldier & I War (Jaguar-Complete)

1-Dec-2002wolf gets: Flash Sega Saturn Vol. 12 Shining Sould V-Jump Guide
hiroshi175 gets: money

12-Aug-2002wolf gets: Wachenroder - Tnn Bass Tournament 96'
import_games gets: Vectorman- Stargate Genesis & 10 manuals

2-Jul-2002wolf gets: money
ChrisJS gets: 2 Shining Force Gaiden Trading Cards

9-May-2002wolf gets: Dragons Revenge Genesis
NESjunkie gets: Strider-Jaws-Hogan's Alley NES

18-Apr-2002wolf gets: Shining Force 3 Sticker Set
TARUI gets: money

18-Mar-2002wolf gets: $17.00
Nemo_Belmont gets: Vampire: Master of Darkness (game gear)

14-Jan-2002wolf gets: 12 Beep! Megadrive Magazines
nomeaz gets: money

12-Jan-2002wolf gets: money
omega_entity gets: Shining Force Encyclopedia & Perfect Guide

4-Jan-2002wolf gets: Shining Force Perfect guide & 3 Attack Special- Works for Shining the Holy Ark-Eternal
nomeaz gets: money

28-Dec-2001wolf gets: money
omega_entity gets: Shining Force CD & green cover guide books

8-Dec-2001wolf gets: money
omega_entity gets: Shining Force guide w/ special sound CD

24-Nov-2001wolf gets: Shining Force guide w/special guide & Shining Force CD guide book
gmfrk gets: money

19-Nov-2001wolf gets: Sega TV VG Illustrations & Beep! Megadrive 5/92
nomeaz gets: money

2-Nov-2001wolf gets: Harvest Moon 64
poesba gets: Final Fantasy Tatics

1-Nov-2001wolf gets: Cash in US funds
Bighab gets: Shining Force 3 Trading Cards

16-Oct-2001wolf gets: Shining Force Stickers
nomeaz gets: money

12-Oct-2001wolf gets: money
DemonStar gets: 16 Shining Force 3 Trading Cards

8-Oct-2001wolf gets: money
DemonStar gets: 12 Shining Force 3 Trading Cards

2-Oct-2001wolf gets: Shining Force Gaiden Trading Card Set- Shining Force 3 senerio 3 phone card
nomeaz gets: money

11-Sep-2001wolf gets: Shining Force guide w/special sound CD & Shining Force 3 Trading Card Set
nomeaz gets: money

6-Sep-2001wolf gets: Money
omega_entity gets: Shining Force Gaiden 1 & 2 Guide Book

5-Sep-2001wolf gets: Money
CBM gets: Sega Nomad & Need for Speed Saturn

31-Aug-2001wolf gets: Airport Tycoon & Sim Isle
SoulBlazer gets: X-Files Playstation

1-Aug-2001wolf gets: Shining and the Darkness (music CD)- 3 Shiro demo disc
nomeaz gets: money

30-Jun-2001wolf gets: Stargate (Genesis, Complete)
tormentor gets: Wacky Worlds (Genesis, Complete w/mouse)

30-Jun-2001wolf gets: Shining Force 3 Senerio 2 Guide Book
Anasazi gets: Money

18-Jun-2001wolf gets: Shining Force CD & Gaiden 1 & 2 Guide Books
TakumiSuidu gets: money

12-Jun-2001wolf gets: Sonic and Tales -Loc-on-cart )and Sonic Spinball
Ataribob gets: Prince Of Persia for the Game Gear

31-May-2001wolf gets: Myst 3 Exile
Mikeg gets: money

21-Apr-2001wolf gets: Shining Force Mega CD & Encyclopedia SF Legacy of Great Intention
TakumiSuidu gets: money

3-Feb-2001wolf gets: Shining Force Gaiden 2
markinjapan gets: money

3-Feb-2001wolf gets: Shining Force Mega Drive
TakumiSuidu gets: money

29-Jan-2001wolf gets: Shining Wisdom(import)
ASSEMbler gets: money

26-Jan-2001wolf gets: steep slope sliders(sat)
chef_larry gets: bug(saturn) and super battleship(genesis)

16-Jan-2001wolf gets: Shining Force Gaiden 1
markinjapan gets: money

5-Jan-2001wolf gets: Shining Wisdom
RDS777 gets: Money

28-Dec-2000wolf gets: Doom
Cooper gets: money

17-Dec-2000wolf gets: Shining The Holy Ark (US Saturn, complete)
TahoeMax gets: Phantasy Star 4 (Genesis, w/box), Dark Savior (US Saturn, complete)

12-Dec-2000wolf gets: money
burnses gets: Doom 2

27-Nov-2000wolf gets: Shining Force
markinjapan gets: money

25-Nov-2000wolf gets: Shining Force 2
goku17 gets: Kartia The Word of Fate