Topic   Opinion on the best portable gaming device to take traveling?

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I'm going to Japan later in the year and am trying to decide what gaming system I should take. I am considering all factors - battery life, weight, size, library, etc. Due to the premium on weight and space, I only want to take 1 gaming device. I have access to basically any portable gaming device.

My current frontrunners are

Steamdeck - Huge library, but also huge device.
Hacked 3ds - Huge library, not the best battery life
Nintendo Switch - Requires cartridges, joycons suck but better controllers take up more space and require a different case.
Anbernic handheld - Huge library, but not many games I want to play for long stretches.
Nintendo DS with a flash cart and a GBA everdrive
Playdate - lol just kidding

What are your opinions on the best portable device for such a journey?

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Switch. 1 Small case can carry a dozen carts. Digital library. Many games you can play for 50+ hours, but that's what it boils down to... what games you are interested in. For me, the Switch is already my second favorite gaming system only behind SNES.
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Yea I agree on the Switch.

Switch with Hori splitpads, even with another case and the said pads, shouldn't be more than $50.

Steam Deck is bulky, and battery isn't as good. And if you care about trophies/achievements, you need internet.

I'm currently traveling with this set. Pretty happy with it. You really just need a couple of quickie games and a long form one for longer sessions. I prob didn't need so many carts since I have a large digital backlog but one of these cases can carry 20 carts.

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Switch or modded Vita.
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You’d have the most library with a steam deck and better performance. It is obviously bigger and battery life isn’t great. If not, than the switch would be best.
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Steam Deck, if you play any indie games the performance will be better than Switch as well as battery life.
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My DSiXL is my favorite travel system still.

I imagine a DS Lite would be pretty good too with the GBA port.

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You have access to almost any device, but what about games?

Switch + a battery pack for sure gets my vote, but only if you have or will have a bunch of games to bring.

On a budget I'd go modded Vita. But no matter what you choose def bring a battery brick to extend time between charges.
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My vita was my traveling companion when I was traveling throughout Southeast Asia. From your list of things I would take the 3DS. You will have charging options everywhere in Japan.
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I recently went on a family road trip. Brought my anbernic rg405v. Played DQ8 when I had time. Otherwise I vote 3ds.

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It's a pain to set up, but an AYN Odin 2 will do you well if you're interested in Gamecube/PS2 era games and below.
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Thanks everyone for your input so far.

The only problem with the Switch is that if I take my switch + a case big enough for more comfortable controllers, that is going to be basically the size of a the steam deck. And i'd probably rather have the steam deck over the switch if all else was equal, as i've beat most of the switch games I have interest in and my steam library is massive.

3DS is probably what i'm leaning towards so far. I have a USB -> 3ds cable so that I can charge my 3ds from my portable battery bank, which addresses the 3ds short battery life. Plus i've been itching to replay Link Between Worlds.
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I wonder if you'd still get any StreetPasses over there in 2024?

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I'm on the side of DS or hacked 3DS. The small form factor is ideal when traveling, and those systems were designed to withstand being dropped during a commute. (The original DS moreso, as it can survive a five-foot drop with no damage.) Certain DS and 3DS games/applications are even designed to be played in public, like with StreetPass.
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Anbernic devices are an easy turnkey option if you don’t want to bother with hacking. They’re also far more affordable than a Switch or Steam deck. Ergonomics are going to be inferior but you’ll come out ahead with battery life and portability especially compared with the Steam Deck. I have a RG353M and I’m pretty satisfied with the build quality. I do wish the screen size was bigger but I got it as a gift so didn’t have much choice. They do have plenty of devices to choose from not to mention there are a lot of other companies who make similar systems too.
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Nintendo Switch Lite or 3ds/ds lite (because of the GBA slot)
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@nonamesleft My girlfriend has a switch lite that she isn't bringing - i could definitely bring that. Does anyone with grown man hands have experience using the switch lite for long periods of time? I'm worried that it would get very uncomfortable pretty quickly.
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Take the Switch then you can try some Japanese switch games ASAP! I would assume there are plenty of games you can get there that you can't here.
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So I think my final plan is to take two systems. I've got super slim cases for both, so they will take up little room.

A hacked "New Nintendo" 3DS with a DS flash cart in the DS slot and a switch lite.

It's my girlfriends switch lite, but i've signed in to it with my account so that my purchases and save data can be moved back and forth between my system and her system. Balatro is my current gaming addiction, so im going to re-buy on switch so I can play on the plane. That + vampire survivors should do a great job at passing the 15 hours i am going to be forced to sit in an uncomfortable airline seat.
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@Finn Great idea - I might buy the JP version of Thousand Year Door on launch day there so I can play it on my way home - would make a cool souvenir too.
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That would be pretty sick actually.

Topic   Opinion on the best portable gaming device to take traveling?