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Replay ValueA+
Learning CurveA+

Pros and Cons

  • Spec Ops is fun
  • Gameplay has variety
  • Blueprint system is interesting
  • Spec Ops Netcode needs work
  • Compression issues
  • Texture loading issues

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (PlayStation 4)

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A refreshing return to what made the series fun.




Avoiding spoilers as always. The story follows CIA officers and SAS forces as they team up with rebels from the fictional country of Urzikstan, combating together against Russian forces who have invaded the country. The Russians have a deadly gas which has been stolen by one of the terrorist groups which has caused an overwhelming panic between all three teams. Taking them to many places across the globe.


Easily one of the better looking games I have played this year on PS4, it does have the occasional problem with textures loading in, or maybe the occasional frame drop, but it was never enough to rip it out me out of the experience. The game is using an engine built just for it and really shows off the lighting engine, which during the day seems ok. At nighttime however, the lighting engine shines, fire illuminates walls and characters, lampposts barely light pathways and can be shot out to conceal you, and in some levels the big neon lights bleed onto the car windshields and streets. They really spent a lot of time to make sure this looked good. it doesn't feel like another recycled, repainted game again.


The sound mixing is really well done with a few hiccups. The game has many options to set the sound just right to the sound setup you have available to you. The guns have oomph, the grenades feel like they have real destructive heft. the sounds do not sound compressed....except one part. In the campaign, there was a few levels where I could hear the compression pretty clearly in the character's voices. Maybe it was because of my speaker setup, maybe it was the game. I can't be precisely sure. but besides the odd compression issues every once in a while, it sounds great.


Now I know what you are thinking, and I am thinking it too. "how do you really go into depth on gameplay? Its just call of duty." And you are right, it is just Call of Duty. It feels like Call of Duty, plays like Call of Duty, and looks like it too. But, looking past that, they have added things. There is more stealth missions, more missions that feel like the game SWAT (which were my favorite missions), and a very well done homage to the sniper mission from COD4. The variety in the missions is very well done, even if the game is, like most FPS games shoot this, shoot that.

The multiplayer is the same, as it should be for Call of Duty, there will be, instead of a loot crate system, a battle pass, so we will so where that goes (it isn't out yet). But they have increased the number of players per server, a quick play button you can filter game modes with (much liked), and a blueprint system. The interesting thing about the blueprints is, if you have a blueprint for a gun you don't have unlocked yet, you can still use the gun, you are just unable to customize it. Which is a neat idea, it allowed me to use some guns quite early and get my feet on the ground quicker.

Specs Ops instead of ZOMBIES is included this time around, and it is fully multiplayer. It is a fun little romp. it adds a bit of an epilogue to the main games story and allows you to play four player missions if you are not feeling up to regular online at that time. The problem is, I was often disconnected, and I believe it is just some netcode jitters in that mode. Once they fix that, it will be a really fun mode to keep coming back to. Spec Ops even lets you level up your main online profile.

And yes, there is survival. and while it is fun, I didn't want to touch on it too much in the review until it was on all consoles since, this is currently just a bonus more than an actual feature of the game. But it is fun.

Learning Curve

It is Call of Duty, point and do the shoot.

Replay Value

The best part of Call of Duty is the ability to pick up and play, to always come back and play a quick match or spend a whole night on it. this is an easy A.


I was hesitant coming into this entry, I have skipped many of the games in the series, just looking at them and going "eh, not worth the time." But this was the one that I was happy to sit down and play, even the story. This is one of the Call of Duty games that it may have some rough edges, but you are not going to feel disappointed playing it. It is one hell of a shooter.

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