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GlennE Canada BTRs1-May-2004
Status: active
Aliases: Gspec on TGN
Email: removed
Address: 857 Burrows Ave Winnipeg, Manitoba R2X-0r3 Canada
Reporter: ToadReaper

Back in January 2004 I had a trade going with GlennE. When I sent my end the game cartridge was unintentionally left out so he received only the box and manual. Instead of contacting me first he filed a BTR and then was making demands on how we were going to resolve things. Since we couldn't agree I sent him back his dvd and he was to return my box and manual and we were to cancel the trade. I returned his dvd via UPS w/tracking and he removed the BTR.

Since that time I have still yet to receive my box and manual. I have contacted him (or his cousin as that's who claims to be using the account now) multiple times via email and a few times in the chat room. In the chat room he has responded a few times saying it was the cousin and the he would get in contact with Glenn to get the matter resolved (according to him Glenn is in a school program abroad for 6 months). Each of these times I have not received contact back. I was checking in every couple weeks for awhile.

In the last month I have received no response to emails (last one sent on the 24th of April) and when I try to whisper him in chat he has not responded at all. In that last email I told him I was giving him approx a week to get in contact with me or that I would be contacting the moderators and possibly filing a BTR.

I contacted the moderators and their response was that I have just cause in filing a BTR if he ceased to respond within a week so here it is. I have also found out that whomever is using the account is still using Glenn's name and the same address that I had sent to as well as all the same email addresses.

I will remove this BTR when I have received my items back. Please send them via a method that includes tracking so there is no excuse for either of us that it got lost in the mail. I think several months has been more than fair in waiting for my items.

I have been more than civil in trying to deal with this matter. When the first BTR was filed on me you didn't even email me first to let me know the problem and try to work it out (I emailed and contacted you in chat and even waited months before filing this one). Because of that and your increasing demands about how fast and how I would need to ship the game to get the BTR down I decided to send back the dvd instead. I did not watch the movie and return it like a video rental. In fact that is a movie I really wanted to own so why would I want to watch it just once? Also if you want to get technical you also sent me a fullscreen version when you had it listed as widescreen (which is all I collect unless it is only available in fullscreen), but I didn't even complain about that when I could have.

Yes I have a right to file a BTR on you. I even consulted with the moderators before doing so to make sure. A box and manual although not worth much are still of value and having those to go with my game is important to me. I'm sorry that Glenn has lost the box and you would have to purchase a new one (I would make him reimburse you personally if I were you) , but that is what has to be done since you are using this account that was under his name .

Yes it is a big deal BTR. If the box is so cheap and you can make other trades in the meantime then you shouldnt have taken months to get it back to me.

As for the name calling I have notified the moderators and they will be reviewing the response you left. Anyone that has dealt with me is sure to be unaffected by it anyways as they know that I am a good trader.

I will send my address by email. As soon as I receive the box and manual I will delete this BTR.

I received the box and manual back today. It was shipped in a bubble envelope and flattened (I had originally sent it intact in a box so it was in excellent condition then). Now it has several good size creases and the manual has some bent pages. Also the white insert where the cart sits was not included. This is not the condition and completeness of the items I sent so for now this BTR is staying up until we work something out.

I emailed you as well GlennE. Please email me back asap so we can figure something out.

UPDATE to GlennE's response on May 17th
I don't know why I am bothering to respond since all I get is cussed out and called names in return but Glenn or Jon or whomever is actually in use of this account at the moment you need to step back and look at the words you are writing. You're trying to make me look like the bad guy yet you sit there and cuss and call names???? Did you not notice that I didn't do either of those to you in the email I sent? I was civil, spoke my piece ,and left it at that. Is it so hard for you to do the same???

If anything you make yourself look bad since my email was civil and you start calling me names over it. I have not even asked for a cent in regards to what we need to do to get the BTR resolved. I simply stated the problems I still had and left to suggestion (to you or the moderators) what could be done about it. I don't think that is unfair.

If you had just did as I had when I sent the dvd back by UPS (which included tracking and insurance) we wouldnt even be in this mess right now. Instead you chose to send it the cheapest method in cheap packaging and then wont accept responsiblilty when things get messed up.

You keep ranting and raving about the fact that it was a cheap game. That has nothing to do with anything its all about principal and it should have been sent back in the same shape it was received. Why you can't understand that I don't know, but I'm guessing you intend not to make any sort of compensation for this. I was trying to be civil and ask for your opinion but since you cant do that maybe the moderators will make a suggestion for you maybe alittle subtime paypal or something (I have no clue). Yes its a cheap box but it is not valueless. If you choose to do nothing I'm just leaving this BTR up for now and people can draw their own conclusions as to what kind of trader you are (or myself for that matter since you feel I am the one in the wrong). Hopefully it doesnt come to that though.

first of all you have no right to to pose a btr on me. and why are you crying its only a box. man. no i have no choice to buy rayman advance brand new and give you the box. this is a B*Sh*t BTR i dont know where glenn but the box. but i will ship today whats your address i'm going to go to gamestore and buy it. the game is only 9.99 new anyway. i dont even know why an old guy like you crying about a box. please get a life next time. i didnt steal anything from you nor glenn. your the one who forgot the game with the trade. maybe next time when you make a trade you have to check if its complete. maybe you learn your lesson already. but next time get your old brain together and realize there more life then just a box.

if people read this. this is not a big deal btr. this guy is crying for a .80Cents or maybe a dollar worth of a box and manual. please. and i didnt even steal it. his the one who send it with out a game. and he decided to ship me back my old dvd movie cause he got pisst of cause i posted a btr to him before. BUDDY get a life man. i will ship your 1 dollar worth of box and manual. and you know what i will even give you 1 dollar just when i ship the box cause you'll need it. alright. dont blame for being rude or being an A$$hole but you do deserve it you old Bag. now give me your address.

by the way rayman advance is 9.99 brand new canadian and thats like 6.99 new american. wooop wooop thats a big expensive game his crying on. damn man. it doesnt have to go like this.

*ONE MORE THING I'M NOT BLOCKBUSTER. YOU SENT ME BACK MY XMEN2 CAUSE YOU WATCH IT ALREADY THATS WHY YOU DECIDED TO SHIP IT BACK. I THINK ITS FAIR THAT I DONT SEND YOU BACK THE RAYMAN ADVANCE box CAUSE YOU USE ME AS A MOVIE RENTAL I WILL go write to a mods right now. people been telling me he has no right to give you a btr when his the one who has to ship the game not the movie. he wanted to ship it because he watch it already* many people have told me that. so you look bad at your side. i will still ship the box and manual if the mods tell me if its alright or not.

Update: May 17th 2004

He has recieve the box and manual and now his complaining that its flatten here is the quote of what he said to me by email. look how low this guy is!!!

^For your information: I just got the box and manual in the mail today. I noticed you sent the cheapest method which explains why it took so long. If you had purchased tracking then you would have been able to know that it wasnt here until now as well.

Right now that is the least of my concerns though. First off you flattened the box and put it in a bubble mailer instead of leaving it intact and sending it in a box the same way I had sent it there. Then you didnt even have it marked fragile. Now I have a box that has several good size creases in it that werent there when I sent it. On top of that several pages of the manual were folded back (prob from how it was slid into the envelope). And even more so you didn't even include the white insert that the cart sits in (the one I sent had that).

I have no idea how to resolve this since you just want to continue to call names, cuss at me, and make accusations the whole time, but I'm open to suggestions (perhaps ask the moderators for advice).

For now though the BTR is not coming down. You did not return my items in the condition and completeness that they were sent to you so that still stands. I know I'm probably going to get a bunch of emails from you as well about this and probably the moderators too (I have emailed them as well with all the information I just gave you). Hopefully you and I can be more civil and we can work this out, but for now I'm standing my ground either way.


There we go. i dont know what the hell he wants. i'm guessin he wants me to pay for his box now. i guess his asking for $100 dollars make him put this btr down. hey buddy get a life. you have your box and manual. now leave me alone and get this btr down you old fart! if you dont wanna hear from me anymore. then take this down. i dont care how you want your box and manual to be. you recieved it. you should be happy. that game is not a rare game to be crying for. for goodness sake its rayman advance that cost 10 dollars new!!!!! PLEASE GET A LIFE! i'm not sending you the white insert or whatever your asking for. cause i'm not wasting my time going to the postal office and wasting my precious money to ship you what you want. you got what you want. and i'm not giving you more. i complain to moderators. and hopefully they deal with this. cause i have enough of your B*llsh*t!!! your * F*CKIN 29 YEARS OLD. and your making a big deal out of this. F*CK YOU!!! LEAVE ME ALONE! AND GET A LIFE YOU BASTARD!!!!!!


now you want a paypal. how much 50 cents?? cause i'm not paying you sh*t all. why the hell would i. you should pay me for renting the movie. and dont tell me you didnt watch it. now thats B*llsh*t. i dont care what you say. dont care if your civil i dont care. you brought this to your self. the deal is over and your not getting any subtime from me nor paypal money,. maybe you should get a job instead of staying on the computer trading with people everyday. get a life man. your 29. when i'm 29. i bet i wont be a loser playing videogames. i'll have a goodjob and have a family. then worrying about a cheap old box. LEAVE ME ALONE ALREADY. make this sh*t over and take the btr down. thats the only way this thing will get solve. if your mature about it. then you should use your brain. YOUR ARE NOT A SMART MAN DEALING WITH A 15 YEAR OLD. cause it seems like i'm out smarting you. fool!

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