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Bad Trader Reports

Iceman1212 BTRs26-Jul-2002
Status: active
Aliases: NemICE
Address: 114 Nancy Ray Street Tupelo MS 38801
Reporter: PhantomOSX

Must be the dumbest bad trader I know. First off he lives in Mississippi. Since I live in Louisiana I could drive to his house in a matter of hours. He even told me how he steals Direct TV service by using illegal software/hardware. He also gave me lame excusses of how Fab 5 and NES Collector ripped him off instead of the other way around. I don't know how they do things in MS but over here, sorry buddy, we have things called "laws" in which you broke. I even gave him a $1,200 computer plus extras. Maybe you're thinking right now, " Hic. Yay I gotta new puter. Der's nothing he kan do bout it!" Don't worry, you might think you got away since Fab 5 and Nes C. live across the country. But since I'm a little ways away it'll be no problem. If I have to call every policeman in Tupelo and every Direct TV location in the Southern part of the US to get Fab 5's, NesC's, and my stuff back then so be it. The only thing you have on your side is time and you're even running out of that. See you in a few weeks NemICE. Better have my stuff packed like you said because I'm getting it one way or the other.


Iceman1212 BTRs14-Jun-2002
Status: active
Aliases: What NesCollector Said
Emails: nemice1212
Address: 114 Nancy Ray St. Tupelo MS 38801
Reporter: Fab5

He's emailing me now saying things like "You can't seriously expect me to send you your games back after I have already sent 3 games that I much rather have instead of these", exactlly that's cuz you didn't send them, dude stop lieing you make your self look like an idiot. Then he blocked me from his EMAIL and IM. I am also filing mail fraud and anything else I can do I hope the cops take care of this cheating liar! NO ONE TRADE WITH HIM, HE'LL RIP U OFF, NO ONE!!..

Iceman1212 BTRs14-Jun-2002
Status: active
Aliases: a friggin bastard
Emails: phone number: (662)-566-8732 give him a call and tell him nescollector is coming for him
Address: 114 Nancy Ray St. Tupelo MS 38801
Reporter: NesCollector

I sent him a non working ps2. he promised to fix and mod it for me, and he would tell me how much it was gonna cost. i was very skeptical since he emailed me outta the blue, but he said he had dozens of spare parts and it sounded like all i needed was a laser. I sent out the ps2 to him w/ delivery confirmation. as soon as the delivery ocnfirmation said it was delivered, i aimed him and emailed him asking if he'd recieved it. he ignored me on aim, but emailed me once saying it wasn't there... that was the last i heard of him... i called him and he said he didn't fix ps2's. i hope he burns in hell... you should never rip anyone off, especially for a PS2... mail fraud charges will be pressed if there is no response... the delivery confirmation number is 0302 0980 0001 3082 3533
i'll take his down if i ever get my ps2 back...(very unlikely i will though) any help from anyone on what to do would be appreciated

Iceman1212 BTRs12-Jun-2002
Status: active
Aliases: nemICE
Emails: nemice1212
Address: Isaiah Edger 114 Nancy Ray St. Tupelo, MS 38801
Reporter: Fab5

We talked for a long time before trading. I wanted for him to send first, but he would not, saying that I had less trades (I had none & he had 3). So I told him that we should send at the same time, he said no. He then told me to get delivery confirmation and to give him the number and he would then send the 3 games as soon as he knew I sent my 2 games. He also told me he would get a delivery confirmation, too, and give me the number so I could check. I did what he told me, he got his number and checked when the record appeared on he told me he sent the item, but "forgot to get delivery confirmation." That made me a little suspicious, but I said whatever people make mistakes. He sent with priority and I should have had it on the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th day max, it's been like 10 days, still nothing, he says the postal office lost it and stuff like that, but that's what everyone says for an excuse. So nemICE please find what happened and get my games to me, don't rip me off, and I will delete this BTR ASAP. Otherwise, people don't trade with him, he'll rip you off, too. He seems trustworthy until the trade actually happens..I hate you! Your the kind of person that makes this site bad for people, and I was liking it! I won't give up until I get my stuff, I'll call the TUPELO police, too.

Iceman1212 BTRs19-Apr-2002
Status: active
Aliases: Pavilion316
Address: 114 Nancy Ray,Tupelo, MS,38801
Reporter: LeisureSuitLarry

This guy is the worst trader I have dealt with in a LONG time. He decides to tarde his GBA + games for my Nomad + games+ N64 games+ accessories. We decide to send same time and to make sure we keep each otehr honest, we send by Delivery confirmation. Im Canadian and I had to send registered mail which is way expensicve, and he sends Blobal or priority, whatever wets his whistle. ANyway, so I said, i can send on Tuesday (its friday at this time) and he's like I can send way before that. SO he "sends" and than gives me a number.Here is what he wrote:

On Mon, 15 Apr 2002 12:56:42 -0700 (PDT) Henry Daneils
<> wrote:
>>>>>>Yes I did about 30 minutes ago. The number is 596696

so I write back, where can i check this? And i told him im not mailing until i get your REAL name (he gave me a fake one) and his phone number. I gave him my phone number and real name (since I dont use a fake one) . So its tuesday, the day im supoosed to send. I talk to him and say tell me where I can check this number out. He replies to me " make sure you send today" so I write back, tell me the number, your real name, and your phone number. "my real name is henry" Wow, your really helpign a lot. So i went to his GTZ page. He was a member for 2 days, yet had a completed trade already...hmm? fake maybe? YES. Than i check his pending tardes and OMG i see taht EXACT same thing being tarded to anotehr trader. So I AIM this guy and hes on. He's like yea im sending thursday, and he's already sending. Im like hmm I smell a rip artist. So than on wednesday, i mailed this guy to really ctach him. I say oh ive sent, can you please tell me where to check this other number now? ANd he wrtes back. Sorry ive already sold it, and ill send your stuff back when it gets here. Yah RIGHT. The worst wanna be rip off tarder ever. I ahve his emails to prove it here if you wanna see. Or ask the otehr trader he tried to rip.

>>--- "Jared Riddoch" <> wrote:
>>>well tahst good, but unfortunatly, you never did answer some of my
questions, so can you please? when i sending by way of registered mail of
something of higher value, i have to send to a registered house. i.e if you do
not own the house or the apartment, you ahve to tell me either your mom's name
(if you live with her) or dad's name if you live with him, or if both, the
fatehr name will work. this has to be done for safety measures becuase im
crossing the border with it and blah blah. I would also like to ask for your
phone number + the area code (for example mine is 807-344-0776) and one more
thing, could you please tell me what you are trading this other guy than? sorry
for so many questions but i was really concerened when i saw you were trading my
package to someone else, thanx
>>>On Tue, 16 Apr 2002 11:21:53 -0700 (PDT) Henry Daneils
<> wrote:
>>>>My name is Henry Daniels, my pending trade was altered, it will
be changed soon. The tracking number is on a small peice of paper with the PO
logo + blue lining, and I put my full name on the package nice and clear...
>>>>--- "Jared Riddoch" <> wrote:
>>>>>sorry to email you again, but I just called the PO office
and they said without a liable name first and last i can't send delivery
confirmation to you. i just saw the addy you agve me in the first e-mail and i
cant use it. hurry and get back to me so i can send today. im just writing you
again, because i might not be able to send tommorow or next day unless i get my
sister to, so mail me, oh and one more thing, could you tell em whats up with
that pending trade you made for your GBA? how can you tarde it when youve
already sent it to me?
>>>>>On Mon, 15 Apr 2002 12:56:42 -0700 (PDT) Henry Daneils
<> wrote:
>>>>>>Yes I did about 30 minutes ago. The number is 596696.
>>>>>>--- "Jared Riddoch" <>
>>>>>>>hey today is monday, like i said id send deleivery
confirmation on tuesday, you said here taht you would definatly have it out by
than, im wondering if you did, and can you tell me the delivery number if you
>>>>>>>On Fri, 12 Apr 2002 22:16:42 -0700 (PDT) Henry
Daneils <> wrote:
>>>>>>>>That'll be ok, just don't diddle your fingers
about it =) I will definetly have mine out by tuesday. I'll let you know then..
>>>>>>>>--- "Jared Riddoch"
<> wrote:
>>>>>>>>>oh ya, i know i said id make it when i had
it up, so its only fair to send same time, if its ok with you, i can send
tuesday (we cant send mail on weekends here and i work monday)
>>>>>>>>>On Thu, 11 Apr 2002 21:10:06 -0700 (PDT)
Henry Daneils <> wrote:
>>>>>>>>>>That's cool, it would suck having to
deal with it while making trades... Anyway, if it is still the same to you I'd
still like to send same time. Waiting is no fun =) later...

I see now why he wanted me to send SO badly. TO STEAL MY STUFF worst trader ever, hes a lier, a theif and a jerk most of all. DONT TRADE WITH HIM UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES warning warning warning warning warning warning warning warning warning warning warning warning warning warning warning warning warning

Iceman1212 BTRs9-Aug-2000
Status: active
Aliases: Zeak12
Reporter: FteAlucard

The trade we had set up was for me to send the movie the Mask on CD, and for him to send $5 plus $3 shipping. He e-mailed me about the offer and I agreed. I sent 2 days after he offered to buy it. He didn't tell me when he received it, I had to ask. He also did not reply to my e-mails about sending the money. It's been a month now and no money has arrived. Also I had to e-mail him my address twice, both times he promised to send when I contacted him on Aol Instant Messenger. If he sends the money or contacts me about sending it, I will gladly remove this report from his page.

Iceman1212 BTRs27-Jul-2000
Status: active
Reporter: aznsnowman

I had previous reported him as a bad trader. Two weeks ago in the chat room, as all the chat regulars as my witnesses, he and I agreed that if I would take down my report on him, he would take action to resolve the postal system not delivering what he claims he sent. I gave him two weeks to do this, all the while keeping me updated constantly on his progress. If I get no results a report will be posted on him again. DOES THIS NOT SEEM RESONABLE AND SIMPLE!?! He has not once contacted me through any means. I don't want excuses. I want my money back.

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