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Deal Preference: Trade or Sell
I Trade: JAPANESE ITEMS and JAPAN IMPORTS, such as Wonder Swan, Sega Saturn,, Virtual Boy ,Neo Geo CD/AES/Pocket,, PC Engine, Turbo Grafx, PC-FX,, Famicom, Super Famicom, Famicom Disk,, Sufami Turbo,, Playdia, 3DO, Dreamcast, PS1, PS2, , PS3, XBOX 360, etc., Also, Game Soundtracks & Bonus/Premium Discs

Interests: Video Games, Snow Boarding, Martial Arts, Women. But not always in that order ;-
Likes: Beer, Travel, The postman (he brings me cool things)
Dislikes: Politics, Religion, Stupid people - oh, thats the same thing.

Quote: The answer to life, the universe and everything is.....42. I knew there was something fundamentally wrong with the universe.

I live in Japan so of course my items are from JAPAN unless it specifically states otherwise in the comment field - U.S. / EU / AU etc so please make sure there are no issues about voltage, power plug type, region (PAL/NTSC) compatability, etc before requesting a trade. If you don't know what this means, please ask. If you have any questions or are unsure about anything, please ask me. I'm happy to provide any info I can.

SHIPPING AS AGREED: If a trade is pended based on a certain shipping method or shipping time I expect you to follow that agreement.
"Airmail" means we both send by AIRMAIL, I'm tired of paying for airmail or EMS so traders get their game quickly, when I have to wait 8 weeks for surface mail to arrive so they can save a couple of dollars.
ALSO, "Both send immediately" means we BOTH SEND IMMEDIATELY.I definitely will no longer tolerate traders waiting to receive their games before shipping mine. If you want to do that make sure the pended trade states that I am sending first - NO EXCEPTIONS - I dont care how many stars you have. If you have more stars than me, you are experienced enough to know how to pend a trade for the conditions you want. Anyone who doesn't follow the conditions without discussing it with me first will receive low feedback. I will dock your feedback if you do not ship as agreed.

If you trade with me, I expect you to read and follow the relevant trading/selling/posting conditions as detailed below. Most of it is common sense but thanks for reading.

OK, with that BS out of the way, happy trading! grin

I live permanently in Japan. Trading in English or Japanese is OK!

I've been collecting and trading video games for over 20 years and I personally collect boxed special/limited consoles. I`ve been exporting for over 13 years and hold an exporting licence in 3 countries. I am a founder or member of several local (Japan) gaming/trading groups. I specialise in rare JAPANESE hardware and software.

I have a lot of items that come and go in my personal collection that I dont have time to list on GTZ or are not in the GTZ database. If it's not listed, ask me anyway. I might have it.

Other things I am looking for:
Front Mission Items (Square Enix): Figures, Promo items etc. I have all the games but looking for anything I don't already have.
Doctor Who Items: Figures (especially Daleks I don't already have), Promo Items, etc.
Blake's 7 Items: Figures (especially Liberator and Orac figures), Promo items etc.
Douglas Adams Anything - I have most of his books but if you have anything let me know.
Martial Arts Books/Videos: Especially old Japanese editions, or anything old (pre 1980's) I dont already have.


I'm willing to concider any reasonable trade offer and I'm always willing to look though your list. Maybe you have something cool that I'd like smile

Items in my collection list are NOT for trade. However I may concider selling if you make me a good offer. Don't lowball offers for items in my collection or the negotiations will end there. Do some research and make a good offer.

I am a collector therefore:
1: I am not interested in Ex-rental items. I concider a rental sticker, lable, writing etc as damage.
2: Please tell me if there is any damage to the item that is not already listed. This includes manuals and covers etc. (An item with the disc in excellent condition, but has torn manuals etc is NOT an excellent condition item because the actual value is much lower. The disc/cart is not the only thing that is important to collectors) This may not affect the trade, but I want to know.
3: Please tell me if items are "Greatest Hits", "Platinum", "Sega Collection", etc versions. Again, this probably will not affect the trade, but I want to know in advance.
4: Please ensure that all items and parts are genuine originals. I am not interested in printed covers or manuals, or non genuine PS2/PS3/GC/etc cases. (don't say it has a box if it is a printed cover or non genuine case)
5: If you have an unresolved BTR, I will not trade with you until you resolve it. This is out of respect for the trading community.


1: Please send using the shipping method as agreed in the trade. If you do not use the agreed shipping method and try to save a couple of dollars by shipping "cheaper" I will dock your feedback because I will have paid for the agreed method. I'm tired of paying for express so traders get their game in 4 -7 days, but the other trader saves $1.50 so I have to wait weeks for surface mail to arrive.
2 I do not send to "fake names" or user names. You must provide your real name or registered business name. This is for security and delivery purposes.
3: Please try to post items as soon as possible and let me know of any delay in posting.
4: I do NOT lie on customs forms. That is against the law. If you are concerned about customs tax in your country, please mention this at the start of the trade so we can work out a solution (like shipping in 2 packages etc)
5 And the usual posting order:
a) If you have less trades than me, OR a "recent ratings" below 95%, then you must send first.
b) If we have a similar ranking and ratings, we can send at the same time.
c) If you have a significantly higher ranking, I'm happy to send first.


I'm too busy (or lazy) to pre-priced items for sale so if you want to buy my items, please send me a cash offer. Dont ask me "How much do you want for ........?" otherwise my reply is likely to be a high price. If you are a serious buyer, you will already know how much you are willing to pay.
I can only accept paypal. I do NOT accept money order, Western Union, concealed cash, carrier pidgeon, first born child, etc.
1. Items will be posted ONLY after I confirm the funds are received. This is because I use that money to pay for your postage. Selling is not the same as trading as I am receiving nothing in exchange for the postage costs.
2. I recommend posting internationally using EMS with tracking. This costs more but is safer and quicker for both of us. Airmail is reliable and cheaper but slower and no tracking to U.S. and a few other countries. I DON'T recommend surface mail, as it takes a long time and can be unreliable, but its the cheapest option. Ultimately, the choice is yours as you are paying.


Currently, I am not actively buying items from outside Japan unless it is extremely rare or was never released in Japan. Even if it's on my "want list", I would probably only trade for it. Otherwise I will make a cash offer if you have something I want to buy.


Positive feedback is important to both of us. If there is any reason why either of us might leave less than excellent feedback, please discuss it in advance the give the trader an option to resolve or compensate the problem. Leaving a nice comment is also good as I will always leave a nice comment for you.


I am no longer providing this service due to GTZ policies and members attitudes. Too many people are just wasting my time or clearly not appreciating the effort it takes to locate some of the items they want. I`ve had enough of people being dicks and trying to change the conditions after I've bought the item for them, or acting like they are doing me a favor by asking me to find an item when I ask nothing for my time and efforts.

If you want a Japan import item it`s possible I might have it in stock (I dont list much on GTZ) so send me a PM and check smile

I am often asked to find/buy Japanese games etc and ship overseas so I wrote this guide so I dont have to repeat it to everyone. I am prepared to do it, but I have the following non-negotiable conditions and process.

I do NOT purchase items from Japan websites for other traders. I can't inspect, guarantee descriptions or return the item if you are not satisfied. It is just too time consuming if something goes wrong.

1: I only offer this to a serious buyer. Don't lowball, use me for price checking or just to try to get something a lot cheaper than ebay, playasia etc. Be prepared to pay what it is worth. I'm not interested in chasing "legendary" cheap deals someone saw or heard about one time from Japan.

2: You will be expected to pay all costs, fees, shipping etc for your item. If you want to send me a little something extra for my time, that is always appreciated!

3: I will not trade using this system. Only cash (paypal).

4: You must be at least Silver Star rating with excellent feedback.

5: If you have a BTR, resolve it, then we can talk.

6: I am in Japan, so I can only get Japanese items (Japan Imports). I know this sounds obvious but I've had a couple of brainless traders fudge me around to finally tell me "I wasn't expecting a Japanese game". I've even received negative feedback from a brain-dead gold star trader for this reason! So I've added this note in an attempt to filter out anyone with less than 2 brain cells (and to vent a little. Can you tell?)

7: Shipping: Item shipping can be either Registered Airmail or EMS. I do NOT use DHL or a similar courier service, and I will not ship Surface Mail (aka Seamail). This takes too long, is too risky. Packages over 2kgs must be shipped by EMS due to airmail weight limits. Expensive items (over $50 total) must be shipped by EMS as this includes insurance.

8: There is no warranty/guarantee on any items (new and used) as any warranty from resale store or manufacturer is not valid outside Japan. This is nothing to do with me.

9: I prefer to deal in older and retro items as this is my speciality. I do new stuff too but I'm not as knowledgable or "connected" for these systems.

10: I prefer not to deal in new release items that often require advance orders or they can be sold out on release day. I do not wait in line for hours at stores to get new release items for you. If I preorder, I may charge a little extra for a pre-order item due to the repeat visits to stores required for the item. If so I will inform you during discussions. I cannot guarantee pre-order items or pre-order bonus items. If you MUST get a pre-order item shipped on release day, I recommend buying it yourself. Or you could try online shops, but usually they can not guarantee items or pre-order bonus items either.

11: I can only take paypal payments, and you must cover any fees. Payment will be made in US$ or YEN depending on the item (conversions can be easily done using paypal). Items are purchased in yen and I will specify the required payment currency during discussions. If the item is new, I will nearly always require payment in yen due to currency fluctuations. If payment is US$, then paypal currency conversion rates are used for quotes. Paypal exchange rates are always below the "standard" exchange rate and is nothing to do with me. As usual, paypal is being greedy.

12: I cannot guarantee to get any item immediately. Some things I can get in a few days or few weeks, but some can take longer. Older and rarer items can take weeks or months to locate, even new items can be sold out locally.

13. I have a life, family and a company to run, so don't expect immediate results. I don't go out of my way to find something but I visit gaming shops regularly and have a network of contacts I use to locate items. Sometimes, I may not have time to do this, or may already be overloaded with requests. If this happens I will tell you. If you can`t wait, buy it yourself.

14. Japan is GMT +9 hours so please allow for this time difference when communicating.

1: You give me a correct local name (Japanese title) and description of the item you want, including condition and everything you expect it to include (spine cards, figures, cables, etc). No wikipedia info please - it's rarely 100% accurate and I don't want to look for things that don't exist.

2: You give me a link to good clear photo of the item. Preferably showing the box cover, and contents if possible.

3: You tell me your budget, not including shipping. If I feel it is possible to buy for that price, we can continue.

4: Tell me your preferred international shipping method. I cannot quote an exact international shipping price without knowing the weight of the item (which I won't know until after I get the item). I can give an estimate for international shipping costs, but you must be prepared to pay whatever the actual shipping cost is. If I over-estimate, I will refund the difference. If I under-estimate, you will pay the extra. I only charge you the actual shipping costs and this amount is out of my control.

5: Once we agree on an item budget and approximate shipping cost, we will pend a trade. You will then make payment of the full amount including all Paypal fees (cross border fees). If I cannot get the item, I will refund your money, and we both cancel the trade so no cancellation record is kept. I do not purchase or order anything until I have received the full payment. (I will not risk being stuck with an item I dont want, again) I also use this method because because it increases you chances of getting the items you want: most items must be bought when I find them. If I find one, then have to wait for your payment, and go back to the store, usually it is gone and I have wasted alot of time. If you are not serious enough to pend a trade, you are not serious enough to pay for it after I buy it. The final price will be the same regardless of when you pay.

6: After pending the trade, the trade CANNOT be cancelled without discussing it first.

7. After receiving your item, I will pack and ship within a couple of days.

OK, alot of info, but its pretty simple. If you have any questions just ask. If you've read and agree to the conditions and process, let's talk smile


Types of games I have available:

Types of games I want:

Types of games in my collection:

U.S. States I've traded with on GTZ:

PLUS I'm golden globe! golden globe (when is a world map gonna be available for this?)

Some gems of my collection: I really need to update this with my new stuff...... (Click photo for bigger image)

- Blood Red! And 7 is my lucky number!
image image image

- Sakura

- Hello Kitty
image image image

- R7 (It's the law! lol)

- One Piece of Crystal

- Wonders
image image

- WonderBorg (It's alive!) - Limited Edition Console and Robot Set.

- Vs and HIs
image image

- This IS Cool!

- Black, White and Everything in between (All are Japanese Systems!)
image image image image image image image image

- It's a Wonderful Gundam
image image

- Too Many Gamecubes
image image image image image image image

- The real PSX! Not a Playstation that everyone incorrectly calls a PSX.

- Assorted
image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image imageimage image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image


The scum of the internet that always seems to float to the top.....or do I just attract idiots? Maybe both? Already 7 losers on this list frown
Dodgy Guy #1
User name: bigncrazy
Details: Dirk Hill requested a trade for some n64 games listed as imports on my available list. He was gold star and I was a noob (3rd trade) so I sent immediately by express with tracking as agreed in the offer HE sent. Tracking showed he received 5 days later but then he disappeared for 4 weeks and racked up 7 other BTRs here. This resulted in me filing a BTR against him on my 3rd trade on GTZ. He came back to GTZ 4 weeks later and claimed he already sent my games but did not provide a tracking number. he said he sent by "another method" because express was "too expensive" even though HE sent the offer with this shipping condition. Two months later a package arrives postmarked 6 weeks after he claimed he sent by the "other method". Unfortunately they were the wrong items and damaged. I told him about this but he then marked as received from me but gave me a low honesty feedback because the items he got from me were Japanese which he claims he "wasn't expecting" (WTF? He imports games from Japan then complains that they are imports!!) We then agreed that I would accept the wrong games, remove his BTR and leave positive feedback for him, and in return he would change his feedback to positive for me. This was another deal that he did not keep his end of. I removed his BTR and he didnt change the feedback he left for me and did not reply to my messages. The result, he got games in 5 days with positive feedback and his BTR record will disappear in a few months. While I got damaged games I didnt want after waiting over 3 months, plus I got a low feedback for my effort that will always be on my record. The Mods refused to allow me to drop his feedback claiming it was "retaliation". I didnt know that I should have asked for his feedback to be revised (I was new here). So i got worked over by a gold trader who knew how to use the system to his advantage.

Dodgy Guy #2
User name: Xorda
Details: Augustin Chenault sent an offer for a Saturn game I had listed as "Import". Then when the game arrived, he complained that it wouldnt work on his US Saturn. I pointed out to him that the item WAS listed as an import when he sent the offer, and the Mods confirmed it was correctly listed as an import. When the Mods didn't take his side, he then changed his bio to add that he didnt want imports, and then told me I had broken his trade rules (caught by the Mods too - bio changes are dated). Despite his dishonesty, I still offered a resolution option to return each others items and cancel the trade, but this was was rejected by him. He then goes and leaves "unacceptable" as my honesty rating. WTF? In the end, the Mods had to come in and clean up the mess. But like a child he doesn't give up there, he then put a dogy note about me on his bio sticking to his lie about the listing. He even copied my "Dodgy Traders" list style. Despite him behaving like a whinging little gay boy, it's not all bad, he provided me with my favorite brainless quote from a GTZ member: "I don't read item descriptions or ask questions. I just look for the game I want and make a trade. I left negative feedback because its not the game I wanted." lol, what a retard. Maybe his boyfriend or mommy will hold his hand to make sure he's not doing something stupid, but thats not my job.

Dodgy Guy #3
Username: MILKMAN; aka YahooChocolate
Details: Keith Peterson pended a trade for 3 items from the freebie forum with the agreement to pay $5 shipping by paypal and to ship at the same time. I sent his games, and he never paid. I sent numerous payment reminders and was totally ignored. Then after receiving the games he cancels the trade without paying and giving no reason or making any attempt to communicate with me. And all this to rip me off for $5! Loser!
UPDATE: Well 4 months later he came back to GTZ under another user name. He finally paid me the $5 to clear his BTR.
UPDATE: A month later, he's scammed and disappeared again leaving more unhappy people and owing much more than just $5 this time.

Dodgy Guy #4
User name: dnamerchandise
Details: This guy is a major time waster and a rude trader. He pended a trade on 6th April with the condition of sending immediately. After a week of no contact I messaged him about the trade and he said he would send tomorrow. Since then, Ive messaged 6 times and am ignored, despite him logging in every day and making other trades. I offered that if he has changed his mind to cancel the trade and all is good, but after more than 2 months of waiting for replies, Ive decided to give up and the mods cancelled the trade. Thanks for nothing loser. 10 seconds of courteousy would have prevented you being added to this list.

Dodgy Guy #5
Name: willmac
Details: Well, I pended a trade with William macCullen on 2nd April where I receive $4 and willmac receives a digmon game for WonderSwan. Initially the agreement was for paypal payment however he had paypal problems so 5 weeks later an agreement was reached from him to send concealed cash. Nearly 3 weeks have passed since then and he still has not sent nor responded to my messages. I've been chasing the money for more than 2 months now and have had enough.
UPDATE: He finally replied after a few months and made another pretty vague promise to pay but nothing happened and he disappeared again. It turns out he is a minor. (GTZ should warn people they are dealing with a minor who cannot enter a legal agreement.)

Dodgy Guy #6
Username: Auzrial
Details: I pended a trade with Fred Mashburn for Auzrial to send me the shipping costs on some freebies I offered in the freebie forum. He was to send $3.50 by paypal in return for an album and promo flyers. I'm still waiting for the money and he is no longer responding to my messages and efforts to contact him. I know it's only $3.50 but thats not the point, so he gets added to this list. He has now frozen his account and is ignoring all attempts to contact him. He has also ripped off another 8 people on this site alone. His final message to GTZ members "cant deal with all that bs anymore so freezing my account and more then likely will never come back here". Yeah it must be annoying to have people ask him for money he owes. What a great role model to his kids. Other traders have reported him to IC3.

Dodgy Guy #7
Username: VTgamer, AKA CrystalGiraffe
Details: In summary, on Feb 21, Samuel Bridges and I agreed to trade his 2 Neo Geo Pocket games for my Genesis game shark and code book. He sent first as per our trade agreement on March 15 however on on March 16 he sends the message "oh no! i think I may have accidentally sent you metal slug 1st mission for the NGPC... sorry, i'm a bonehead x( would it be ok if you sent it back to me? i'll get 2nd mission packed up and shipped by tomorrow. my apologies again!". Crap happens so I didnt worry about that and said thats ok.
I received the package and indeed the wrong game was inside, so I added that game to his package and shipped back to VTgamer. He received on March 25. Since then he has continually promised to send the other game "tomorrow", but tomorrow has never come. He stopped responding to my messages so I have no choice but to file a BTR and add him to this list.
UPDATE: So it's discovered by Bill that VTgamer has returned under a new name (CrystalGiraffe) and has been making trades again. Bill merged his accounts forcing him to address this BTR to continue trading. We agreed on a replacement game which he sent so I removed the BTR. I'm happy to have received the game however clearly he had no intention of resolving the BTR until he was caught with a second account.

Dodgy Guy #8
Username: chalice_of_joker (Yahoo Auction Japan)
Other Info:
●三菱東京UFJ銀行 平針支店
普通 3586605 キノシタ リキゾウ
●郵便振込 記号 12100  
番号 78533281 木下 力蔵
Details: Rikizou Kinocrapa is a piece-of-crap scammer. He advertised a game (京都千年物語 Cosmology of KYOTO 新品未開封)as sealed on Yahoo Auction, and showed photos of a sealed game. I bought the item at a high price because it is rare and sealed. I paid but he shipped only a CD and a piece of paper. The item received is missing the box, manual and postcard, and is not sealed. He has refused to ship the item as shown in the photos or refund. He then is trying to resell the same item I bought using the same photos from the original sale a week later. When I called him out on this, he deleted all the photos and cancelled the second sale with no response. I have messaged him many times but he is refusing to communicate.
虚偽不正。売主は、私が落札したはずの商品とは違うものもしくは安価なものを送りつけてきた。また同じ写真を使用して、同じアイテムを転売しようとした。売主に「『違反商品』への申告をします」と警告メール後、そのオークションは終了期日を残して終了されていた。その商品のコード:e112285903 売主は交渉を拒否している。

Dodgy Guy #9
Hopefully not you!!

Other traders I will not trade with again.

Anyone who contacts me or makes an offer for a trade and then disappears or declines with no message or reason. I have no time for these rude time wasters. I keep track of these users and will not trade with them in the future. It takes only 10 seconds to be polite so if you cant do that, then I can't be bothered to deal with you again.

Phew! If you made it this far, well done! You are the type of person that I want to trade with. So let's do it!!!