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defjam2510 BTRs9-Jul-2002
Status: active
Aliases: defjam3510
Reporter: Gigachu

First of all, I didnt send him the money until a month or so after trade was made. After he got money he said he would send right away. That was over a month ago. At first i was okay with it because i didnt send the money for a month or so, but i still have not recieved it. I have e-mailed him and they go unanswered. I sent him $17 for Quake3. All i want is my money back or the game.
This BTR will be taken off when i get the game or money.
Also i suggest that no else trade with him in the meantime.

defjam2510 BTRs1-Jul-2002
Status: active
Aliases: defjam2510
Reporter: ResidentGamer

This is a pretty simple BTR. We agreed to a trade in which I was to send him $14 and in return I would receive Driver 2 (PSX). We're going on almost 3 months since that trade was created. I have long since sent him the payment though I have yet to see the game in my mailbox. I've sent him numerous e-mails in an attempt to try and see what happened. As of this date, each of these e-mails has gone unanswered. Once this matter is resolved, either by a refund of my $14 or by him sending the game I am owed, this BTR will be removed.

defjam2510 BTRs24-Jun-2002
Status: active
Address: 114 ILford Ave North Arlington, NJ 07031
Reporter: Tupac4life

me and shane arranged a trade in which i would send tony hawk 3(ps2)and he would send state of emergency. this accurred on may 5th i sent the package a day or two later so i wait about a week and he completed the trade i wait a week or 2 more and no package i then e-mailed him about the package he said he hadnt sent it yet but would soon. another week or so goes by still no package so i sent him an e-mail stating i would notify the postal service and the police if nessecary of his actions. he e-mailed back saying he was real sorry and hed send it out right away so i wait some more and no package still so i e-mail him saying whats up with the package he said hed sent it and it would be here soon its now june 23rd and i havent recieved anything i would like my package or the orginal game i will notify the authoritys very soon but i thought i should leave a BTR before i do. i highly recomend to any trader thinkin about a trade with this guy not to do so it alot of uneeded trouble. i will remove this BTR as soon as get something back from him.

defjam2510 BTRs5-Jun-2002
Status: active
Address: 114 iLford Ave. North Arlington, NJ 07031
Reporter: Deception_Fan_sjt

May 4 - I received a trade offer from Shane..He offers to trade me Crazy Taxi (PS2) for Timesplitters (PS2)...We discussed shipping, condition of game, etc. than setup trade

May 6 - Received another email from Shane requesting that since we both had same number of trades if it would be ok if we sent at the same time...He asks that we try to schedule it for tuesday (May 7)...I email him back saying that if he wishes to send out on tuesday than that is fine, but I'd have to wait until thursday or friday to send, because I was tight on money...Shane emails me back saying that is fine...To send out when I can & that he'll send out ASAP...

May 11 - I send out Timesplitters on Saturday & email him with confirmation number...Shane never emails me back so I figure that everything is ok on his end...

May 14 - I receive an email from Shane saying that he received Timesplitters...He appologizes saying that he didn't have the time or money to send...I email him back saying that I'm disappointed that he didn't send at the same time like he requested or at least shortly thereafter...I also question him as to why he didn't email me when I sent him confirmation number to tell me that he might not be able to send right away...He never responds...

May 16 - I email Shane stating that I haven't heard back from him regarding my previous email to him...And that I'm not happy with the direction that our trade is starting to take & I hope to hear something positive back from him soon...Shane emails me back saying not to worry that he's just been busy with exams & everything and hasn't had time...He appologizes for not keeping me informed and promises to do so in the future...

May 22 - I email Shane requesting date for when he can send...He never responds...

May 27 - I email Shane again...This time a little more upset, because he never responded to my previous email...It has now been 11 days with no word from him at this point...I state that I feel that I have given him enough time to send game & he has not...I'm not trying to be a jerk, but he has failed to live up to his end of the trade...If situation drags out for much longer than I'll be forced to file BTR & possibly seek legal action...I give him 3-4 days to get back to me before I take this course of action against him...

May 28 - Shane emails me back appologizing & saying that I have every right to be mad, but that there is no cause for legal action...He suggests that I setup BTR if I want & he won't hold grudge against me for doing so...He also tells me that I will have game soon...I email him back telling him that I will hold off on filing BTR if he can give me an approximate date when he can send...

May 29 - Shane emails me back saying that game will be sent out on saturday (June 1) & appologizes...

It is now June 18th, and it has been 19 days since I last received an email from Shane...I have emailed him 3 times since than and have not received a reply back from either of them...I still have not received Crazy Taxi (PS2)...I really didn't want to have to do this Shane, I have been more than fair with you on this & I have even given you additional time to get in contact with me, but you have not for whatever reason...All I want is the game that we agreed on for trade like I said in one of my emails to you...If for some reason you are not able to send me Crazy Taxi (PS2), than please return to me the game that I originally sent you Timesplitters (PS2)...Once I get either Crazy Taxi (PS2) or Timesplitters (PS2) from you than I'll take this BTR down...If this situation continues to drag out and is not resolved soon than I will have no choice but to start following through with seeking legal action by filing a complaint with the postal inspection service as well as the better business bureau...I also feel that you should be aware of the fact that I have also consulted with an attorney on the matter...I hope that it does not come to that, but all my recent attempts to contact you have not worked and you still have not emailed me back with regards to this...


June 20 - I receive an email from him saying that everything will be sent out on Friday 6-21-02...I email Shane back saying that I hope that he is being straight with me this time & that this is not just his way of prolonging this trade even further...This trade has dragged on for alot longer than I'd like it to...Shane emails me back saying that he was away for abit and now that he is back that he'll take care of everything...He also requests an address confirmation, so I email him back with my address once again and I also inform him that this is his last chance to resolve this trade before I start taking legal action...He emails me back saying that everything will be sent out on Friday and appologizes...

June 30 - I still have not received either Timesplitters (PS2) the game I originally sent him or Crazy Taxi (PS2) the game that we agreed on for trade...I also didn't receive any email confirmation from him as I requested for when he sent...

July 24 - I emailed Shane to inform him that I have filed a complaint for fraud against him...Shane you need to send me one of those games otherwise the next step I take will be legal action...

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