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irratatedstick Canada BTRs17-Feb-2010
Status: active
Reporter: Angel_ShindoW

In November we pended a trade for his Skies of Arcadia 1 and 2 and his Disgaea 3 games for my Parasite Eve II Square Millennium Collection Idol Card and Valkyrie Profile Lenneth guide. We sent out and persumed because of the holidays that there was a delay. He eventually got his side of the deal but mine never arrived. He agreed to reimburse me $120 through money order (Although I told him Paypal is safer and easier and to either make an account or find a friend with one) and low and behold it's mid February and I am still empty handed. He also neglected to tell me the post had lost his packages before-- Although, this may just be a lie.

I will not take down this BTR until my $120 is recieved by Paypal or Money Order and has cleared.