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Replay ValueC+
Learning CurveB

Pros and Cons

  • Gameplay gives a solid amount of difficulty
  • VR game that does not induce nausea (for me)
  • Small variety in enemy types
  • Departs from the Until Dawn IP significantly

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood (PlayStation 4)

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Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, although repetitive, is a VR experience not to be missed out on.



Until Dawn: Rush of Blood is one of many PlayStation VR releases that have come out since it's release in October of 2016. This second installment of Supermassive Games' Until Dawn IP takes the series in a new direction switching from "interactive movie" as, reusing some notable characters from the story as it's only real connection to the original released just a year prior. At it's highs, Rush of Blood is a convincing VR experience that has genuine difficulty and a pick up and play stylized "story mode". At it's lows, Rush of Blood is incoherent with parts that'll make the player feel a strong sense of déjà vu with reoccurring enemy types and environments.

The story in Until Dawn: Rush of Blood is five hours following an unnamed, unvoiced protagonist that gets placed into a roller coaster with no real context. The story is nothing more than a general guide to keep the player progressing to the next stage of arcade rail shooter and this is not necessarily a bad thing by itself. The real issues of a lack of story are only apparent because the game is titled into the Until Dawn franchise. It's hard to consider this as an Until Dawn game as the original relied on story to hold up as a game where this release is focused solely on gameplay. Seeing characters in this game that were intended for fan service only make one ponder on what would possibly have been lost if "Until Dawn" as a franchise had been left out of this title as a whole, and sales is the only answer that comes to mind.

As a not overly complex arcade shooter, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood has it's highest highs and lowest lows. On one end, Rush of Blood boasts some of the most immersive virtual reality experiences, especially out of what PlayStation VR has to offer. On the other hand, the experience is dampened with a small pool of enemies and the same general flow of three or four scenes of fighting overly easy regular enemies followed by a out of place difficult boss fight in the end. If one went into this game with the hopes of finding a arcade shooter with a compelling story that would keep them playing it completely through in one sitting, they'll be sorely disappointed. With the expectation of sitting down with a few friends thirty minutes at a time for some bursts of fun, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood will be enjoyed how it seems it was intended.

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, in nearly every single front, execute scares perfectly. With virtual reality, Rush of Blood is extremely immersive and keeps the player tense through every fifteen to twenty minute level in the game. Each of these seven levels have a general theme that make them stick out from the rest. whether it be focused on clowns, spiders, or a slaughter house, each level does a good depiction of its theme while having each section complimentary.

One very notable problem with Until Dawn: Rush of Blood is its use of the Until Dawn IP. Returning players may notice that some notable characters from the original Until Dawn make appearances throughout the course of the game. Without any spoilers, these characters seem to be used just as a familiar face rather than having them cohesive and fit with their counterparts that made an appearance in the last release. The use of characters and name of "Until Dawn" as a whole seems to be only to give the PlayStation VR lineup a name on it's list that people recognize, and the inclusion of characters in the way they were seems last minute almost making one wish that Rush of Blood was a new IP entirely.

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood is a fun virtual reality experience in short bursts. The arcade shooter is immersive yet shallow in the sense that enemy types are limited and the story is forgettable. As a inexpensive showcase of scary fun in virtual reality, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood is worth looking into.

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