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Looking to buy or trade for gaming themed Pinny Arcade and other collectible pins. Get in touch if you have any available and would like to discuss potential deals.

Collectibles for Sale.

- 1992 Battle Masters Board Game by Milton Bradley and Games Workshop -- Used. Box shows wear and tear. Mostly complete components including mat and all tiles, tokens, cards, bases, flags, and figures. However I am missing the instructions and the tower. Around 10 or so of the figures show a little damage, like a weapon or base that broke off. Some of the stickers may be falling off or bent.

- Star Wars Customizable Card Game Cards -- 136 cards from the original Premiere/Premiere 2 Player set (36 black border Limited, 100 white border Unlimited)

- Mario Amiibo (no packaging; just the figure)

- Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 game poster

- Cloud Strife Final Fantasy Trading Arts Kai Mini figure (opened but all original packaging)

- Assassin's Creed Unity Phantom Blade Toy Replica (used/opened, original packaging, but the box is a bit smushed on a couple corners)

- Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild "Scaling Hyrule" 1000 Piece Premium Collector's Jigsaw Puzzle (new, sealed)

- Super Mario Bros. "Welcome to Warp Zone!" 1000 Piece Premium Collector's Jigsaw Puzzle (new, sealed)

- Hasbro WWF Action Figures: Tatanka, Giant Gonzalez, Rowdy Roddy Piper, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Shawn Michaels, Honky Tonk Man, Marty Jannety, and Million Dollar Man. All figures in great condition w/ working action moves. However, the Shawn Michaels figure has one loose arm where the spring action must've worn out. Honky Tonk Man also is just the figure as I can't find his guitar accessory.

-- 1995 WWF Action Packed Trading Card Singles -- #6 Doink the Clown, #13 King Kong Bundy, #22 Mabel, #23 Smoking Guns, #28 Mr. Fuji Dirtiest Dozen, #29 IRS Dirtiest Dozen, #30 Luna Dirtiest Dozen, #31 Well Dunn Dirtiest Dozen, #33 Double J Jeff Jarrett Dirtiest Dozen, #40 Bob "Spark Plugg" Holly High Flyers of the Ring, #42 Bam Bam Bigelow High Fliers of the Ring.

The above are all doubles I have to sell as singles. I also have the complete set to sell together for the right price.

- Pathfinder Battles Deadly Foes Collectible Figures -- 8 blind box booster packs, each with four prepainted plastic figures. Figures have been opened and removed from boxes, but all original packaging and blind box configurations have been preserved.

- Pathfinder Battles Iconic Heroes Collectible Figures -- It's been opened but has original box and bonus cards for the Pathfinder card game.

- K'Nex Plants vs. Zombies toy building sets -- Pirate Seas Plank Walk, Wild West Skirmish, and Cone Mech

- K'Nex Super Mario Bros. toy building sets -- Super Mario 3D World "Cat Mario" set and New Super Mario Bros. U "Layer Cake Desert" set

- Yamato Musashi Imperial Japanese Navy Battleship 1/2000 Scale Model

- Dragon Armor 1/72 Scale M4A1 Sherman Tank 7th Armored Division France, 1944 Model

- Marvel OverPower Card Game -- 360 base cards plus rulebook, checklist card, reference card, and Hero Cards including: Cable, Sentinels, Spider-Man, Nightcrawler, Punisher, Silver Surfer, Hawkeye, Carnage, Rhino, Deadpool, Gambit, Doctor Doom, Brood, Morph, Hobgoblin, Banshee, Black Widow, Storm, Rogue, Quicksilver, Omega Red

- Sim City The Card Game -- Starter Deck box but no booklet

- Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward Collectible Watch -- Functional watch but the battery is dead at this point after owning it for six years now. I've taken it out but never used it, just kept it as a collectible in its case.

- Warpo Legends of Cthulhu Retro Action Figures -- The Professor, The Deep One, The Cultist, Spawn of Cthulhu, all in new condition with all accessories. No packaging.

- The Amazing Spider-Man Dicemasters 2-player Starter Set -- Opened and used. Complete with all dice and cards. Also have 10 separate booster packs from the Deadpool series (which is another 20 dice and cards) as well as a playmat.

- The Elder Scolls V: Skyrim 550 Piece Collector's Jigsaw Puzzle -- Opened and previously assembled.

- Epic Card Game deck

- Tetris the Card Game

- R-Type Command R-9 Model -- Very limited run collectible model that was sold with the PSP game R-Type Command.

- Grand Theft Auto V Bugstars Van Keychain and 100 Dollar Bill Air Freshener -- Both in original packaging.

- Monster House Toy Squirt Gun

- Game Soundtrack CDs -- I've got CDS for Ace Combat: Assault Horizon (sealed in cardboard sleeve), Generations of Chaos (cardboard sleeve, opened), Atelier Iris 2: The Azoth of Destiny (cardboard sleeve, opened), Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories "Best of" (jewel case, opened), Blade Dancer: Lineage of Light (jewel case, opened), Darwinia (jewel case, opened), Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos (jewel case, opened), Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates (jewel case, opened, Japan import), and The World Ends With You (jewel case with slipcase, opened, Japan import).

- Dragon Ball Z Cardboard Hair Crown -- Still sealed in packaging so not exactly sure what it looks like. I believe it's like one of those Burger King cardboard crowns, just with DBZ hair.

- Metroid: Other M Samus Aran Figma Action Figure -- Opened and used. Excellent condition with box and all parts.

- Funko Pop Hatsune Miku Vinyl Figure -- In original packaging.

- Bionic Commando Action Figure -- Used but in great condition with functioning grapple hook. No packaging.

- Assassin's Creed MegaBloks Collector Series -- Da Vinci's Flying Machine set. Has been opened, assembled, and taken apart. Complete with all pieces, box, and instructions.

- Soulcalibur IV Xbox 360 Faceplate

- Bloodborne Project Skylight Limited Edition PS4 Faceplate-- Great condition with original packaging.

- Spectrobes: Beyond the Portals Poster -- Actually have three of these.

- Grand Theft Auto Stickers -- Unopened sticker packs for the characters of GTAV, the brands of GTAV, and mini sticker pack for GTA Chinatown Wars. I'm not certain how many stickers are in each pack, but it looks like there are around 5 or 6 in the two GTAV packs and maybe 8 to 10 in the Chinatown Wars pack.

- Demo Discs -- An assortment of demo discs in cardboard sleeves I've collected over the years. I have: Metroid Prime Hunters First Hunt for Nintendo DS; Pursuit Force, God of War: Chains of Olympus, and Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters for PSP; Naruto Clash of Ninja 2 and Pac-Man Vs. for Nintendo GameCube; Deca Sports and Kororinpa Marble Saga for Nintendo Wii; and Pride FC Fighting Championships, Freaky Flyers, The Punisher, Black, Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King, Galactic Wrestling featuring Ultimate Muscle The Kinnikuman Legacy, The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction, MotoGP 4 (sampler disc with additional demos for Soulcalibur III, Pac-Man World 3, We Love Katamari, and Urban Reign, plus assorted trailers), God of War Hydra Battle (I have one used and one still sealed), Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror, Hot Shots Golf Fore!, Genji: Dawn of the Samurai, Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves, Front Mission 4, Jak X Combat Racing, Killzone, Drakengard, and PlayStation Underground Jampack sampler packs for Summer 2001 and Winter 2001.

Not pictured, but I also have around a hundred old PlayStation Magazine demo discs in a binder somewhere around here, spanning PS1 and PS2. Some are just the disc, some still have the sleeves they came in. I'd be happy to dig them out and provide more details if anyone has an interest in those.

- Squeeballs Party Plushies -- Promo character plushies from the old DS/Wii game of the same name.

- Peggle Plushie -- Plushie if Splork from Peggle. It's two pieces, Splork and his little ship.

- Fallout Plushie -- Vault Boy plush figure about a foot tall with internal skeleton for posing the legs.

- Splinter Cell: Conviction and Kororinpa: Marble Blast Beanies

- Prototype 2 Commando Sweater -- 100% acrylic. Size Larger. Only worn once. "P2" and "Prototype 2" logo patches on the shoulders as well as black patches on the elbows.

- Scribblenauts Red Rooster Hat -- Wearable replica of Maxwell's Rooster Hat. It was a pre-order bonus for Scribblenauts Unlimited, if memory serves. Taken out of bag and worn once or twice, but otherwise new condition.

- Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Wrath of the Righteous Base Set -- Complete with rulebook and all cards and components.

- 50 Cent Bulletproof Vest -- Bulletproof vest protective sleeve that fits over a game box.

Comics for sale:
Spider-Man: Maximum Clonage Alpha #1
Venom: Along Came A Spider...
The Showdown of the Century: DC Versus Marvel Comics #4
X-Men, Vol. 1, No. 23
Avengers West Coast, Vol. 2, No. 97
Darkhawk, Vol. 1, No. 31
The Uncanny X-Men, Vol.1, No. 280
Fantastic Four, Vol. 1, No. 378
X-Men Classic, Vol. 1, No. 84
X-Men, Vol. 1, No. 34
The Infinity War, Vol. 1, No. 3
Wolverine #88, Dec. 1994
The Uncanny X-Men, Vol. 1, No. 320
Daredevil, Vol. 1, No. 318
X-Men, Vol. 1, No. 33
X-Men Adventures, Vol. 2, No. 5
Captain America, Vol. 1, No. 418
The Uncanny X-Men, Vol. 1, No. 189
Wolverine #87, Nov. 1994
Ghost Rider, Vol. 2, No. 26
The Punisher: War Zone, Vol. 1, No. 19
The Incredible Hulk, Vol. 1, No. 408
Iron Man, Vol. 1, No. 293
Silver Surfer, Vol. 3, No. 83
The Mighty Thor, Vol. 1, No. 465
Deadpool: The Circle Chase, Vol. 1, No. 2
The Uncanny X-Men, Vol. 1, No. 300
Adventures of Superman #500, June '93
Showcase '94 #12
Batman #491, April '93
X-Factor, Vol. 1, No. 93
The Avengers, No. 1, No. 364
U.S. 1, Vol. 1, No. 2
Ice Age on the World of Magic: The Gathering, Vol. 1, No. 1
Flash #78, July '93
G.I. Joe - A Real American Hero, Vol. 1, No. 90
Batman Book and Record Set - Robin Meets Man-Bat (just the comic; no record)

Selling off old PC games for cheap. $1 each plus shipping.

Call of Duty 2
City Life
Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay Developers Cut
Agatha Christie: Murder on the Orient Express
Glory of the Roman Empire
Supreme Commander
Company of Heroes
JTF - Joint Task Force
Secret Files Tunguska
Attack on Pearl Harbor
Escape from Paradise City
Pacific Storm Allies
ProStroke Golf
Exorcist: Enter the Inner Sanctum of Evil
Pacific Storm
Tortuga: Two Treasures
Evidence: The Last Ritual
Sims Life Stories
Paws & Claws Pet Vet 2 Healing Hands
Ground Control II Operation Exodus
Are You Smarter Than a 5th Graders?
Theatre of War
Dungeon Lords
Super Stunt Spectacular
Baseball Mogul 2008
Splat Magazine Renegade Paintball

- Magic the Gathering Cards -- hundreds of cards spanning legacy sets including: ITEM SOLD

Revised (279 commons, 117 uncommons, 29 rares, 151 lands)
4th Edition (312 commons, 120 uncommons, 28 rares, 64 lands)
5th Edition (21 commons, 6 uncommons, 1 rare)
Ice Age (278 commons, 59 uncommons, 18 rares, 8 lands)
Fallen Empires (216 commons, 42 uncommons, 13 rares)
Homelands (131 commons, 29 uncommons, 7 rares)
Chronicles (112 commons, 31 uncommons, 16 rares)
Alliances (16 commons, 1 uncommon)
Mirage (1 rare, 12 commons)
Portal (3 commons, 1 uncommon)
The Dark (4 commons, 3 uncommons)
Legends (1 common)
Italian Legends (59 commons, 17 uncommons)
Weatherlight (3 commons)
Visions (2 commons, 1 uncommon)

The above I'm looking to sell more in bulk, though if you have specific singles in mind I'd be happy to look if I have what you want in particular. I have some other rarer, more valuable cards not counted in the above list that I will only sell as singles. I'll get a list of those together shortly.

- Avengers: Age of Ultron HeroClix Starter Set -- Opened and used but complete with all figures and game pieces. ITEM SOLD