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Bad Trader Reports

AhmedJohnson Global Trader - willing to trade internationally BTRs15-Feb-2012
Status: active
Reporter: ryanm

At the beginning of December, I loaned AhmedJohnson $100. I had loaned him money before, which he paid back on time with no issue. But this time he asked for a one month extension. It has been two weeks since that extension ended and he will not answer any of my messages. He said that it would "be a while before I would get paid back." According to yoda5, you recently won $1000 dollars in a poker game. Paying this back should not be hard. I will delete this BTR when I receive my payment.

Edit: From the BTR yoda5 filed against you: " EDIT: Yes, I hope you clear them all up but based on the age and responses I am not sure. I am also not sure why logging into Paypal and paying back the money has anything to do with these other issues. If you have the money you should pay it back now. There is an interesting post in the forums where you won $1000 dollars at a local poker game. It should not be any issue to get the 40 dollars you are now almost 1 month late on." Did you already spend the money, or did he make that up? I don't think a double gold trader is going to lie in a BTR.
Edit 2: I understand I no longer have Paypal, but I have given you many options to pay me back. I am sure at least one of them will work. I am also Shocked by the complete lack of communication.
Response from Accused "Bad Trader": (28-Feb-2012)
dont know where this 1k at poker is coming from

AhmedJohnson Global Trader - willing to trade internationally BTRs15-Jan-2012
Status: active
Reporter: yoda5

I loaned AhmedJohnson 35 dollars back in the beginning of December. He was to pay back on Jan 3rd. He said he may be a little late and I said just let me know when. He will not give me a date and he is no longer responding when I ask for a date.

On 12/27 he asked for a small extension. I said ok but I would like to really get this wrapped up. On 1/3 I asked when he may pay back, and asked him again on 1/4. He said on 1/5 that he was busy with BTR stuff, but still didn't set the date. I said on 1/8 I needed to here something or I would need to look at filing a BTR. Still nothing. Finally today I checked with him again to give him one more chance but even though he is logging in he still isn't even responding.

It isn't even the lateness but the total lack of communication

When I get my $40 that was agreed upon this will be taken down.

EDIT: Yes, I hope you clear them all up but based on the age and responses I am not sure. I am also not sure why logging into Paypal and paying back the money has anything to do with these other issues. If you have the money you should pay it back now. There is an interesting post in the forums where you won $1000 dollars at a local poker game. It should not be any issue to get the 40 dollars you are now almost 1 month late on.


So ahmedJohnson says he doesn't no where the $1000 from poker is coming from...check it out below. He can't remember all his stories. Or just go to general forum and search for AhmedJohnson posts and it is the third one.

Auzman wrote:
> AhmedJohnson wrote:
>> me 106(and i can go on forever guys i will not lose)
> lol.

i was too busy winning 1k at my local poker game to bother with this imma just buy a sealed copy on ebay
Response from Accused "Bad Trader": (16-Jan-2012)
sry the outstanding btr's come first

AhmedJohnson Global Trader - willing to trade internationally BTRs28-Dec-2011
Status: active
Reporter: bil4l

So I shipped the games out to this trader THE DAY OF the trade agreement (a Saturday), dropped $14 on Priority Mail, and he received on the next Monday (One business day).

So this guy, like everyone else that has reported him as a bad trader, marks things sent, does not actually send them, and when called on it, tries to put the blame on anything but himself.
He says the mail system being slow: "its christmas MAIL GOES SLOW it's been 2 weeks at most in all cases". I have never had a first class package take more than ONE week, let alone two. Rather than taking blame and saying he hasn't shipped, he continues to act like it's in the mail. It would be far less frustrating if this guy would just fess up, admit he hasn't shipped stuff, and disclose what is actually going on. If I knew he was just struggling to get everything together, I would have been more patient, but the fact that he is acting like my frustration is unwarranted is the most aggravating part. He really shouldn't be starting up 20+ trades if he can't make them happen in a reasonable time-frame

I have shipped items Media Mail that have arrived at the recipient faster than the two weeks that I have been waiting for my end of the deal to arrive, so I'm not sure exactly who this guy is trying to fool, but I know I'm not the only one that is frustrated waiting on some resolution to this matter.

Like others have said, I will be happy to remove my BTR once a satisfactory resolution is made.

Case and point shown with the traders response. Refuses to address the fact that he didn't use delivery confirmation, continue to blame the mail. USPS states "estimated delivery time is two to three days". Mail doesn't seem to be going slow for any other traders on the site....If he had actually shipped and used a DC there would be proof of the items being sent. Why aren't there dozens of other BTRs for traders all over the site if mail is going so slow? This trader needs to take some accountability. The proof of his lying is in the other BTRs on this guy where he said he shipped, and then two weeks later said he was actually shipping out. Stop trying to scam people.
Response from Accused "Bad Trader": (4-Jan-2012)

AhmedJohnson Global Trader - willing to trade internationally BTRs19-Dec-2011
Status: active
Reporter: voodo3184

lack of communication seems to be the status quo for this trader. No delivery confirmation on his end means no idea if in fact he has actually sent but judging by others it appears he hasn't. Trader has now stolen about 120 dollars worth of items so charges have been filed with his local law enforcement and the us post office for mail fraud, i strongly suggest others do the same since these things are handled on volume

Response from Accused "Bad Trader": (21-Dec-2011)
will send back users items no later than next monday

AhmedJohnson Global Trader - willing to trade internationally BTRs17-Dec-2011
Status: active
Reporter: Maskim

it has been 9 days since AhmedJohnson indicated that he shipped his end of this trade. A trade that was to be priority mail with delivery confirmation, at his insistence. There is no delivery confirmation number, and multiple requests for either a receipt or some other proof of shipment have been completely ignored.

Aside from the value of the trade, my main issue is having to try to explain to my children, every day, why we sent their pokemon games so quickly, but why the ot1her man won't send them the new pokemon game they're begging for. It's not like I can give them the line about they need to save up if they want something, because they gave up their own 2 pokemon games in order to get 1 new one (which was especially hard for them to do).

I sincerely hope that AhmedJohnson fulfills his end of this trade as quickly as possible. As soon as I receive my items I will happily remove this btr. Bill has also informed me that if Ahmed fulfills his obligations that he will expunge the btrs, so they won't even be on record. I sincerely hope that he does complete these trades, as the only other recourse available if he does not is to file police reports with his local department, mine, and the postal authorities.

EDIT: Items were not shipped by Monday as stated here that they would be. I'm still waiting, but I'm less than hopeful.

EDIT2: Another week since the most recent time it was supposed to be sent out. Still nothing. No package arrived. No indication of package being sent. No communication.

EDIT3 (January 5th, 2012): I have in no way whatsoever become "Difficult to work with". I have asked, yet again, when this will be resolved, and was given the lamest excuse ever. AhmedJohnson is physically unable to mail things any more. He managed to get to the post office just fine when he claimed he was there last week, the week before, and the week before that.

When I stated that I had filed a Mail Fraud and theft reports, and am prepared to file civil litigation in small claims court, he told me to F off and I was trying to "take advantage of a cripple".

I have remained civil to this trader at every single turn, and even stated quite clearly that I would be happy to withdraw my filed complaints as soon as he resolves the situation. At this point, I am simply trying to give this user a final opportunity to avoid civil litigation, and to have filed reports withdrawn.

The only person being difficult here is the one who has not done a single thing to fulfill their trade or to resolve this issue.

I want:
The items that Chad Simpson promised me when we came to a trade agreement
My items that I sent returned, in the same condition that they were sent in
$150 to cover the value of the items I sent
a combination of the above items, to equal $150 worth of value.

It is not difficult. Go to the post office, or paypal me.

EDIT 4 (January 13th): Oh, so sorry, the items I sent you were only valued at $140, when I sent them to you. That is my error that I rounded up to 150. $60 + 30 + 30 + 20. This is over a month since you received my items, and you still haven't done anything.

EDIT 5 (January 27th): The price of the item in the 'Hot Deals' forum now isn't what's in question. The price of the item, when I sent it to you, is. It's also the price you agreed to, since you agreed to send me items that equaled $140-150 worth, at the time.

EDIT 6 (February 16th) I valued both our items at the same value, as well. Both the items I sent you, and the items that you agreed to send me were selling for 140-150 at the time, probably due to christmas coming very soon. I also wish that you had just declined the trade from the beginning, as it's obvious you never had any intentions of fulfilling it.

EDIT 7 (May 20th) This is utter garbage. This thief hasn't ever made so much as a single dollar payment in trying to make this right, and likely already has another account that he's currently grooming to scam someone else down the road.
Response from Accused "Bad Trader": (26-Feb-2012)
take a look around via gamestop.com and see if you can find a store near you that has a new copy in stock and get back to me as that would be the easiest way for me to replace it

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