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(Status Update: Hello GameTZ! I just re-activated my account, but I am not setup to trade just yet. I'm currently adding even more games to my available trade list, then I have to update my want lists. Once all that is done, I will be setup to trade again, but that will likely not be for a few months. Currently looking for house and about to move too! So, trying to get a few personal things done, and cataloging my dups is one! Hope to talk with ya'll soon. Thanks).

Hello to all fellow GameTZ Traders!

The quick, short-version for reference about trading with me:

1. You have less trades, you send first. Current BTR folks will not be dealt with.
2. You have a gold star and above, we can send same time provided that feedback is solid. If you have a ton more feedback/rating then me & you prefer I send first, that's fine.
3. Interested in trades only - I DO NOT SELL. Your cash does not interest me. I will buy on rare occasion from you if price is reasonable / a good deal though, so feel free to offer if you can't find something to trade.
4. If you don't describe your product fully and/or accurately - I will ding ya on the review heavily for it. Be responsible & courteous to all traders - accurately describe your items.
5. Looking for excellent condition, complete items only. Don't send an offer otherwise.
6. You must have patience dealing with me. Will give you the same. I check my P.O. Box & ship out only once a week now due to my personal schedule. Don't have patience = don't trade with me.
7. I ship USPS 1st Class or Parcel Post Mail (few day shipping), usually in a bubble mailer or a small box & always with delivery confirmation.
8. Will trade with lower 48 states only (Alaska & Hawaii excluded).
9. You must be an established member of the site, meaning you need to have a few trades under your belt.

Okay, for those curious - the longer version smile :

Hello & welcome to my bio page fellow traders & game enthusiasts! Okay, A little bit about me...


warning I'm interested in doing TRADES only & only on complete, excellent condition items! warning

1st off - I'm looking to do trades with reputable traders like myself. If you're a stickler for condition & complete games just like me, than you and I are probably on the same wavelength & we'll get along great. smile I'll be more than willing to accept your concessions & conditions for trading as long as you work with me too. I'm mainly looking for a fair trade of relative equal market value, so don't be surprised if I give a counter-offer, but I usually try to explain my thinking in it. Also, do not offer me cash or anything else other than games - cash will NOT interest me.

warning I'm interested in doing TRADES only & only on complete, excellent condition items! warning


2nd off - I am a proud collector of U.S. home console games for various game systems, primarily dating back to 1985 onward with the first Nintendo Entertainment System. Current library total is 5,901 and typically changes weekly w/ additions. The purpose of the collection is to obtain all games for each system released in the U.S. market. Games are only counted toward the total number if it's complete - meaning it must include the original box/case with artwork, the manual, and the game itself (on disc or cartridge). Proudly, I can say that over 90%+ of the collection is in "excellent to mint condition", as I try to only add titles that are in great shape. Games are added on a weekly basis in the range of 5 - 15 a week on average.


3rd off: Most items, due to their value, I'm willing to ship USPS 1st Class or Priority Mail (2-3 Day shipping), usually in a bubble mailer or a small box & always with delivery confirmation for tracking purposes. I may suggest media mail if you do and/or the package is large size and/or a large weight. Express mail, whatever else, etc, is usually more expensive and just not worth the shipping costs in my opinion b/c it jumps quite dramatically. For now, I'm only shipping to U.S. addresses within the 48 states (Alaska & Hawaii excluded). If I do delivery confirmation on my end, I expected the same for yours. It's cheap, usually around 70-80 cents, and it gives visibility to both of us, especially through how wonderful this site is setup.


4th off: IMPORTANT: I need to see that you are an established member of the site with some trades under your belt. If you are a new trader, have no stars, and send me an offer - you obviously did not read my bio to do some basic research, so you'll probably get an auto-decline without any additional information from me. Also note: I have a real life. I will check the site periodically, but I don't always check on the weekends, nor do I ship then. I will ship once, maybe twice during the week as time allows (usually Tuesdays and/or Fridays). Be patient with me - your trade will be coming, I promise. Don't ask when I will ship when I've already told you when I do. Do not ask me to complete the trade when I haven't been to my P.O. Box yet. I will communicate with you to let you know when I can ship once the trade deal is finalized as I usually do. Real life events happen, so don't be surprised if I don't get your item into the mail immediately - it all depends. You must have patience if you are dealing with me - I will certainly give you the same. Thanks.


5th off: Due to the amount of transactions I experience & other personal / business reasons, I have a P.O. Box for receiving. This is so someone will be able to receive all packages & other incoming mail items securely. If for some odd reason you have an issue with this, then don't trade with me. It's not a subject to debate or change as it's simply a smart business practice - and no, I will not give you another address to ship to. If the carrier you choose to ship with will not deliver to a PO Box, then you must select another carrier who will, or simply use the USPS.


6th off: IMPORTANT: I expect you to fully describe your product , especially with all details & conditions, including, but not limited to: whether or not it's a Greatest Hits label / Platinum Hits / Player's Choice, other reprinted art release other than the original release, has all items it supposed to come with (especially collector's editions / limited editions / special editions), has stickers, labels, other misc damage, is an import version (I only deal in U.S. domestic versions and can't believe a few people have already failed to disclose this), has holes or damage to artwork, missing ESRBs, non-NTSC, etc. I detail the conditions on mine, and I 100% expect the same on yours. Full disclosure & description of your product is both smart & necessary. If I receive something that is not as described or you failed to inform me of something relative to the condition of the product, you won't get an "excellent" rating on the honesty/courtesy portions of your rating review (which has happened for a remote few people already, including a veteran of the site sadly enough), or ultimately, we may need to cancel the trade and return each others' items (have unfortunately had to do that). If you're unsure if the condition of your item is good for the trade, or you're unsure if it's complete, either message me to fully discuss or simply don't send an offer.

I go by these standard condition definitions for this site that is recommended for reference, but I always recommend you fully describe your product in full detail , especially when there are certain areas of potential roadblock that may need to be attended to or disclosed beforehand:

* Unopened - Item is sealed in some way (either shrink wrapped or unbroken manufacturers seal) and has never been used.
* Excellent - Item has been opened and used, but otherwise shows no sign of wear. The item is in perfect working condition.
* Very Good - Item is showing some minor forms of wear (minor scratches, or marks). The item is in perfect working condition.
* Good - Item is showing general wear, but looks good overall and is working perfectly otherwise.
* Fair - Item is showing major amounts of noticeable wear that could not be ignored easily, but it is in perfect working condition.
* Poor - Item is barely holding itself together, it's beaten up pretty badly and is on its last legs, but it is in perfect working condition.
* Damaged - Item is not in perfect working condition. Be very careful dealing in items like this, the buyer must be informed in detail of the damage.


Okay! If you have any questions, please feel free to send me a message. I hope to do some good trades with fellow collectors & great gamers out there! As mentioned, I sometimes may go a few days without checking the site due to real life events, especially weekends, so please, if you can, give me a bit to check on any offers (EX: 7 days vs. 3 days), and I'll get you a response. Sorry, but I do have a lot going on in real-life. Again, if you have no patience, DO NOT trade with me.

If you'd like to view a tour of the gaming archive, you may proceed via the link listed here (I encourage you to view the slideshow - Enjoy the tour...

love Cyquest's U.S. Gaming Archive love


Important Side Note: If you are in the Northern Dallas TX area, or plan to be soon, be sure to message me! We can meet up to do sales, trades, buys, etc, at a local place (Starbucks always seems to work well). Don't be shy & shoot me a message! Thanks, appreciate it & hope to hear from ya'll soon!

Gaming Collector
Xbox Live Gamertag: Cyquest 299

Personal notes on traders:

NLS - immature, terrible trader - Will not properly inform other traders of true conditions of product in many instances (as prior feedback indicates from several other traders). Avoid trading in future.

djscheiber - does not properly inform traders on condition of product. Multiple feedback instances now exist reflecting these facts. Do not trade in future.