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Graham's Memorial

Graham passed away November 22, 2004.

He had been a regular trader at GameTZ for over 6 years, making hundreds of trades with hundreds of other traders. His reputation was flawless.

He was a fixture here, especially in our forums. He cared deeply about the site and contributed to its development in many ways. He made many friends here.

We will miss you Graham, rest in peace.

His obituary from the Toledo Blade:
Graham E. Seawick, age 51, died November 22, 2004, at the Harborside Healthcare in Sylvania, Ohio. He was a former employee of the Champion Spark Plug Company and Hunt Wesson Foods. He enjoyed working with his computers and especially enjoyed fishing in northern Michigan.

He is survived by his son, Richard Seawick, mother, Joyce McLennan; stepfather, Ralph McLennan; sisters, Joyce Anne Brewer, Diana Donovan, Valarie (Mike) Coopshaw; stepbrothers, Keith (Pat), Kess (Karen), Kurt (Mary) and Kirby (Carol) McLennan; nephews, Chris Carey and Alex Coopshaw; nieces, Allyson and Arianna Coopshaw, Valarie Brewer, Ashley and Madison Donovan.

The family will receive friends Saturday, December 4th from 4 to 5 p.m. at the Wisniewski Funeral Home 2426 N. Reynolds Rd., Toledo, Ohio, with services at 5 p.m. Arrangements by the Grisier Funeral Home, Delta, Ohio.

Personal Comments from GameTZ Users

I'm greatly shocked and saddened by this bad news.

I found out yesterday from John. The server kept crashing and I was pulling my hair, running around town getting a new part for it and such. I thought about Graham a lot, crying at times. It seems kind of ironic, since Graham had always been the first person to email me when the server wasn't working right. But, there was no email from him yesterday.

I'm surprised that this is upsetting me so much. I never met him in-person.

He told me once that he was on GameTZ all day, most days. Always keeping a window open here, always kept up to date with what was going on. So, he always knew when something wasn't right.

To be honest, I felt pestered by Graham sometimes. He wasn't one to let things go. He always let me know when something wasn't right and didn't let me off easily. But, he mixed in a sense of humor and a deep sense of support as well. Though he pestered me, he also sent me many eCards and was always supportive of my work.

To this day, there is code in the system that is just for him. He talked me into turning off his globe because he no longer was able to send packages internationally. There are also many GameTZ features that Graham helped shape with his feedback over the years.

I had already been missing him, but it never crossed my mind that he would not be back. Knowing he's never coming back really hurts.
-- Bill Marrs

Graham was a good man who will be missed by many here. We didn't always agree on everything, but that was what made him fun to talk to. I'm sure they'll have fullscreen movies for him in heaven, and hopefully one day I'll be trying to talk him into widescreen again.

Thanks for some good times, Graham.

  - John...

Graham was always around. Always. He sent me a birthday e-card one year, and I thought that was pretty cool; a guy who didn't really know me, just within the confines of the website, and he took the time to fill out an e-card and mail it to me.

Graham loved watching movies, so we had discussions often about movies, and in particular movie formats. I won't see a Pan and Scan DVD now without thinking that it was Graham's personal preference, and all the good times we had ribbing him about it.

It is sad to hear Graham has passed on. I hope he is up in Heaven, coordination as sharp as a tack, kicking back with the big G and watching the latest movies on P&S DVDs.

Take care Graham. GTZ will be a little different without your over-watching eye.

[From Sid_Ceaser]

I'm just another person on the site that didn't truly get to know Graham but I feel that his passing has affected me just as much as it did to anybody that did.

He had a knack for sending e-cards whenever the time fit the setting. I had actually received two.... One during the whole HashPipe scandal of 2001 (possibly 2002) and another in 2003 when I was just feeling sick. He didn't just send it without a message. He took the time to type up a nice little "get well" paragraph. I can't say that any other person has done that before.

I remember him telling me once that he really enjoyed Bush's baked beans.
Despite some of the crude jokes, Graham had a nice presence on-site.

I love you.
-John #2

Although I did not know the man very well on a personal level, it was common knowledge to myself, or anyone who paid any attention to the forums, that Graham was an extremely well liked guy. He seemed to be friends with everyone, and had respect for everyone he spoke to. I am truly sad that I didn't get to know the guy better, in fact I am embarrassed to say that I didn't even know he was ill.

Graham was definitely a staple on the forums, to myself (I know this is completely different for other users) losing Graham will be very much like losing something (someone) that you don't miss until it (he) is gone.

Graham made GameTZ a better place, he apparently really cared about the site, and had much advice about how to make it better. I am happy to think that Graham enjoyed GameTZ while he was here.

Graham cared and I think we will all miss that.
[From Kanes_Son]

On GTZ I had traded with Graham a total of 9 times. Right before he disappeared we were talking about making a 10th trade, I was to purchase some DVDs from him, as I did most of the time. He always gave the best deals on newer DVDs, could not be beat.

Graham introduced me to Paypal too, because he was being stubborn and wouldn't accept a money order one time, our first trade I believe.

He would always send me e-cards for my birthday, or just no reason at all.

When he didn't respond to me after several emails about our 10th trade, I figured either he was taking a break, or something was seriously wrong. I even wondered a few times, because of his failing health if he had died, I guess I was right.

I'll miss you Graham, I know you're not hurting anymore. I hope you can keep my dad company, who passed away nearly a month after you did, from lung cancer. It's surprising how many deaths I've faced this past year.
[From sinnie]

Back in April of 2003, my sister died suddenly of a fluke heart disease. My family and I were going through some rough times, and I was finding it increasingly harder to cope with the idea that I would never see my sister again. Graham caught wind of this, and immediately sent me his condolences via e-mail, as if it were a knee jerk reaction to make someone feel better.

Subsequently, he also never forgot my birthday, and was always one to send me an e-card -- and this means a lot, seeing as that I've never met Graham, but still found it fitting to think of others on their birthday.

Completely selfless, good-natured, genuine-hearted -- a mountainous standard has been set on GameTZ, but a lasting void will still remain. Graham will be missed, and like his ellipsis, he continues on...

"Adieu, and take thy praise with thee to heaven"
Henry IV, Act v, Sc.4 - Shakespeare
[From el_hefe]

I'd just like to say that what I do know of Graham, are all good memories, I never really got the chance to talk to the guy and get into an in-depth conversation... but from our little chats... I truly miss the guy... Rest In Peace, Mr. Seawick.


Graham was someone you would always run across while reading through the forums (especially Site Feedback). He was someone you were use to seeing around--someone you expected to see around. Things just aren't the same without him. He was a well established trader and a well acquainted person among the forums. Graham is irreplaceable and he will be missed by many fellow GameTZ users.

-- ShadoLnk

I didn't interact with Graham much personally, but knew of his presence on GTZ well. He frequented the forums with his great suggestions and opinionated views. His preference for full screen movies was well known and highly debated at times with fellow traders including myself once or twice wink. He was the type that could easily push your buttons with his opinions and still send you away with a smile. grin He will surely be missed. I only wish that I had known him a little better as it's obvious he had a positive affect on many and was respected by all. Being a Michigander myself, I know of the Northern areas of Michigan which he was known to love. I hope that he can see those places still and enjoy the great views from where he rests. RIP Graham, may your spirit live on.


I didn't know Graham. I had probably seen his name floating around every once in a while, but I had never really had any conversations with him. None-the-less though, it's a horrible shame to see someone, as much loved as he is, pass away like this. Especially at such a young age (51 correct?). I could just tell the way people talk about him, that he was really a nice guy, going out of his way to send eCards to people on their birthdays, or just sometimes completely for no reason. I don't know why, but I find myself very emotional over something like this, for reasons unknown. Maybe just the fact that he was a member of this site, a member of this community, and he was really a good person. Rest in peace Graham, and God bless his family.


The recent news of Graham passing is rather upsetting for me as I imagine it is for anyone who has been coming to GameTZ over the years. My first impression of Graham was not what it grew to eventually become. Overtime I came to realize that I really liked Graham and enjoyed having him around. He was very generous and although he could be mistaken for nitpicky it was his way of accomplishing things. Graham did not care for vulgarity and was a man of integrity in the respect that he cared deeply for the site and the well being of the people who used it.

Trading and interacting with this man for over a 3 year period revealed a kind individual who I truly believe had a heart of gold. You were loved and cared for by many in the virtual world you created for yourself Graham.

My best wishes to your family.

- Synthetic

You never know what you've lost till it is gone. This sums up what I felt about Graham. I am not ashamed to admit I found him to be quite and oddball if not a nag at first. However, he eventually grew on me and I saw him for what he was worth. He deeply cared about the site and even though he was at times unable to express fully what he meant, you could see the subtlety of his wit.

He was also a rarity. He was possibly the most well mannered person on the site. He refrained from innuendos, crude remarks, and basically all lowest forms of talk that has become a norm in Internet forums. Unfortunately, I was one of those people at one point. I even remember him expressing his distaste for my antics. I brushed it off at first but after a while, but his simple little quip made me think a little. I took it to heart and I've calmed down my antics somewhat, but not enough as it would seem. He made you realize you could have fun without crudeness, and for that I must try to practice it.

We may have never been on the best terms, but you were definitely one of my favorite posters. You've been freed of your prison and now you can enjoy the afterlife as your heart desires. God speed Graham.

- Tash

Loved to read his comments, know he lived a hard life for a long time, without much family support. Yet he continued as long as he could, coming here and making trades, keeping the community spirit alive. I'll always remember him and will try to show the same patience with silly wankers that he did. wink

Love you Graham, may you enjoy a pain free and wonderful afterlife.

- KATos

To his family,

I wish you the best and know Graham was loved here.

In times like this we all need to remember the good times and so i will,

Once in chat I talked to Graham at length about a lot of things, fishing games etc... I found him a very cool guy. He looked at my list of DVDs and got mad they weren't full screen. He told me straight and to the point "widescreen sucks". Well, I don't remember if that was what he said but it was along those lines. It was funny and we had a laugh. We never traded but we had a lot of good talks and I felt like he was a good caring soul. I feel like this is a big family here, some of the relatives you don't like to talk too much and some you want around all the time. I never wished him to leave he was golden.

I hope your pain has stopped and your in the place you want to be Graham.

God speed, my friend.

Pat ashcraft.

I was not close to Graham, but I read many of his posts and I find myself genuinely saddened by his passing. His avatar of the little man pulling on the yellow bikini is one of the most memorable I've seen. He was one of the people I was aware of from the time I first joined GTZ and started posting because he had a quick wit and seemed very helpful. He also had a measured way of responding that didn't require a lot of words to get his point across, which I respected.

I knew Graham was dealing with some health problems, but I didn't know it was life threatening. The fact that he was so helpful and friendly in spite of his difficulties says much about his character. He clearly engendered genuine respect among the GTZ users, and his presence will be missed. Rest in peace Graham, and know that you will be remembered fondly.


It is always very sad when a friend passes on, even one we have never met in person. I was Graham's first trade back on Oct. 28th, 1998. Has it really been that long? Seems like only yesterday but it has been nearly six years. Our lives on this planet are short, perhaps to short. But we can always confide in the knowledge that we will see each other again in
another existence. I am of personal belief that good people are not lost forever to the void and that there is a continuation for humanity in one form or another. I know I for one look forward to finally meeting Graham amongst
many others I have lost, on that glorious day in the future when it is indeed my time. As for now Graham's passing will be morned by all, he was a good person. My condolences go out to his family and friends. Rest in Piece old friend, we will meet again.


Graham was an amazing person! His friendliness and willing to help with anything! He will be greatly missed by the GameTZ Family! RIP Graham!


I didn't realize Graham has passed on into the afterlife when I saw Roca's sig "Rest In Peace...Graham E. Seawick...." a few days earlier and was thinking, I have noticed Graham wasn't around lately and hoped nothing really bad happen to him until I went to his bio and was shocked at the news! Tears started to swelled up upon my eyes...

During our few trades with each other in the past, I've come to know Graham a little and how he's always "go the extra mile" in being a great encouraging supporter and friend not only to me, but as you can see above many of the fellow traders on GameTZ. I'd wish I got to know him more... but I know God wanted him to come home into heaven. Rest In Peace Graham...

"Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made. In him was life, and that
life was the light of men. The light shines in the darkness, but the darkness has not understood it." -- John 1:3-5

- Starwave27

Mr. Seawick was probably my first online buddy. I had just joined the zone and was having a good time with ICQ. We chatted a lot and I don't know why but I had a strange urge to make my first online purchase. It was 2000 the year of the Dragon. Which is also the Chinese astrology sign Graham was born under. So, I did something weird and bought a stranger a gift. A Dragon Mug. He was using it as a pencil holder.

Unfortunately, as the years passed we didn't chat as much. I would manage to ask him how he was doing.

This man brightened up my email box every, I mean every holiday, for over 4 years with a BlueMountain eCard.

I think it got to the point where I would get excited about what type of card he sent. Cute, serious, funny, or interactive (my favorites). That's how I found out Graham had passed. No card. So, I know of 4+ years he suffered with a crippling ailment he said the was no cure for. And still
made time to keep in touch with friends. I'm crying as I type. I miss my cards and Graham's attitude. Being treated with fairness and respect are what I remember from the words he would type. In other words, he didn't take none from nobody. I loved it.

I saved one of his email funnys, but at the moment I can't find it. Did anybody else get the email of him informing us he had his duck taped? And now what? That was a good one. :o)

Well, I still get ecards from other buddies, but, it's not the same. They're not as consistent either.

I miss you Graham. I imagine your somewhere comfortable and at ease. Or laughing 'cause we're still pulling our hair out at the world's happenings. You'll see us soon enough.

RIP Graham E. Seawick

(what a cool name)

Tandy (CyFurr)

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