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Currently Playing-

I've been playing lots of different games at once for the last few months. I doubt anyone reads most of this, so I'll make the synopses short.

Dark Souls 2 Scholar...PlayStation 4 Getting the hang of things in Bloodborne allowed me to tackle the PS4 port of DS2. Much much better this time. Even the plot made a little more sense. Multiplayer is a BLAST in this version and matchmaking works well.

Witcher 3PlayStation 4 The quests and beautiful engine made this a spectacular game. I would almost say GotY if not for Bloodborne.

BloodbornePlayStation 4 This game is soul sucking but so much fun. The grinding required to learn the movesets is both fun and frustrating, but it feels so much like a metroidvania with all of the shortcuts and bosses. I dont know much about the creators of the series, but they must have been at least inspired by those types of games. Currently level 29 or so, and attempting lower cathedral ward.

Dark Souls 2Microsoft Xbox 360 Absolutely more accessible than the dark souls 1. I have 30+ 90+ hours in and am level 130 something. I have died hundreds of time in this game, but keep coming back. It really is the most modern example of why video games are not only art, but therapy. This will be the first souls game that I will finish. Afterwards, I will return to dark souls and attempt a complete play through.

GTAVMicrosoft Xbox 360 Worth waiting for. The story is ok. I really like what they did with the character switching etc... It's a vast improvement over GTAIV, which was a pretty good game in its own right. As usual, the radio stations are awesome.... FRESCO, FRESCO

Prince of Persia 2008Microsoft Xbox 360 Great platforming, no deaths, fairly easy combat. it's also a good looking game for the time. I dislike the "flying" sections as they feel artificial and forced... thankfully there seem to be few of those.

Tomb Raider 2013Microsoft Xbox 360 See my review of the PC version below. It's just as awesome on the 360, but not nearly as pretty.

Saints Row IIIMicrosoft Xbox 360 I've been itching for another open world experience while GTAV drops in price. SR3 adequately fits the bill. Not as good as SR2, but its relatively easy to earn money and progress through the game.

Toy SoldiersMicrosoft Xbox 360 Damn... where did the last 4 hours go? Old I know, but one of the better Microsoft Xbox 360 RTS/TD (tower defense) I've played. Along with Defense Grid. Picked up for 1.00 here on GTZ!

DMC (Devil May Cry 2013)PC / Windows I'm only about halfway through this game. It's actually a lot better than I thought it would be. Ninja Theory did a great job with this imagining. I haven't followed the story, but the gameplay itself is really tight. The alternating blue/red baddies present an Ikaruga like challenge that has you pulling triggers like a COD game. Fast and furious action, and more platforming type environments than before. The difficulty has ramped up a lot though.

Fallout3Microsoft Xbox 360 This will be my third time playing FO3, but my first time with all of the DLC. Completed Operation Anchorage and part of The Pitt on PS3 and PC. Just a technical marvel for its day. Translated very well to consoles. It feels like home at times...

FarCry3Microsoft Xbox 360 Spectacular "trip". It does become repetitive after a few hours, and the story is pretty stupid, (really stupid) but it's still a fun ride nonetheless. Playing on easy and still get my ass handed to me by the mercs is getting frustrating,

Kingdoms of AmalurMicrosoft Xbox 360 I keep going back to this game because of the the high production values and FUN factor. This game is the epitome of "polished". I know it was originally supposed to be a console MMO, and it definitely has that feeling, but it also holds the line as a great single player "lite" RPG experience. The fighting and character customization are top notch. Shame about 38 studios. I would have loved to see their sophomore effort.

Modern Warfare 3Microsoft Xbox 360 Playing the single player campaign now. It makes me realize that I like the story in the MW series more than the Black Ops one. Haven't tried the multiplayer yet....

Zelda: Skyward SwordNintendo Wii This is my first motion control game, I feel that they would have had a bigger hit on the wii if they'd started with the motion controls in the first place. Maybe the technology wasn't there... Anyway, Skyward "feels" like T.P. but the sword swinging and flying make it a real treat. Stay tuned for more.

RocksmithMicrosoft Xbox 360 I've spent about 20 years trying to learn how to play guitar. I feel that I've made more progress in the last month than my cumulative progress all these years. It's a very well done game. There is a TON of content (videos, minigames etc..) and everything is geared towards helping you learn to play. The mini games (at least the ones I've unlocked so far) are a lot of fun and definitely take away a little of the monotony. I bought the $199.00 bundle and the quality of the Les Paul junior is surprisingly good. I highly recommend this to anyone struggling with traditional guitar.

SkyrimMicrosoft Xbox 360 Wow.... all other games are on a hiatus for this one. I have 40+ 70+ 90+hours and I'm only lvl 16 24 28. Bethesda really outdid themselves on this game. The quests, environments, dungeons and fight mechanics are top notch. My only real issue right now is the cookie cutter townfolk... I'm tired of hearing them say the same things (in the same voices). But that's a small complaint for what is possibly the GOTY for me. Kinect support is a welcome addition. Being able to say quicksave or quickload is a lifesaver.

Dark SoulsMicrosoft Xbox 360 Incredibly difficult game that rewards observance of not only your environment, but your enemies actions as well. I have 40+ hours in the game and stuck in Blighttown. FML

Assassins Creed 2Microsoft Xbox 360 Started it on the PS3 a couple of years back, then decided to play it on the 360, so I had to start all over, which wasn't too bad. It really is a spectacular game and it looks really really good. The texture artists at Ubisoft should be commended. I would have liked more of the Assassins Tombs throughout the game, but overall I'm glad they fixed so many issues from the first. AC Brotherhood is sitting on the shelf as well.

OutlandMicrosoft Xbox 360 At around 10 bucks on XBLA, this is a stellar side scroller with tight controls, great environments and addictive game play. The only problem I have with it is the difficulty, it is HARD. There's no difficulty setting for the game either. Think Ikaruga meets demons souls meets metroidvania and you have the gist of this.....

Recently Finished

COD Ghosts and Advanced WarfarePlayStation 4 The single player campaign for ghosts was scary stuff, but then I played AW... man the future looks pretty crapty. The mechanics of AW took a while to get used to, but with the inclusion of bots, I can explore the maps offline as much as I need to. Good purchases for cheap!!

Batman: Arkham Asylum/Arkham CityMicrosoft Xbox 360 Brilliant games through and through. The combat was pretty spotty for me, but everything else, including the collectables and whatnot were perfect. Some of my favorite games of this generation.

Tomb Raider 2013PC / Windows Got a copy for free with a recent video card purchase. Spectacular through and through. I want more tombs though.... It has a slight metroidvania feel to it, but the fast travel kills the real immersion for backtracking. The story was pretty awesome, and I'm glad to see Crystal Dynamics at the helm on this reboot. Next up a reboot of the Soul Reaver series? Please?

Darksiders 2Microsoft Xbox 360 A day one purchase that I have mixed feelings about. The length of the game was way too long, the dungeons were often devoid of any enemies, and most of my time was spent wandering around picking up loot from chests and artifacts. However, the combat (when I could fight) was furious and tight. The puzzles were no where near as good as the first game, and I'm trying to figure out where they went wrong with this second game. It just doesn't feel as good as the first to me, and I can't judge it separately.

SyndicateMicrosoft Xbox 360 Good single player campaign that was just about the right difficulty (and length) for me. The plot was pretty good as well, but not completely fleshed out unless you read all of the logs etc...

BioshockMicrosoft Xbox 360 Played (and completed) on the PC when it was first released. I bought Bioshock 2 in 2010 and decided that I should play the original first. Damn I forgot how long that game was. It had to be close to a 20 hour game for me. For an FPS that's rare, but somewhat welcome as well. I saved all the little sisters and found the ending I missed on the PC. I enjoyed the story a little more this time and the achievements were fairly easy/straightforward too!.

ICO HD collectionPlayStation 3 What a difference HD makes! I quit playing the original ICO becuase I got stuck and frustrated from not being able to find the correct exit from a room. The ps2 graphics were too crapty to see where I needed to go. Now, that problem (and many others) are solved. I understand why ICO is such a treasure to gamers now. It was a perfect mix of platformer, puzzler, and combat. The difficulty was just right. It's actually quite a relaxing game because of the scenery and set pieces. I only died a few times from mis-timed jumps. Highly recommended!! Now, onto SotC in HD!

BulletstormMicrosoft Xbox 360 One of the most profane, ridiculous shooters I've ever played. I loved almost every minute of it. Think Gears of War, but "funner". A blast from start to finish with the lacking exception of any real end-boss. I haven't even touched the multiplayer yet, no idea if I will.

Crysis2Microsoft Xbox 360 Gamefly holiday sale purchase. Really interesting single player with multiple ways through each area (skill and/or paths). Multiplayer is a nice addition and the ranking is sensibly done. However, the enemy AI is the dumbest I've ever seen. If I stealth kill a soldier standing RIGHT NEXT TO YOU you should definitely take notice.... Overall it was a pretty good shooter with a lengthy campaign.

Uncharted 3PlayStation 3 During the first half of the game I thought it was great, but not nearly as good as UC2. The last half of the game had me pinned to the edge of my seat with my tongue hanging out. Fudge, what ride.... Some of the environments were absolutely breathtaking. I think if CG art really takes off, it will be because of games like UC3. The story was, (as usual) very far fetched, but I never let the story ruin excellent gameplay. Drakes Deception should be on everyones GOTY shortlist along w/ Skyrim and Dark Souls.

MadworldNintendo Wii Unbelievable violent and sadistic gameplay with hilariously inappropriate commentary make for a very fun adult only wii title. It's a bit repetitive, but quite refreshing for a wii game.

Lara Croft and the Guardian of LightMicrosoft Xbox 360 Absolutely one of the best couch co-op experiences of the current generation. It's really that good. They've added free DLC and online co-op now as well. The puzzles are diabolical. The combat is hectic, and the level design is some of the best I've ever seen. With all that said, single player is not nearly as fun as co-op. Find a friend and play this game!

Dantes InfernoMicrosoft Xbox 360 A pretty good game that was plagued by repetition and uneven enemy/puzzle placement. It started out great, but I felt that the inclusion of the "trials" near the end of the game were a cheap way to lengthen an already short game. Those trials and the skills they taught should have been at the beginning of the game instead of the end. The puzzles were weak and the constant button mashing to open doors was unnecessary (worse than GoW franchise). It was a good game that could have been much better with some more quality control. See Darksiders for a great example of how it should have been done.

Portal2Microsoft Xbox 360 Spectacular single player campaign where the environments really get used to to maximum (especially later in the game). I can absolutely recommend this to fans of the first game and newcomers alike. It really was a fun game!

Just Cause 2Microsoft Xbox 360 Almost overwhelming in terms of size and scope. This is a true sandbox game where there are no limits. Some of the missions suffer from lack of diversity, but overall this game is excellent and will be almost impossible (for me) to 100%. I finished the storyline game in about 42 hours. I had 75% completion by that time. The ending was as silly as everything else in the game and made me smile. Rockstar games should take a cue from the makers of this game and Saints Row 2. Both are great games who try not to take themselves too seriously.

Red Dead RedemptionMicrosoft Xbox 360 Finally finished this one..... whew, what a ride. It wasn't GOTY material in my opinion, but I'm glad I played through it. The story was good, the environments were spectacular, and the voice acting was top notch. With the above said though, a lot of the missions were repetitive, and the AI wasn't the best I've seen. The ending was very satisfying. For a western, it was pretty darn good.

Castlevania: Lords of ShadowMicrosoft Xbox 360 I ran through this on easy. I can believe there's 4 more difficulty levels beyond that one. It was a good game, but some of the puzzles were ridiculously easy. I doubt that I'll play through it again. The boss and mini-boss fights were very fun, especially the last one and the Epilogue has my interest piqued for the next installment.

Dead SpaceMicrosoft Xbox 360 Got stuck in a bad spot before on my PS3 version, so I decided to re-start it on the 360 so that I could get the upgraded plasma cutter in DS2. What a great game! The ending was especially fudgeed up and makes me really look forward to playing DS2.

Darksiders Microsoft Xbox 360 Yes it's derivative, and yes, we've seen all of these play types before, but I've not seen them thrown together so well. Seriously, this game has sleeper hit of 2010 all over it. It's a fudging blast to play! The atmosphere, puzzles and level design are excellent. This game reminds me a lot of the Legacy of Kain series. I'm really looking forward to Darksiders 2 in 2012/13

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