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I Trade: PS3 Games, Wii Games, PS2 Games, CPU Games, Dvd Movies

Interests: PS3, Wii, Xbox 360 & GBA Games
Likes: Sports & RPG Games
Dislikes: People who say you can't get this for that? And No Responses or Mssgs w declines

Quote: Beware All: Minty is the biggest Troll on the site!

Thing's I look for...
1. Being Honest about what your trading.
2. Good best way to feel comfortable about a trade.
3. If both parties have 100% and a bunch of trades...both sending together would benefit both traders. How it works. Lower amount of trades sends first, once in transit, other person sends, speeds up trade and allows other person to not have to wait 2 weeks to get a game. I do it, expect others too, but is up to the terms of the trade.
4. Response time...If you receive a game. Please complete the trade. Don't wait a week to try the game and say your not marking received until you do try. It takes 5 minutes or less to put a game in and make sure it works. I actually had a guy say he was too busy playing modern warfare 2 to try the copy of AC2. A week and half later he tried it. That's just plain ignorance.
5. Fair Trades. I don't care if your trading a nes game or a ps3. The item is worth what it's worth regardless of what format. Make sure trade offers sent are fair. Look at my trades. Find me one that's not a even trade. No reason to offer a 10.00 game for a 30.00 game straight up. And don't say i didn't check the prices. Yes you did. Everyone tries to 1 up. Make it a fair offer, because i guarantee you wouldn't make the trade if it were offered to you. Please do you homework. Don't offer a trade if you can't add and subtract prices.
6. Site Forum Trolls. I will not trade with any trader I have on my toolbag list. Nor will I support them. These are people who just simply can't find it in their heart to help people or say something to benefit the other person....rather then that they simply are trash mouthed, negetive and down right stupid in their comments in peoples forum posts. If your gonna ruin someone's thread because you think what you have to say is important when it's not and can't help someone instead of being a jackoff? Then your garbage to me and I will not trade with you and I'll make sure everyone I'm friends with or trade with on here knows. It's the person trading the items belonging. If they want the world for it, well then that's their perogative. They ain't gonna get it, but it's theirs. They can ask whatever they want for's not up to you to decide. Unless your making a offer, negotiating a offer, then learn to mind your fukin business.

Personal Peeve's on this site.

1. people who have a game on want list then say they don't want? or a perfectly even trade offered and they say it's not high on my want list? Okay, stop wasting people's time and take it off your want list then. or at least mark it somehow.
2. people who come in other people's threads and try to bash them and look stupid doing it. if you have no business in the thread, then don't post in it. your not helping noone. rather then bashing them or trying to feel better about yourself because you have no life and need to correct people, why not try helping them or not even bother saying anything.
3. people who feel they decide what's a good trade and what's not. lol, i believe it's the person trading the game that makes that decision. if it's your game, ask what you want for it...ask for 3x what it's worth, whatever you want it's your game....will you get a trade, maybe not but it's your decision....if you want a game and someone wants more then what it's worth or something you don't with it....find someone else that has it and stop crying about it. Just because you don't wanna make the trade or think it's fair, doesn't mean the other 500,000 people on the site think the same way. I bet you there is 1 person that would.
4. again people that don't know how to mind their own business...if you have nothing that benefits another trader as a comment. then leave their post alone. do you see those same people in your posts knocking your trades? probably not so why do it to them. And if your gonna bash someone. Please do your homework before you make the comment and make sure it's 100% right, because you just look stupid when someone puts you back in your place. Why let it go that far?
5. people who troll the forums who obviously have no life, don't you have something better to do then ruin a thread? do you really think your 2 cents is helping anyone? again, look up to #3 & #4...if you have no business in the thread, then leave it alone. what makes you better?

People I have come to realize are just simply tools on this site! Too busy blasting people and ruining their threads rather then just simply trying to help people.

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