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[22:52] <RiverCityRansom2> i cant trade republican games to a democrat
[22:52] <RiverCityRansom2> ill be fined
[22:52] <Guiltl3ss> Not a democrat.
[22:52] <RiverCityRansom2> true story?

[22:16] <thehiddenhiden> im no scammer DS and you know it...If im a scammer then make a trade with me
[22:16] <Sneeks> ok
[22:16] <Sneeks> that didnt make any sense
[22:17] <thcptn> lmao
[22:17] <thcptn> wut
[22:17] <thcptn> if i'm a rapist, go on a date alone with me
[22:17] * RiverCityRansom2 has left #general
[22:17] <thcptn> i'll prove i'm not

[21:19] <TrueBlue> sneeks u dick
[21:19] <Sneeks> what?
[21:19] <marky2fly> he called you a pee pee head
[21:19] <TrueBlue> telling people i want their games
[21:20] <Sneeks> LOL
[21:20] <marky2fly> hahahahahaha
[21:20] <clevergod> hahah that's me :)
[21:20] <Sneeks> had to

[22:56] <SEGAMew> MS pretended to be SEGA's friend all those years
[22:56] <Sneeks> pearl harbor bro
[22:56] <Sneeks> pearl harbor
[22:56] <TrueBlue> lol
[22:57] <SEGAMew> for real, they pretended

<TrueBlue> join a basketball team in prison
<Sneeks> its not like i dont wanna work
<Sneeks> rofl trueblue
<BluePhoenix> lol
<Sneeks> thats how you get stabbed
<Sneeks> stay away from the sports
<TrueBlue> lol
<TrueBlue> just play chess then
<Sneeks> then you end up like oz
<BluePhoenix> jail seems like a really crapty overnight camp
<Sneeks> lol

[02:26] <Sneeks> ok ima make my shoutout
[02:26] <Sneeks> to everyone that i know
[02:27] <Sneeks> HI BOB
[02:27] <Sneeks> HI WIPPY J
[02:27] <Sneeks> HI OSG
[02:27] <Sneeks> HI PIEMJI
[02:27] <Sneeks> HI SAM
[02:27] <Sneeks> HI TRUEBLUE
[02:27] <Sneeks> HI VAPOR
[02:27] «PiemJi» Sneeks: heya
[02:27] <TrueBlue> Sneeks: howdy
[02:27] <Sneeks> HI GEORGE BUSH
[02:27] <Sneeks> HI NEKO
[02:27] <Sneeks> HI MORIYA
[02:27] <Sneeks> thank you all and i think youve all been great
[02:27] <Sneeks> i cant believe ive made it this far but thanks for all the support
[02:28] <Sneeks> and i couldnt have done it without you
[02:28] * Sneeks watches kanye step in
Wippy_J has joined #general
[02:28] <Sneeks> "yo nigga i think that beyonce had the bst motha fudgein streets around! SHE THE BEST YALL"
[02:29] * Sneeks walks away slowly ashamed

[13:35] <Knight> you have to understand
[13:35] <Knight> you really dotn have any rights
[13:35] <Sneeks> LOL
[13:35] <defmonkey> and the bill of rights
[13:35] <Knight> they fudgeign do it

[16:08] <Sneeks> sublime i saw this crap on TLC
[16:08] <Sneeks> 33,000 calories a day
[16:08] <SublimeFan> famous stars and straps
[16:08] <Sneeks> ppl be eatin
[16:08] <Sneeks> it was disgusting they dont move and crap
[16:08] <Sneeks> first of all where does that money come from
[16:08] <Sneeks> and 2nd of all
[16:09] <Sneeks> when do you get that fat that you just decide to start pissing and pooping yourself
[16:09] <Sneeks> LOL
[16:09] <SublimeFan> lol

[03:06] <Sneeks> na
[03:06] <Sneeks> you guys suck
[03:06] <Sneeks> i be like
[03:06] <Sneeks> holla at yo boy
[03:06] <Sneeks> and your all just like
[03:06] <Sneeks> whatever this nig goin away sooner or later
[03:06] <Sneeks> i be like what gangster related old school games
[03:06] <Sneeks> then ppl be spoutin there craps about this and that
[03:06] <Sneeks> while im still sippin on my long islands
[03:06] <Sneeks> and margiritas
[03:07] <Sneeks> they just like man how u still rich dog
[03:07] <Sneeks> its like son i just know the game
[03:07] <Sneeks> the game of life
[03:07] <Sneeks> read a policy and find a loophole and rape it
[03:07] <Sneeks> then let them update the policy and think they special and crap

[12:18] <Sneeks> do you ever get scared when your parents come home
[12:18] <Sneeks> and just like freakout
[12:18] <TrueBlue> no
[12:18] <Sneeks> only when your beating off right?
[12:18] <TrueBlue> no
[12:18] <TrueBlue> i dont do that
[12:18] <TrueBlue> never
[12:19] <RLeav20717> lol

[22:05] <jrpaz16> YAAAAAAY!!!
[22:05] <Sneeks> id so fudge a dog filled in a basket of rose peddles
[22:06] <jrpaz16> woooooooooo
[22:06] <jrpaz16> your weird
[22:06] <jrpaz16> and scary

[17:07] <Spunion> I heard if you take acid and add retalin at the same time it could make your head explode
[17:07] <SneekyFlow> rofl hakuna matata
[17:07] <SneekyFlow> thatd be nuts spunion fudge that
[17:07] <SneekyFlow> adderall trips me out man i hate it
[17:07] <SneekyFlow> makes me all normal and crap
[17:07] <Sam> you're a dog ass pussy unless you inject h directly into your brain
[17:07] <BoB> chemical highs are not cool
[17:08] <Sam> 8 inch syringe through the ear
[17:08] <SneekyFlow> HOLY CRAP LOL

on 10-Sep-2008 at 8:55pm masterchief06

How did you like that middle finger from paypal? Its about time your unchecked immaturity and complete ignorance is stopped. Filth like yourself are and always will be ignored on all levels. You are a disgusting, vial individual, and you deserve nothing more than what is coming to you- given your track record, I'd say it is a lot of time with Bubba at the state pen. Enjoy your ignored complaint, I hope it accomplished something on your end. My lesson: don't take money from posers who's sole purpose in life is to be a leach and delinquent to society. You will never be respected, you will never be revered, you will simply be forgotten when you wither away in your meaningless life that is attempting to destroy others. Quite simply, you are a joke that no one is laughing at.


^ I like it when people hate me so much, they take the time to come up with the most childish insults ever. Thank you masterchild06 for caring about your $8 paypal so much that I GAVE YOU FOR NOTHING. All over a little bit of subtime I wanted in the future afterwards. I'm pretty sure you've never had a friend in your life if you don't know how to repay favors. Especially some small crap over $8 and then talk crap to someone who gave you money?

You can keep the pathetic little $8 because you are as well a little pathetic child with stupid insults. You were better at starring at BoB's mantits for long periods of time to photoshop pictures out of them. Don't worry, it's okay for children to be curious.

13:06] <avgs> what if you were gay?
[13:06] <avgs> it would be a HAPPY DAY
[13:06] <SneekyFlow> why would i get lots of gay sex here?
[13:07] <MightySlacker>
[13:07] <avgs> you would
[13:07] <avgs> didnt you know?
[13:08] <avgs> gtz=gay trading zone
[13:08] <SneekyFlow> LOL
[13:08] <avgs> we trade in quantities of anus

[01:13] <Spunion> yeah I am not gay frown the gayest thing I ever did was watch porn in boxers when a mom rented her son porn for his 13st birthday party....we were having a "who could go the longest without getting a boner" competition

[21:11] <wooz101> how do i talk in purple?
[21:11] <OooooTFC> LOL
[21:11] <SneekyFlow> you gotta hit # 3 times
[21:11] <SneekyFlow> then type purple
[21:11] <SneekyFlow> then type
[21:11] <mannyd7> wow
[21:11] <SneekyFlow> watch how fun this is
[21:11] <wooz101> ###purple yo

[21:22] <Spunion> sailor if I'm ever at your house and we aren't going at it like rabbits, we can play courthouse with your figures
[21:22] <SneekyFlow> lol
[21:22] <Spunion> opps I said doing going >_<
[21:22] * Spunion should get back to his game
[21:22] * sailorneorune is now wanting to trade for a restraining order

[01:40] <RV03> RLeav20717 i dont sell to ohioans
[01:40] <RV03> raspberry
[01:40] <RLeav20717> surprise
[01:40] <RLeav20717> shipping would be fast raspberry
[01:41] <RV03> yea i know
[01:41] <RLeav20717> and instead of a btr, i could drive to your house and have sex with your dad
[01:41] <RLeav20717> mom*
[01:41] <RLeav20717> wry smile
[01:41] <EvilManDeadMan> whoa
[01:41] <RV03> lmao

[00:30] <Wippy_J> omg
[00:30] <Wippy_J> this fudgein cat
[00:31] <DreamSymphony> cats = kick
[00:31] <SneekyFlow> calm your pussy down wippy

[22:12] <heatdolphins45> alex accept my offer
[22:12] <alexander8> wat offer
[22:13] <heatdolphins45> you know wat offer
[22:13] <heatdolphins45> the one we talked about yesterday
[22:13] <alexander8> i have gotten no offer
[22:13] <rozebomb> then suggest the trade
[22:13] <SneekyFlow> yeah alex your balls for his vagina
[22:13] <SneekyFlow> easy
[22:13] <Candle_Jack> lawl vagina

[07:13] <BoB> get naked jerk
[07:13] <BoB> now
[07:13] <SneekyFlow> your calling me the jerk?
[07:13] <BoB> well
[07:13] <BoB> sigh

[18:39] <BoB><cs> there are no rules anymore
[18:39] lazarro has left #general ( idle for 20mins 13secs )
[18:39] <guncrazy90><cs> cs is where all the sailors meet :P
[18:39] <guncrazy90><cs> arrr
[18:39] <BoB><cs> basically we are on our own

[23:22] <TrueBlue> Would all pothead please leave the chat
sneeks has left #general ( idle for 13secs )
[23:22] DeeJayMorris has left #general ( idle for 11secs )

[14:12] <Vapor> I'm declining because I don't want it.
[14:12] <Vapor> You don't need an explination.
[14:12] <BoB> truth
[14:12] <sneeks> lol
[14:12] <Champ54> lol
[14:13] <Vapor> If they write a nice little paragraph, I may write a sentence and stuff.
[14:13] <BoB> imagine this
[14:13] <BoB> you go in a store and ask how much gum is they tell you and you say "well i would buy that but i value my dollar more than your gum thanks anyway kind sir"
[14:13] <BoB> fudge that
[14:13] <Vapor> lol!
[14:14] <sneeks> LOL

<HybridCRoW> but why would somebody that's the richest GameTZer even bother with GameTZ or video games in the first place? He'd be buying chicks, drugs, and cars.

[01:33] <crazypinoy> wippy you kinda remind me of casper

<TrueBlue> your so hard to make a deal with
<sneeks> why do you say that
<TrueBlue> because you're black

<sneeks> 1988 was when john holmes died
[20:20] <sneekpeaks> 44 years old, 238 porns
[20:20] <RainMoN> gnar
[20:20] <BoB> thats impressive
RainMoN has left #general ( idle for 4secs )
[20:20] <sneeks> yeah it even says he was in gay porn wry smile
[20:20] <Bruce_34> yea but, I can't imagine what he had
[20:20] <BoB> yep
[20:20] <Bruce_34> or how many he killed with that thing
[20:21] <BoB> seen em
[20:21] Columns08 has left #general ( idle for 6mins 33secs )
[20:21] <sneeks> yeah probably a llot
[20:21] <Bruce_34> whoa gay porn?
[20:21] <BoB> hes in horrible shape in those
[20:21] <Bruce_34> fudging ouch.
[20:21] <sneeks> bob you watched his gay porns?
[20:21] <BoB> like a diseased person
[20:21] <BoB> yeah

[05:13] <Zogg_Almighty> but why is it my fault?
Spunion has joined #general
[05:14] <sneeks> its not
[05:14] <sneeks> im just complaining at myself
[05:14] <Zogg_Almighty> oh, your a fudging ice cream man too?
[05:14] <sneeks> too? lol im not a jerk but you are?
[05:14] <Zogg_Almighty> ....
[05:14] <Zogg_Almighty> NO!
[05:14] <Zogg_Almighty> ....
[05:14] <Zogg_Almighty> maybe

[11:00] <mrcmoore> I will give you 20.50 insted of 21
[11:00] <brian9824> $21
[11:00] <sneeks> LOL
[11:00] <Rhue> dude 50cents
[11:00] <sneeks> rofl
[11:00] <sneeks> omfg poorr
[11:00] <Rhue> go beg and you will get 1$
[11:00] <brian9824> go ahead smile
[11:00] <mrcmoore> That is my paypal balance
[11:00] <BoB> i have to wonder if this isnt an attention getting device

[04:05] <sneeks> seriously? that spoiled raging?
[04:05] <sneeks> i bet on his 16th bday he gets a car
[04:05] <Wippy_J> lol
[04:05] <Wippy_J> he has a phone and no job!
[04:05] <TrueBlue> he'll be on super sweet 16
[04:05] <Vapor> I WANTED THE BLUE ONE!!!!!
[04:05] <Bruce_34> haha
[04:05] <Vapor> FUDGE YOU MOM
[04:05] <Spunion> i got a car for my 16th
[04:05] <Vapor> FUDGE YOU DAD

<TrueBlue> raging, is your teacher hot?
[03:33] <RagingShadow> hey pinoy
[03:33] <crazypinoy> hey
[03:34] <RagingShadow> TrueBlue
[03:34] <RagingShadow> You're an idiot
[03:34] <crazypinoy> im gonna give up my torch
[03:34] <TrueBlue> que
[03:34] <RagingShadow> A freaking moron
[03:34] <sneeks> lol
[03:34] <Wippy_J> nothing good i see
[03:34] <RagingShadow> I'm HOMEschooled
[03:34] <Wippy_J> LMAO

[05:52] <sneeks> bob evans
[05:52] <Candle_Jack> never heard of it
[05:52] <sneeks> youve never heard of bob evans?