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I Trade: PlayStation 2/PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable Games, Nintendo GameCube & Nintendo Wii Games, Microsoft Xbox/Microsoft Xbox 360 Games, Game Boy Color/Game Boy Advance/Nintendo DS/Nintendo 3DS Games, DVD/Blu-Ray (movies+animes), PC / WindowsPC Games (CD or DVD-ROM), Any game/pc related promos, WANT:, Same as I listed in "I Trade", Prefer games & movies be complete.

Interests: RPGs, adv, racing & action games | Anime | Movies | Game related promos
Likes: Console and PC gaming, chat/talk w/friends & people, shop, movies, read, music.
Dislikes: Lowballers, emos, jerks, ignorant & picky traders (these types, pls move on)

Quote: If you haven't found it yet, keep looking. Don't settle. As with all matters of the heart, you'll know when you find it. - Steve Jobs, Apple Co-founder (R.I.P. 1955-2011)

INTERNATIONAL TRADERS: (2008) I apologize I can no longer ship outside of the United States as the U.S. Postal Service made some drastic changes in 2008 by GREATLY increasing shipping costs for outside of US, eliminated Global Priority Mail $5 flat rate which included tracking # to anywhere in the world. I will not take any risks shipping packages $5+ outside of the US without any tracking #s as there is a possibly of being scammed by those claiming they never received my package (happened twice) and I have no proof. Express Mail with tracking # is the only option but minimum cost is $38 shipping alone! Ugh... >frown dead face

Subscriber patrollers: In case you're wondering why a top trader is not a subscriber is simple, I have cut back a lot on trading to spend more time with my family and friends. I used to do 30+ trades a month, now its usually around 5 which isn't worth resubscribing at this time. Don't worry I won't appear on that monthly top trader list as a non subscriber. I was not always the top trader which had belong to Belladonna for the longest time till he retired and left the site. He was the first to Quintuple Gold Star and been well respected by many GTZers for years. Eventually other highly ranked traders such as Longknife, TheDoctor, FibroFreak78, sgtshaggy, Tad or others will take the top spot and I would be happy so I can trade in peace. smile

Hi and welcome to my GameTZ page. smile Yes I'm a female, a long time GameTZ member and gamer girl that is. cool smile I'm mostly interested in Role Playing and Adventure games, but if you have any other games, guides, game related promos/swags, Blurays, DVDs, etc., feel free to make an offer. If you are selling, please state how much you're wanting for it. PLEASE DON'T OFFER SPORT GAMES such as football, basketball, baseball games as I'm NOT interested. Also, I prefer complete games but some I will take incomplete. Some Greatest Hits and Platinum Hits I will accept (noted on my wanted list) mainly for bonus/extras/packs that was not on original release disc.


- Less than Gold Star send first except for trades valued more than $50. Or if you have past BTRs and too many bad ratings, I ask you to send first. Sometimes I will send around the same time to Silver Star if the trade is small/low value.

- If we traded with each other before, we send around the same time. But if it involves a high value trade, I may ask you to send first as I have been scammed before by a couple of star ranked traders (one being a Gold Star) who decided to rip me off the 2nd time.

- If you have a current or recent Bad Trader Report (BTR), you send first NO exceptions. If you recently resolved your BTR, you still send first since those who recently resolved BTRs do not get their stars back in a 6 month period of clean/good trading.

- I will not send payment first if the monetary value is more than $25 and you have less than Silver Star. Given the amount of trades I have earned here, its only fair and to protect myself from scam artists. But I am willing to send around the same time depending on your star rank, feedbacks/reputation and NO past BTRs.

- Please use tracking (Delivery Confirmation or tracking # provided by the shipping carrier) for trade value $5-$10 and above to save both of us a headache should the package get lost in transit. I am NOT responsible if your package gets lost or damaged. You will have to deal with the shipping carrier about your package.

- I do have image and only accept GIFTED payments as Paypal now charges 3% (of the payment amt) fees (since June 2009) from even Paypal balance to both Personal and Business/Premiere accounts if payment type is marked as goods/purchase. I only have PERSONAL account level so NO credit card payments.

Each trade negotiations is on a case by case basis and I try to be flexible as much as I can. Kudos to the good and honest traders. smile If you have problems, then we cannot trade. I started here new with ZERO trades and worked my way up just like everyone else. Sorry you're not the only one the whole wide world of item/s that you have what I'm looking for.

Either very rude, poor attitude or extremely picky, so picky a microscopic dent or 1 centimeter hairline scratch they go crazy kind of thing. PM me if you want detailed reason. This is from MY experience, others may have better experience you're welcome to deal with them. But this is just a heads up for any potential drama/headache/annoyance that might occur.

- AlphaEmma
- gog
- MewTwo
- iohannus
- Adam4321
- RageAM2262 (The pickiest person I ever dealt with.)
- carn311
- gameboy1009
- SuperMetalerox
- whocares3

Boxes & manuals WANTED:

Game Boy / Game Boy Color Game Boy/Color

- Deja Vu I & II (box)
- Power Quest (box)
- Sword of Hope (box)
- Sword of Hope II (box)
- Tetris Attack (box)
- Yoshi's Cookie (box)
- Mole Mania (box & manual)
- Penguin Wars (box)
- Revenge of The Gator (box)
- Wario Blast (box)
- Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 (box)

Game Boy Advance Game Boy Advance
- Super Mario Advance 1 (Non Player's Choice, box and manual)
- Super Mario Advance 3: Yoshi's Island (Non Player's Choice, box and manual)

Nintendo DS
- Orcs & Elves - cover art + manual
- Tetris Party Deluxe - cover art + manual

PlayStation 2
- Ephemeral Fantasia - cover art + manual
- Godzilla: Save the Earth - cover art
- R.A.D.: Robot Alchemic Drive - cover art + manual

PC / Windows PC
I'm looking for a lot, e-mail me what you have. Ones below I'm really looking for are:
- Freedom Fighters box & manual
- King's Quest Collection I-VII box & manual
- Lost Eden manual
- Nancy Drew: Stay Tuned for Danger box
- Pharoah box & manual
- Rome: Total War box & manual
- Quest For Glory Collection box
- Rage of Mages box
- Rage of Mages II box
- Return to Krondor box
- Titanic: Adventures Out of Time box
- Treasure Quest manual

Boxes & manuals AVAILABLE:
Pics of manuals -

image Dreamcast
- Test Drive 6 - manual

Nintendo DS
- Kingdom Hearts Re:coded - manual
- Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations - manual
- Tetris DS - manual + cover art
- Super Monkey Ball: Touch & Roll - cover art

Nintendo 3DS
- Final Fantasy: Theatrhythm - manual
- Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask - manual + cover art
- Virtue's Last Reward - manual + cover art

PlayStation Portable Playstation Portable (Ask if need case)
- Ape Escape: On The Loose - cover art (Free w/purchase or just $0.49 cents for postage stamp)
- Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep - manual
- Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together - manual

PlayStation 2 Playstation 2 (Ask if need case)
- Dynasty Warriors: Orochi 2 - manual + cover art
- Capcom vs. SNK 2: Mark of the Millenium - manual + cover art
- Crazy Taxi - manual
- Jak 3 - manual
- Metal Slug Anthology - manual + cover art
- Okami - manual
- Prince of Persia: Sands of Time - manual + cover art
- Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne - Limited Edition - manual only
- Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne - Limited Edition - 2 Disc case, cover art + manual
- Sly Cooper 2: Band of Theives - double sided poster + world map
- Tomb Raider: Anniversary - manual
- We love Katamari - manual

PlayStation 3 Playstation 3 (Ask if need case)
- Asura's Wrath - manual
- Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland - manual
- Blazblue: Continuum Shift - manual + cover art
- Bleach: Soul Resurreccion - manual
- Bulletstorm - manual
- Cross Edge - manual
- Dead Rising 2 - manual
- Devil May Cry 4 - manual
- Dragon Age Origins - manual
- God of War: Origins - manual + cover art
- Fallout 3 - Map poster and Pipboy poster (2 separate posters, both from GS exclusive Game of the Year Ed)
- Hunted: Demon Forge - manual
- Just Cause 2 - manual
- Lair - manual
- Legendary - manual
- LittleBigPlanet - manual + cover art
- Mafia II - double sided poster + map (same map for any platform versions)
- Max Payne 3 - manual
- Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance - manual
- Mirror's Edge - manual
- Mugen Souls - manual
- Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 - manual + cover art
- Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 - cover art (free w/purchase or $0.49 cents for postage)
- Persona 4 Arena - manual
- Resident Evil 5 - Gold Edition - manual
- Risen 2: Dark Waters - manual
- Sonic Ultimate Genesis Collection - cover art (free w/purchase or $0.49 cents for postage)
- Street Fighter X Tekken - Special Edition - manual/artbook/comic in one
- Tales of Graces F - manual + cover art
- Tekken 6 - manual + cover art
- Tekken 6 - slip cover (halofoil)
- The Darkness II - Limited Edition - manual + cover art poster
- The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - manual
- The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - Game of the Year Edition map (same map for any platform versions)
- The Lord of The Rings: War in the North - manual
- Time and Eternity - manual
- Trinity: Souls of Zill O'll - manual
- Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom - manual
- Uncharted 2: Among Thieves - manual + cover art
- Valkyria Chronicles - manual

Microsoft Xbox XBox / Microsoft Xbox 360 360 (Ask if need case)
- Afro Samurai - slip cover
- Borderlands 2 - manual
- Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 - manual
- Crackdown - manual + map + LIVE Gold Trial card
- Gears of War - manual + cover art
- Gears of War 3 - manual + cover art + sticker sheet
- Fallout 3 - Map poster and Pipboy poster (2 separate posters, both from GS exclusive Game of the Year Ed)
- Halo 3 - double sided poster and quick controller reference
- Mafia II - double sided poster + map (same map for any platform versions)
- Mass Effect - manual
- Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe - manual + cover art
- Ninja Gaiden II - manual
- Ninja Gaiden II - slip cover
- Record of Agarest War - manual
- Risen - manual + cover art
- Star Ocean: The Last Hope - manual + cover art
- The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - Game of the Year Edition map (same map for any platform versions)
- The Godfather - double sided weapons info + map (same map for any platform versions)
- Tony Hawk Project 8 - manual + cover art

Nintendo Wii Nintendo Wii (Ask if need case)
- Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop - manual + cover art
- Monster Jam - manual + cover art
- New Super Mario Bros. Wii - manual
- Offroad Extreme! - Special Edition - manual + cover art
- Pandora's Tower - manual + cover art
- Power Rangers Samurai - manual + cover art
- Rayman Origins - manual + cover art
- Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles - manual
- W '13 - manual (trifold insert type) + cover art (free w/purchase or $0.49 cents for postage)

Gold Star TY Beanie Babies - All have tag protectors and comes from a non smoking, pet free home. Photos can be provided. Gold Star

NON Bears $3 each before shipping.

- Stretch the Ostrich
- Prance the Cat (Grey w/tiger like strips & white paws)
- Stinger the Scorpion
- Beak the Kiwi
- Rainbow the Chameleon
- Scoop the Pelican
- Claude the Crab (Tye-dye dark colored)
- Chip the Cat (Light brown & black w/white chest & paws)
- Strut the Rooster
- Iggy the Iguana
- Batty the Bat
- Pounce the Cat (Brown w/tan paws)
- Ants the Anteater

BEARS Some are have mint tags and some have a slight crease (e-mail me for details). Values varies, ask for price.

- Groovy (very soft, multi neon colors all over)
- U.S.A. (Fuzzy, red, white & blue mixed all over, USA patch on chest)
- Valentino (white w/red heart on chest)
- Sammy (laying down, rainbow ty-dye color all over)

I am going to get rid of my ENTIRE TY Beanie Babies collection which I have around 100 bears and some different animals. Please PM me for pics/list. Or lmk which ones your'e looking for. All are new with original TY tags, all tags been protected in tag protectors!

E   N   D



If you read this far, you must be bored silly. Go play some games. Why are you sitting here reading boring stuffs? raspberry Rest below is just notes for my personal use/reference.

Subtime rate:
2-month rate: $2.50 a month/ $1.00 a week
6-month rate: $2.00 a month/ $0.50 a week
1-year rate: $1.67 a month/ $0.42 a week
3-year rate: $1.53 a month/$0.38 a week

Example on a 1 year subscrition rate (most commonly used by traders):
By monthly :
$19.99 / 12 months = $1.67 per month

By weekly:
$1.67/4 weeks = $0.42 per week

I don't rate anything "mint" as I consider "mint" = "unopened". A few super light scuffs is still a game in "excellent" condition. A million light scratches would be rated "very good", you know the drill. I got tired of "picky" traders who explodes over a SINGLE super light hairline scratch or a single fingerprint. Everyone has a "different" difinition of "mint" (if you absolutely like brand new [go buy it new from store to make it easier] to a few fingerprint smudges is ok). I prefer to trade with people who won't explode over such details. I examine items I trade and rate them accordingly. See my listing for ratings on conditions for all the items listed.

My reminder. People I WILL NOT to trade with:
- AlphaEmma: Complains a lot on boxes and such. Too picky. Not worth my time.
- gog: Values his games WAAYY too much like they're gold, above normal market value. Whats funny he sends me lowball offers for my games. Probably does that to others. Once he owns it, he puts a high price on it.
- MewTwo: Gets all antsy when I said I'm only shipping within the US because the LinkSys Wireless Access Point is heavy plus the cost of registered mail (since USPS doesn't allow us to use Delivery Confirmation while Canadian Post can use DC (very unfair) is very expensive. Anything value more than $5 I usually use DC within the US and to Canada, usually $10-$15 value only option of tracking is registered mail which is $7.40 *PLUS* shipping = EXPENSIVE. Then he goes on why do I have a * gglobe*? Thats because I only trade *LIGHT* items that aern't valued more than $10 (most are CD only PC games or music CDs) which shipping is not that expensive vs. a *HEAVY* and values more than $15 like the LinkSys Wireless Access Point.
- John Payne (iohannus): Makes rude replies.
- Adam Headly (Adam4321): Asks me to send first when he had back in Sept 04 only 1 or 2 completed trades (and I have almost a 1000) and complained to Bill which I deleted the cancel trade report just to shut Adam up.
- RageAM2262: Pickiest trader ever out of over 1,000 people I've traded with. Waste of money to ship to him then have to ship back his item. Complains about ONE teeny tiny, microscopic, super light scratch that doesn't even affect the DVD as it plays PERFECTLY fine from my experience. Anyone who looks at the DVD I sent him would rate it as "excellent". People like these should NOT trade for any used items and just go to a store buy new and unopened.
- carn311: Makes very rude replies when I was trying to be polite. All this over a SF4 guide that is worth only $7 used on and he values it like its a $50 guide. He needs to get real. Noob traders. >.>
- gameboy1009: Seems like a good trader until you give him anything less then "excellent" feedback (I am being honest and will not lie in my feedbacks) he gets buttsore and will tell you he will not trade with you ever again. His listed his game in "excellent" condition, when I received the game, disc has scratches all over.
-SuperMetalerox: Long story short, he refused to send back my guide after I sent him his game back to reverse the trade since he was not satisfied with the condition, him "claiming" guide has a "large rip", when I sent the guide it was in EXCELLENT condition when it left my hands and I have photo proof. He never informed me of the damage (which I would be happy to correct) upon receipt (USPS misdirected my package and it went all the way to east coast before delivering to him when he only lives 2 hrs drive from me in central California should only take 1 day) instead he completes the trade and docked my ratings %. He ignores me to provide photo evidence, decides to keep it complaining over $3 to send back seems too much for him!! Be careful even if you packaged well, if it arrives damaged, he doesn't tell you and just completes the trade giving you lower ratings. Not my fault USPS sent all the way cross country to east coast when he only lives 2 hrs drive from me.
-Yvonne Ali (whocares3): Really poor attitude and not very understanding being 1 business day late (ONE day!) as I was working overtime which was unexpected but my boss asked me due to busy Christmas holiday season and unable to make it to the post office which closes here at 5pm and I did not get off work till 6:30pm.

People I may no longer trade with.
-Evangelion (Josh Beeson) - Inconsiderate I have a busy life outside of sitting in front of PC all day. Apparently was upset I did not reply to him fast enough.

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