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I love collecting things that bring back childhood memories. If I contact you on a trade, and you wait too long to get back to me, don't be suprized if I have already gotten it elsewhere. I am very easy to deal with, and I probably will not decline your offers without at least telling you why, even if your offer is clearly lopsided, I will usually try to counter. I realize this is just too hard for some of the people on this site, but it would make me feel better if everybody did the same for me.

I'm trying to collect every Nintendo brand controller that was issued in the US. Although, I enjoy some 3rd party controllers (very few) and have a few imports.

I'm also trying to collect every US Mario, Zelda and Donkey Kong games. And maybe some Mario, Zelda and DK accessories or NikNaks, and definitely amiibo.

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Home Consoles and controllers that I have,

Atari Atari 2600 jr
- Console w/ a few controllers

Famicom Famicom
- Complete Famicom system

Nintendo Entertainment System Entertainment System
- Complete Action Set (MINT) w/ 2 controllers, Gray Zapper and Mario/ Duck Hunt
- Complete Sport Set w/ NES Satellite, 4 controllers and World Cup/ Super Spike VBall
- Nintendo Entertainment System Model 2 w/ Model 2 "Dogbone" controllers
* Orange Zapper
* Complete NES Advantage
* Complete NES Max
* Complete Four Score
* Power Pad
* Power Glove
* R.O.B.

Sega Sega Master System
- Complete w/ 2 controllers, Phaser and Hang On/ Safari Hunt
* Complete Sega Control Stick

Sega Sega Genesis
- Complete Core System w/ controller
- Model 2 w/ controller
* Complete 6 button controller
* Mouse

Super Famicom Super Famicom
- Console w/ 2 controllers (all MINT)

Super Nintendo
- Complete Control Set w/ controller
- Complete Donkey Kong Set w/ controller and Donkey Kong Country
- Super Nintendo Entertainment System Model 2 w/ Model 2 engraved controller
- Super Game Boy
* Mouse w/ Pad
* Super Scope

Philips CD-i (Compact Disc Interactive)
- Complete
* Hotel Mario
* Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon
* Link: The faces of Evil

Atari Atari Jaguar
Console w/ 2 controllers

PlayStation PSone
- Complete w/ controller
* Original Gray controller
* Gray Dualshock controller
* Clear Green Dualshock controller
* Complete Glove controller

Sega Saturn Sega Saturn
- Complete w/ controller
* Model 2 controller
* Complete 3d controller

Nintendo 64
- Complete w/ Gray controller
- Complete Atomic Purple Controller Set w/ Gray and Atomic Purple controllers
- Boxed Japanese PIKACHU Set w/ Orange/ Yellow Pikachu controller and Pocket Monster Stadium (Japan)
- Boxed Japanese PIKACHU console w/ Blue/ Yellow Pokemon controller
- Complete Jungle console w/ Jungle controller
- Fire console w/ Fire controller
- Grape console w/ Grape controller
- Ice console w/ Ice controller
- Smoke console w/ Smoke controller
- Watermelon console w/ Watermelon controller
- PIKACHU console w/ Blue/ Yellow Pokemon controller
- Gold console w/ Gold controller
* Boxed Gray controller
* Boxed Black controller
* Boxed Red controller
* Boxed Green controller
* Boxed Blue controller
* Boxed Yellow controller
* Boxed Atomic Purple controller
* Boxed Extreme Green controller
* Gold controller
* Boxed Japanese Mario Kart Black/ Gray controller and Game bundle
* Boxed Japanese Light Blue/ Yellow Pikachu controller
* Boxed Japanese Gray controller
* Boxed Japanese Black controller
* Boxed Japanese Red controller
* Boxed Japanese Green controller
* Boxed Japanese Blue controller
* Boxed Japanese Yellow controller
* Banana DK64 controller slip cover
* Dark Green DK64 controller slip cover
* Complete N64 Glove controller
* Blue/ Clear Hori Mini controller
* Red/ Clear Hori Mini controller
* Nintendo Power DK64 Banana controller
* Nintendo Power 100 Gold controller
* Nintendo Power Millennium 2000 Silver/ Glossy Black (w/ Black buttons) controller

Sega Dreamcast Sega Dreamcast
- Boxed Console w/ controller
- Sega Sports console w/ matching controller
* Complete White controller
* Complete Clear Green controller
* Complete Clear Blue controller
* Complete Clear Charcoal controller
* Clear Red controller
* Clear Yellow controller
* Mouse

PlayStation 2
- Complete White Sing Star Edition Bundle
* Sony brand DVD remote w/ receiver
* Clear Smoke Dualshock 2 controller
* Clear Blue Dualshock 2 controller
* Ceramic White Dualshock 2 controller
* Orange Namco Guncon
* Sealed Dragon Slime controller
* Sealed Scorpion controller
* Sealed Sub-Zero controller
* Sealed Baraka controller
* Sealed 15th Anniversary Chun Li controller
* Sealed 15th Anniversary Ken controller
* Sealed 15th Anniversary Ryu controller
* Complete Shadow the Hedgehog controller in Red display globe
* Complete RE4 Chainsaw controller
* Complete Onimusha 3 Soul Katana controller
* Complete Beatmania bundle w/ IIDX Turntable and game (plus another loose IIDX controller)
* Complete Taiko Drum Master bundle w/ Taiko Drum and game (plus another bundle missing the game)
* Complete Guitar Hero 3 Legends of Rock Special Edition Bundle w/ 2 White with Red pick guard SG guitars and game.
* Red SG Guitar w/ Black pick guard

Microsoft Xbox XBOX
- Complete w/ S controller and NCAA Football 2005 / Top Spin
* Microsoft brand DVD remote w/ receiver
* Duke controller
* Clear Crystal S controller
* Clear Blue S controller
* Clear Green S controller
* Clear Green Halo Edition controller
* Boxed Scorpion controller
* Boxed Sub-Zero controller
* Sealed 15th Anniversary Guile controller
* Sealed 15th Anniversary Akuma controller
* Sealed 15th Anniversary Bison controller
* DDR Pad

Nintendo GameCube GameCube
- Complete Indigo console w/ Indigo controller
- Complete Jet console w/ Jet controller
- Complete Platinum Mario Kart Double Dash Bonus Set w/ 2 Platinum controllers and Mario Kart Double Dash
- Complete Japanese Spice console w/ Spice controller
- United Kingdom Silver/Black Resident Evil 4 Edition console w/ matching RE4 controller
- GameCube Game Boy Player w/ Complete boot disc
* Indigo/Clear controller
* 2 Platinum Wavebirds
* 2 Gray Wavebirds
* Complete Mega Man X controller in Blue display globe
* Complete Japanese White controller
* Complete Japanese Black Smash Bros controller
* Complete Japanese White Smash Bros controller
* Japanese Emerald Green controller
* Japanese Clear controller
* Japanese Indigo Hori Digital Pad
* Japanese Jet Hori Digital Pad
* Japanese ASCII Keyboard
* Complete Japanese Club Nintendo Mario Red/Blue controller
* Complete Japanese Club Nintendo Luigi Green/Blue controller
* Complete Japanese Club Nintendo Wario Yellow/Purple controller
* Complete Japanese Club Nintendo Mario Hat White/Blue controller
* Complete Donkey Konga bundle w/ Bongos and Donkey Konga
* Complete Donkey Konga 2 bundle w/ Bongos and Donkey Konga 2
* Complete Donkey Kong Jungle Beat bundle w/ Bongos and Sealed DK Jungle Beat
* Complete DK Bongo controller
* Complete DDR Mario Mix bundle w/ Mario Dance Pad and Mario DDR (plus another Mario DDR Pad)
* Complete Resident Evil 4 Chainsaw controller

Microsoft Xbox 360 XBOX 360
- Complete Pro w/ Headset and Kung Fu Panda/ Lego Indiana Jones
- Boxed RE5 Edition Red console
- HD DVD Player
* Microsoft brand DVD long remote
* Black wireless controller
* Red wireless controller
* Blue wireless controller
* Pink wireless controller
* Halo Green controller
* Walmart Exclusive Dragon Black/ White controller
* Gamestop Exclusive Red/ Black controller
* Rock Band 2 bundle w/ wireless Guitar, wireless Drum Set, Mic and Rock Band 2

PlayStation 3
- Complete 250 Gig w/ Black wireless Dualshock 3 controller
* Blue Dualshock 3 controller
* Red Dualshock 3 controller
* Silver Dualshock 3 controller
* White Dualshock 3 controller
* 2 Tales of Symphonia Chronicles Collectors Editions (one is Sealed)

Nintendo Wii
- Complete White console w/ Wiimote, Nunchuk and Wii Sports
* Black Wiimote Motion Plus w/ matching Nunchuck
* Blue Wiimote w/ matching Nunchuck and White Motion Plus
* Pink Wiimote w/ matching Nunchuck and White Motion Plus
* Classic Controller
* Black Classic Controller Pro
* Gold Classic Controller Pro (from Goldeneye Bundle)
* Sealed Mario Edition Wiimote
* Sealed Luigi Edition Wiimote
* Sealed Princess Peach Edition Wiimote
* 2 Hori Mario Battle Pads (one Sealed)
* Sealed Hori Luigi Battle Pad
* Sealed Link's Crossbow Training w/ Wii Zapper
* Sealed Resident Evil Shot Blaster
* Sealed Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles w/ Magnum Bundle
* Sealed Collectors Edition Rabbids Dual Charger: Rayman Raving Rabbids
* Complete Mario Kart bundle w/ Wheel and game
* 3 Complete Nintendo brand Wheels (2 are Sealed)
* 2 Mario themed Wheels, from Mario Kart WiiU Bundle
* Sealed Mario Edition Hori Wheel
* Sealed Luigi Edition Hori Wheel
* Complete Wii Sports Resort w/ MotionPlus and WiiMote jacket
* Complete Wii Fit w/ Balance Board
* Sealed 25th Anniversary Mario AllStars
* 2 Unopened Kirby Dream Collection Special Editions
* incomplete Metroid Prime Trilogy Collectors Edition (missing disc)
* 3 Sealed Zelda Skyward Sword w/ Controller Bundles
* Sealed North American Club Nintendo Gold Nunchuck
* Complete Japanese Club Nintendo Gold Mario Kart Wheel, in the shipping box from Nintendo
* Complete Japanese Club Nintendo Gold Nunchuck
* Complete Japanese Club Nintendo Gold Classic Pro controller
* Complete Japanese Club Nintendo Super Famicom Classic controller
* Complete Japanese Club Nintendo Wii Remote Universal TV Remote

WiiNintendo Wii U
- 32GB Deluxe Set
* 2 Sealed Zelda Wind Waker w/ Ganondorf Figure Bundles

PlayStation 4
- 500gb Glacier White Destiny Bundle
* Black DualShock 4 controller
* Blue DualShock 4 controller

Microsoft Xbox One XBOX One
- 500gb White Sunset Overdrive bundle
* Black controller

Systems that I have, that are kind of in-between Home Consoles and Handhelds;

- Complete Virtual Boy
* All 14 US released games
( Mario Clash and Wario Land are complete, and I also have a complete Japanese copy of Mario Tennis.)

- Complete Chinese iQue system

Handhelds that I have,

Nintendo Entertainment System

Game and Watch
- Donkey Kong 3 Micro VS system
- Sealed Mario Bros (Nintendo Mini Classics)
- Sealed Mario's Cement Factory (Nintendo Mini Classics)
- Sealed Donkey Kong Jr (Nintendo Mini Classics)
- Complete Ball (Japanese Club Nintendo Reproduction)

Game Boy
- Complete Gray
- Red
- Black

Game Boy Pocket
- Complete Donkey Kong Land 2 Bundle w/ DK Land 2

Game Boy Color
- Complete Clear Purple
- Gold Pokemon Edition
- Purple
- Green
- Teal

Game Boy Advance
- Complete Spice (Japan)
- Complete Milky Blue (China)
- Complete Indigo
- Arctic
- Pink
- Blue Toys R Us exclusive
- Red Target exclusive
- Gold Pokemon Edition

Game Boy Advance SP
- Complete Classic NES Edition
- Complete United Kingdom Mario Edition Bundle w/ Mario vs DK game

Game Boy Micro
- Complete Black w/ Silver faceplate

Nintendo DS
- Complete Mario Kart Edition Bundle w/ game and unused stickers
* Japanese Club Nintendo Mario game cartridge binder
* Japanese Club Nintendo Mario Hat DS game holder

Nintendo DS lite
- Complete Mario Edition Bundle w/ new Super Mario Bros game
- Complete triforce Zelda Edition
* Sealed Special Edition Mario Kart stylus
* Sealed Special Edition Donkey Kong stylus
* Sealed Japanese Special Edition Kirby stylus w/ Kirby keychain
* 2 Complete Special Edition Zelda Phantom Hourglass preorder promo Feather stylus'
* Guitar Hero On Tour controller w/ pick stylus and unused decals

Nintendo DSi
- Complete Blue

Nintendo DSi XL
- Sealed Mario 25th Anniversary Edition

Nintendo 3DS
- 2 Complete triforce Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary Edition Bundles (1 Sealed)

Nintendo 3DS XL
- Sealed Silver Mario & Luigi Dream Team Bundle
- 2 Complete triforce Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Bundles (1 Sealed)

Game Gear
- Blue model

- System only

PlayStation Portable
- Complete Black 1000
- Complete Silver 3000 Ratchet and Clank Entertainment Pack w/ Ratchet & Clank, National Treasure 2, 1GB stick and Echochrome voucher
- Sealed w/ Lights Out game