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Quote: "I wish life had multiple save points like games do. It'd be easier to go back and fix major screw-ups. I'd just have to make sure I 'save' every 5 minutes"

Important Message
If you want to reach me immediately, use the OFFER system. I like to utilize the use of OFFER system as I regularly access this site. I don't like to check my email since I have to dig through the enmassed spam emails to find important emails so just use the OFFER system to contact me, this includes sending me your shipping address when we trade. I like to have a record of all the shipping addresses of people I trade with on gametz.com rather than digging through my Inboxx-p

07/15/07 - Currently raising money for college, if you see something you want on my list, entertain me with reasonable offer
04/15/07 -Due to personal circumstances, I only check messages gametz.com once or twice a week, if you send me an offer or message, please be patient, I'll response as soon as I can smile
03/09/07 - I'm currently not buying anything at the moment so all offers asking me to buy something will more than likely be declined.
08/02/05 - Just found out gtz is "free">smile
06/28/04 - from Double Gold Star to Triple Gold Star^-^
01/02/04 - from Gold Star to Double Gold Star Happy New Year for me and everyone.
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I would like to trade game with anyone who is interested. Currently, I prefer TRADING, SELLING NOT buying (I'm broke). If you want to buy something from me, send me your Best Offer and we'll go from there. If there are money involves, I can accept Paypal or money order. Basically, I'm very flexible.


A. Rules of sending
It comes to the time when you and another trader agree on a trade, you might wonder who is supposed to send first. Sending your item first to someone you don't know might seem like a risk and you might feel discourage to commit to a trade. I used to feel the same way when I first started trading online and sending first to a bunch of people I don't know but hey, we got to started somewheresmile My advice to you, if you are a new trader, is to trade mainly with Gold Star trader or above. I have nothing against non-Gold Star trader, in fact, some of them are excellent traders from my personal experience, but if you are new, better play it safe rather than sorry by sending first to an established trader. But enough ranting on my part, here are some of my basic guidelines on which side should send first, which I'm sure those in their right minds would find reasonable.

1. You have more feedback, no problem, I'll send my side first.
2. You have less feedback, I hope you don't mind sending first.
3. We have a relative same amount of feedback, we're sending at the same time, aren't we?
4. You have BTR, you are sending first, UNLESS I find your BTR to be unjust/bogus.
5. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT entertain me with your "outstanding" record from other sites such as tradegamesnow.com or ebay. We are trading on gametz, it's reasonable enough to ask that ONLY Gametz feedback applies=/]

ALL offers in which you have less feedback than me but demand me to send first OR "both sending at the same time" will be automatically DECLINE without any explaination.

B. Condition of item(s)
The following is how I list the condition of my items, this category can be very subjective from trader to trader; Excellent and Very Good or Good and Fair can sometimes overlapped so I try to describe the condition to the best of my knowledge and I hope you do the same. If there is something that you think I should know about the condition of the game, ie. game doesn't read in certain parts, or missing sound in certain parts, let me know. It's nice to get a mint item but I'm flexible and take any game as long as it works without disc reading problem or anything like that.

"EXCELLENT"(aka, MINT) = scratch-free disc, item are in great condition, item are practically NEW without the paper wrap
"VERY GOOD" = minor scratches, hardly visible scratches, no MAJOR scratches(if you bought a used or rental game from Holywood or Blockbuster, it's best to list it as Very Good or below)
"GOOD" = many visible scratches, noticeable scratches
"FAIR" = greatly noticeable scratches, disc had been doctored, etc.

The condition of the item is listed primarily base on the DISC itself, I repeat, the CD itself, not the case or the cover. If you are desperate for a new case for the CD, you and I can easily replace it. If you care about the box and manual, let me know and I'll try to describe it to best of my knowledge. But again, cover box and CD / DVD condition are almost correlated with one another.
Also note that I personally own BOTH greatest-hit/player's choice/platinum hit and non-greatest hit/player's choice/platinum hit games, if you care about such, please do ask me BEFORE a trade and I will glady tell you.

C. Shipping
My DEFAULT shipping method is First class air mail + Delivery Confirmation. I generally do not use Media Mail unless it's a bulky item like a strategy guide book or when the package weight exceed the weight limit allowed for First Class . Be sure to use Delivery Confirmation (~75 cent) when you ship out your item{s}. It helps to track the package in case it gets lost; not very likely to happen but I like it better safe than sorry. I'll do the same. I will hold YOU responsible if you do not use Delivery Confirmation and I do not receive the package you claim you've sent.
Tips for new traders: Delivery Confirmation is really cheap if you use USPS Shipping assistant. It's a great program to print shipping label and Delivery Confirmation only costs 15 cent if you use the program to print out shipping label. An extremely convenience program that you can download at usps.com smile

When we agree on a shipping method, that means both of us will send that same method. If any case you demand me to send Priority and in return, you send the item using Media Mail, First Class or anything that is lower than Priority, that is definitely NOT cool. If you know you can't afford Priority, please don't ask me to send Priority in the first place.

If you are a non-US trader and, please mark the item as GIFT and mark the value of the item as $10 when you send it to me. I have to pay duty fee if you mark the item as MERCHANDISE and I certainly don't want to do that.

The one day in the week that is most convenience for me to go to the Post Office is Friday or Saturday which ever is more convenience for me, and possibly, these will be the only days that I'm free at all, ie. we made a deal on Sunday or Monday or I received your game on these days, your games will be ship out on Friday-Saturday. I will only be able to to to the PO once a week, I hope you are patient when waiting for my side.

In case you are suppose to send first, I will ship out my side as soon as I can to the best of my ability. I don't mind a reminder from you to go to the Post Office now and then. What I DO MIND and DON'T LIKE is you constantly bothering me every 24 hours asking if I have send the game yet or not. I regard this as a lack of courtesy and a lack of patient. You have been warned!

D. Rating
When you and I finish a deal, I expect both of us to leave the rating. It's a matter a courtesy. I will always leave a rating when we finish a deal. I find it hard to believe that some people would be lazy enough to go through the deal without leaving me a rating. Rating takes about few minutes of your life, I don't expect a lot^-^

E. Contact:
Contact me anytime if you have any question or concern, preferably through Gametz Offer system. Sometimes I can't response to all the emails, please don't send me a second email, chances are that I'm very busy or it's a polite refusal. Also, don't take it personal if I decline your offer, it's just trading. I decline your offer = I don't like the offer you sending me, I rather not trade that specific game for that specific game (plain, direct, simple), please don't bother asking me to give philosophical explanation or deep reason why I decline. If you are working up over why people decline your offer, you need to get a life outside of GTZ, really!

I recently see a trend in people offering games that are NOT on my wanted list. My wanted list is HUGE, if you ever get the chance look at it, because beside listing the games that I really wanted, I also list those that I have a slight interest in trying base from review and from what I heard from my friends. If something is not on my wanted list, that mean I don't want it, I'm not interested in getting in. A very simple concept that I need to clarify on

If you want to reach me immediately, use the OFFER system. Offer system is your best bet if you want to contact me in case of urgency. I like to utilize the use of OFFER system as I regular access this site. I don't like to check my email since I have to dig through the enmassed spam emails to find important emails so just use the OFFER system to contact me, this includes sending me your shipping address when we trade. I like to have a record of all the shipping addresses of people I trade with on gametz.com rather than dig through my Inbox dead face

When you contact me via email, there is a slight chance that my filter will send your email to the junk mail box which I NEVER check. So in case you send me an email and haven't heard a reply from me, use the OFFER system to contact or leave me a message

When you do contact me via email, at least LEAVE YOUR GTZ USERNAME on the SUBJECT of the email so I know who you are, ie. <gametz> <your username insert here> I receive a bunch of emails from many different people, it makes my life a lot easier if I at least know who you are. But again, like I said, just send me an offer or utilize the new MESSAGE system on GTZ to contact me^-^


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Do not sign up for any sites that require you to pay some kind of membership fees, they mostly likely are scam.


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Armada Online PC - a game made by the same developer who made Armada for Dreamcast. Armada DC was a unique game, combining RPG,sci-fi, and outer space setting. However, one major con was the repetitiveness and the tedious process of leveling up your ships. Armada Online retains most of the concept from Armada DC but the tedious grinding is still there which, to some people, seems acceptable given that Armada Online is a MMORPG. Some aspects of AO that can be improve on, ie. less grinding, greater ease in finding the materials for upgrading ship, more maps and areas to explore,a comprehensive tutorial for newcomers, more NPCs, greater amount and greater variety of quests and missions for different races/ships, greater variety in enemies. If you enjoy the original Armada on Dreamcast or you just want a MMORPG with somewhat unique galactic space setting, gives Armada Online a try

Assassin's Creed PS3 - gorgeous graphic, decent story, somewhat unique gameplay but lack of variety in term of gameplay. You went through various missions trying to assassinate people but the progression in one mission is so repetitive and the same for ALL missions(collect info, kill target, escape, rinse and repeat) that by the time you are on the last few missions, you start to think this is a repetitive and boring game. The sub-missions are also quite repetitive and generic because most of the NPC involved have the same generic quote and answer when you talk to them. In other words, this game seems amazing at first but gets repetitive quite fast. 7/10

Breath of Fire Dragon Quarter PS2 - cell-shaded and unappealing graphic but compensate by an intrigue story and unique battle system which incorporates unique strategy element. Also has a high replay value due to New Game+. 8/10

Dynasty Warriors 4 PS2 - the high point game in the whole DW series, or perhaps that's just my excuse to stop buying anymore DW game after this, with some new addition to the character rosters and gameplay. Other than that, KOEI still failed to bring any MAJOR improvement to this series, the horrendous English voice acting is still there, the graphic is sub-par, all the been-there-done-that feeling repeats in an infinite cycle. 7/10

Eternal Darkness GC - intrigue and twisted plot/story for a game that keep you guessing until the very end, but the gameplay and graphic are more so average. 7.5/10

Final Fantasy X PS2 - the first FF to be released for the PS2, a breaking ground in term of graphic, music and presentation. While it might be turned off for gamers who expect the main character to be cool and composing (Cloud, Squall) or mature (Terra/Tina, Cecil, Tifa), the cast of characters and their interaction/dialogue along the quest are still full of emotion and interesting enough. There are mix of light-hearted moments that put a smile on your face and serious moment that sadden you. The fast paced turn-based battle system and the ability to switch characters during battle allowed you to incorporate strategy when fighting difficult foe, which is great because this allowed all the characters to participate during the fighting when some other RPG games limited you to a certain fixed members during battle. The level up system of many RPG is replaced by the sphere-grid system in this game in which you assigned ability point you gained from killing enemies to improve stat and gained magic/abilities. The sphere-grid allowed for some customization of your character near end-game without making it too open-ended in the beginning, preventing chance of new player to messed up character customization during the early part of the game when most players still inexperienced about the game. 8.5/10

Final Fantasy XII PS2 - bring back many memories from Final Fantasy Tactics in term of character design, music, and weapon/armor names. Gorgeous graphic and beautiful music. Real-time battle like many MMORPG plus many optional side-quests/bosses but the story could have been better. There was so much potential for an interesting story when I played the game for the first 10 hours, but things just went down hill from there, no interesting plot-twist and the cast of NPC characters was lacking in term of quantity and quality 7.5/10

Final Fantasy Tactics PSX - possibly the best strategy game of all time, a truly epic story of wars, political struggle with a mix of religion, love, and friendship. It's surprising to see a well-written story for a video game. The gameplay is addicted with job customization for each character along with the beautiful music. A major fault of FFT is that it sets the standard bar for SRPG so high in term of gameplay and story that almost all SRPG produced after it seem lacking and disappointing 9.5/10

Legaia 2: Dual Saga PS2 - decent gameplay but the story is simple and quite predictable(too much RPG cliche). Battle system perhaps is the high point and a saving grace for the game 7/10

Metal Gear Solid 4 PS2 - gorgeous graphic, a continuation of the MGS saga with story that ties up some loose ends in the previous MGS games. The game seems much more expansive than the last MGS games because the story actually takes place many different global locations while in the previous games, you are restricted to one particular location. The control seems some what clunky for me, especially when you are trying to perform hand to hand combat. The slowness of Snake can be explained by certain events in MGS storyline that I won't spoiled it here. The boss fights are somewhat less dramatic compare to previous MGS games, perhaps because the game provides little background on the bosses and make them generic and forgettable. In all, MGS4, like its prequels, offers a mature storyline and solid gameplay experience without doing anything overly dramatic that shock the MGS lover. 8/10

Onimusha Blade Warriors PS2 - This feels like an expansion add-on rather than a seperate game, which it truly is. The game features characters from Onimusha universe and incorporates multiplayer /party gameplay (think Powerstone, Super Smash Bros Melee, Kungfu Chaos). The atmosphere and characters feels more mature and serious but nevertheless offers a fun and intense multiplayer experience when having your friends over. Break it down like this, if you have your girlfriend/gal friend/young children over your house, put in SSBM or Powerstone, if it was your buddy/guy friend/young adult, let them played Onimusha Blade Warriors wink 7.5/10 (6.0 if you only play single mode)

Resident Evil 0 GC - unique partner system allowing you switching between 2 characters to combat zombies and solve puzzle, quite innovative compare to other RE games. RE0 also has some of the best graphic to date. 8.5/10

Resident Evil 4 GC - fast-paced action gameplay rather than a survival horror experience like many RE games in the past, and the story doesn't expand on anything from previous RE games, forget Umbrella Co, it's a brand new organization this time, and perhaps, this game should have been made a total seperate game from RE universe. However, the gameplay is addicted and most would agree, better than previous RE games, a saving grace for the game, indeed 8.5/10

Resident Evil 5 PS3 Gold Edition - gorgeous graphics, fast paced action much similar to RE4 gameplay. The series is leaning toward action-oriented gameplay rather than the original survival horror experience seen in the first few RE games. The game has great replay value because of New Game+ and Mercenary / Mercenary Reunion Mode for those who are thirsty for even more fast paced action. The Mercenary Mode is definitely a fun multiplayer experience to play with your friends. 8.5/10 (add my PSN ID: oyruu , i'm always down for some quick session of mercenary match^-^ )

Shenmue 2 DC - beautiful and immersive experience. Extremely interactive gameplay. It's a game where most people either hate or love it. People who expect Shenmue to be an action/button smash game will hate it because Shenmue really isn't an action game. The game shines in its presentation and the distinctive interaction you have with people as you travel through the Shenmue universe to avenge your father. The game is full of emotion, from its stylish graphic, beautiful music, and interesting cast of characters. 8.5/10

Shining Tears PS2 - Gorgeous 2-D graphic and intro movie, however, the character 2D sprite was average and lacking in detail, the overall graphical presentation of the game is geared toward lighthearted and cute side. The story lacks depth and the whole game confined you to one city and one big map, which kill any opportunity for exploration and adventure. Real time battle is fast paced and fun, often letting you and your partner (CPU controlled or 2P controller) fighting against hordes of enemies, but this can be repetitive after a while. The whole game is rather easy to finish as the AI enemies, though numerous in number, do not work well together. However, the game has good replay value due to New Game+ and Advance Mode which features enemies much much stronger, which require you to have a more tactical approach rather than button smashing. Overall, a fun, somewhat unique game, in term of gameplay, but lack polishment in term of story and depth. 7/10

Star Ocean 3 PS2 - while it's might not be a bad game, it's a disappointing game for those who have played Star Ocean 2 and expecting SO3 to break new ground. The intro movie bombards you with promise of galactic warfare, political, spaceship, and travel from planet to planet but 80% of the game confine you in one planet, in which you have to figure how to get out of this planet. Did I mention that for this planet has it own story, war, politic, in which you, who accidentally crash your spaceship into, will be heavily involved. And then the remaining 20% of the game, you go on to fight the real bad guy, which has nothing to do with the first 80% of the game. The game failed in the fact that it make the first part of the game feel like a LONG side-quest and a waste of time and focus too little on the later part. The saving grace of the game? The gameplay and fast-paced battle system. 7/10 (6/10 if you love SO2)

Urban Reign PS2 - Visually decent, fast paced action gameplay, a notable set of different characters with variety fighting styles to choose from, and awesome multiplayer experience similar to Super Smash Bros Melee. A couple features of this game that made it stands out from other games in this genre (Def Jam,Super Smash,Power Stone, Onimusha Blade Warriors) is the double team special move and "2 birds in one stone" move. Depend on the position of you, your partner, and the opponents, certain special moves can be done where both you and your partner will inflict major damage against one opponent (would be much more impressive if it can strike multiple opponents). In some instances, one character can also perform special attack that strike two opponents at the same time given the right position and circumstances. These special moves are visually and painfully impressive while at the same time really easy and simple to perform because they depend mostly on the position and not on button input. The simple yet intuitive control scheme allows for dynamic and fast paced action fighting. The single player story mode is quite challenging especially during the last few stages where you have to fight against some extremely strong Bosses. 8/10

Winning Eleven series PS2 - While visual/audio presentation is not as good as Fifa or Virtua Striker series, the gameplay is the best soccer simulation to date, from team formation to player setting, everything can be customize. Look no where else if you want to experience soccer how it is in real life. The latest edition of the series is Winning Eleven: Pro Soccer Evolution. Compare to the previous installments, 2008 edition includes update roster, much more realistic ball physics (balls hit posts more often than in the past and bound like a real soccer ball) and better player movement - 8.5/10

Panzer Dragoon Orta Xbox - beautiful graphic and gorgeous music, accompany by powerful and emotional story/script, not to mention the fast-paced rail shooter gameplay. Truly one of the few unique gaming experience of the lifetime. Short length but accommodate by high replay value and tons of unlockable features. 8.5/10

Valkyrie Profile PSX - The game features Norse mythology setting and characters, which is quite unique along with its excellent 2-D graphic, beautiful music, and fast-paced battle. 8/10

Valkyrie Profile 2 Silmeria PS2 - A prequel instead of a sequel to the first Valkyrie Profile. The gameplay,while essentially similar to VP1, further expand by allowing you to move your party on an open field during the battle or divide your party into 2 groups for more strategic gameplay. When enemy came within range, cut-copy paste VP1 battle system, a 4 battle characters correspond to 4 buttons on the controller, and the timing and combination allowed for some interesting variety when fighting. The story while features some interesting plot twists was average at best. Character development is perhaps non-existent and lacking whatsoever. Instead of watching and participate directly in the background story of your einhanjer (recruitable characters) like in VP1, VP2 completely abandoned this feature and gave you a short profile of that character in their Status screen. This make all the recruitable characters even more generic than they already are. The music are still composed by Motoi Sakuraba like in VP1 which is emotional and excellent. Finishing the game brings some story/plot clarification to previous VP1. Overall, the game while might still be a good RPG did not bring anything new to those who have played the previous Valkyrie Profile 7.5/10

Fujisaki Shiori Piano Collection - while this piano collection might not be as popular and well-knowed as Tokimeki Memorial Piano Collection, I honestly prefer this over TM PC because of nice touch in the melody which was very memorable and beautiful.
+Favorite track: Track 4 - Teach Me, Mr.Sky

Final Fantasy VI Piano Collection - with an already wonderful composition by Nobuo Uematsu, Reiko Nomura brings even more life into FF VI music with this beautiful piano arrangement. The selection of song is well-diverse in different style, from New Age, Jazz, to Easy Listening. Note In case you wonder who is Tina, she is actually Terra in FFIII US version.
+Favorite track: Track 1 - Tina

Final Fantasy IV Piano Collection - more comment to come on this PC, I haven't had the time to listen to the whole CD. Initially, I'm impressed with Track 1 - Prelude which I'm sure most of you are very familiar if you have the chance to listen to the music during the introduction screen in almost every Final Fantasy, ie. FF 4-7
+Favorite track: Track 1 - Prelude

Final Fantasy VI Original Soundtrack - more comment to come on this, ahem, the OST comes with 3 CD that I have to listen to, I'm not complain and actually enjoy every piece of it=)
+Favorite track: Disc 2 - Track 1 - Tina

Final Fantasy X Piano Collection - FFX music features a different taste relative to previous FF music. On the overall scale, it might not be a complete deviation from Nobuo previous style but it certainly brought a new feeling to the listener. Whether this new taste is a postive or a negative approach is left to be decide by the listener alone. Others might view FFX music as a step down compare to previous FF music, ie FF6, FF7 but I truly enjoy the so-called "new" tastewink
+Favorite track: Track 1 - To Zanarkand, Track 13 - The People of the Far North

Sword of Mana OST - wow, I just listen to some midi sample from this soundtrack, it is absolutely gorgeous music.
+Favorite track: Rainy Tears

Chrono Cross OST - Yasunori Mitsuda never failed to amaze me with his compositional skill in every game music project. Chrono Cross OST certainly lived up to his reputation. Not only the soundtrack offers the listener memorable tunes and easy listening music, it also has some of the best upbeat and fastbeat music around. Yasunori incorporated the use of guitar and string instrument to a great extent in most of the songs in the CC OST and he had done so fluently. While Chrono Trigger OST had its appeal in the memorable and lightful tunes, Chrono Cross OST gained its appeal in the beautiful harmony part in most of the songs.
+Favorite track: Reminiscence (aka Lena on the beach)