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Quick blurb. A lot of people on here like to compare prices to other sites as a form of whether you're getting a good deal. I get it, you want the best price and I want to sell an item for as much as I can fairly get. So, I thought I'd offer up my sources where I like to get pricing information. - This is a popular one now with a lot of TZ traders, because it looks at multiple sources and often graphs out the results in a nice neat easy to follow fashion. I'm always willing to look at a price from here as a comparison point.

Amazon - Amazon often has the lowest prices for used items and new ones, and because of its popularity, it's worth a look. Also worth noting that often the lowest used price is for a disc-only game, and so if my condition is "excellent", I'm going to take that into account.

eBay - Please make sure if you're using eBay, you factor in shipping and you only use completed auctions. Anyone can tell you a price with 10 hours left, but we know the fun really happens in the last 10 MINUTES, so I only use completed auction prices.

Online Pass Games - If you've used the Online Pass, just deduct the full value of what it would cost me to re-acquire it from your asking price. So, if Need For Speed Hot Pursuit is going for $35 used, but you've used that online pass, assume I will only be willing to pay $20 for it because it's gonna cost me another $15 to go online with it. Sad but true story of online gaming right now.

I'm often willing to go a buck or two below these prices to help seal a deal, it's all about being fair for everyone, and I know people here want a deal. So, just keep these in mind, I think they'll help you be a good buyer and seller here for me or for anyone else.



Interesting, I updated my comments at almost the same time last year. Anyways, a recent trade with someone who I felt was being too persistent has led me to make a statement about how I feel on trades on this site in general.

Simply put, I'd like to think I'm a little mote laid back and not concerned about whether you send your game or your PayPal at the exact apportioned time you initially hope to. If I make a trade with you on this site, I am inherently putting trust in you that you will come through, and if there is a "give and take" in how long, given it's reasonable, I'm cool with that. In return, I expect the same. If you're worried you're not going to get your game or you think I'm not treating you right, say so, don't hedge, I may not like it, but it's the best approach. If you're worried about getting your game at an exact date and time, and your feelings will be hurt if you don't, you may not want to trade with me. Like many of you, I have a family and they always come first, and while that doesn't mean your send out will be put to the backburner, priorities are what they are, and family is always first, I trust you would do the same thing.

My track record is spot on, and I will always make sure that stays that way, so let that speak for itself, and hopefully as I sell games (which is going to be the majority of my work for awhile, I have too much and no time to play it), if you think the deal is good, hopefully we can do some trading.




Expect my response times to be slow for the next couple of weeks. My wife and I have just welcomed our first child into the world, Anthony Paul ... I'm sure he'll be a subscribed trader in about 13 years, and I do pray GameTZ will be around then.

I appreciate your patience, if we pend a trade, I will ensure that IT has top priority, as it should.



I seem to have run into a glut of people wanting concealed cash to be sent to them. While I do not necessarily mind it coming to me in small increments, I would like to NOT do this whenever possible. If you need something instant, I do not mind going to get a money order, or if you want something that doesn't need a bank trip, I can do prepaid cards. Remember, there's usually some fees on this, and it's locked into fixed amounts ($25, $50, $100), so I'm going to need to make the trade work to these amounts plus the fees.

If you need it bad enough, I'm sure we can make it so.

My life might also be getting a bit more crazy this next couple of weeks. If I am slow on response, I am sorry, I do intend to keep checking the site consistently and keep trading, it'll be a nice break from real life.



I am now triple-star!!! Thanks everyone!

I am now fully invested in high definition movies owning a HD-DVD drive and a Blu-Ray drive! I would not mind trading for or buying some movies ... HD-DVD would need to be under $10, and Blu-Ray around the $10 mark. I'm also looking to begin working in the rental thread and wouldn't mind swapping movies in a "rent" format.

Everyone else always seems to post their rules for what and how they trade, I thought I would put together a small list of those rules for myself too. The common sense rules will of course apply, but hopefully this will guide people in deciding to trade with me or not.

1) Communication Is King - I know from now trying to build BACK my offer time that communicating means everything, and it means everything in the trade process. 95% of all trades I've done have gone perfectly. Occasionally, one doesn't (sometimes my fault, sometimes not), and communicating will almost always fix it. If you need another day or two, or if you haven't sent, just tell me. I trust that you will come through but that honesty really matters.

2) Value Trading - I tend to trade items based on perceived value and try to keep trades fairly even. The items I really want to play will be hard to get me to trade, but I also have no problem trading newer items when if the value is slightly in my favor. Hey, I've got a crap ton of games, I can always go BACK and play something. :)

3) Ansy Sending - Sometimes, I will send first on small items regardless of what we agree on here. Hey, it's 5 bucks, I trust you'll be straight up and get your side out with the price not being really high. I also tend not to use delivery confirmation on cheaper items. I've got faith the Post Office is going to deliver a five dollar item and faith you will be trustful that it works the way you need it to.

4) Offers Win / Counter-Offers - I will check offers before I check forum posts. Feel free and bump a fourm topic if you have interest in something, but always send offers too. If you don't like an offer I send you but you are interested too, don't just decline it, feel free to counter. I will sometimes even send an offer with the idea in mind that you will counter, just not sure where your mind or interest level is.

5) Expired Offers Suck! - I get that a lot of people can't check the site all the time, but I use the default three days for expiration. Don't let an offer sit and just expire, especially after I do the work of sending you pictures or giving you a ton of information. Do me the common courtesy of accepting OR declining, knowing either way is far better than being stuck in limbo. My offer time response has suffered from this when I was NOT active on GameTZ, so know that I know that it sucks now too.

This is the part of the equation where most people list their favorite traders or traders that suck. Sure, there's people that fall on both lists for me, but I'll let my ratings of others do the talking, that's what it's there for. Good traders will always enjoy wonderful ratings. Those that don't? Sorry 'bout your luck.

My current preference as of today is more to sell. I am specifically pursuing things on my Want List, and as you can see, DDR / Karaoke Revolution has just become something I'd like to get my hands on. If you have any of this, do let me know. I'm also looking for 2K8 sports games on the 360 or Madden 08 ... but as these are sports games, I'm not going to go out of my way to offer, the deal has to be good since values are always plummeting.