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Interests: Sangokushi (三國志), weird things, Space
Likes: Privacy, liberty, and a sane, reasonable future for everyone. Common sense.
Dislikes: Big Brother, bs, biometrics, weapons, etc

Quote: "All we are" Kim Mitchell

Stargate Atlantis and eating hotdogs

TODO: Upload all the links and general information again. Right now is just the bare minimum of what I originally had posted. I gutted everything as it was disorganised, and it seemed a little over the top. Needs to be rewritten for clarity purposes.
 - Freedom Fighters Action Squaud (Squat) :V I'm not going to get into all the valid points for why this is bs because there's no point in being redundant.

*Imagine Alec Baldwin singing Tom Jones songs live at a convert venue for comedic purposes*

Fennel seed sucking contest

*Dunks a clock into a glass of milk*

(13:50:36)<sploosh>should I watch Johnny Mnemonic Extended Cut or Dumb and Dumber
(13:51:27)<nensondubois>Dumb and Dumber

Soushi Hosoi, Pirowo - [The Mahjong Touhaiden] Followers of Military Rule

 - Actually, this is correct. Also, marijuana should be legalised everywhere. - This is all too real, folks.

LINKS:, (although I use for all of my searches)

(23:42:09)<pepito>im watching some weird fat finnish man with a micropenis walk around his crapty apartment naked

There are a few things I hate about half of my family including their conservative guilt, anti-marijuana stance and their need to control other people and run their lives, general idiocy and bad attitude towards life I have been subject to for the past 6 years would make a good rant video eventually. - Please stop f*cking with genetics and breeding experiments. Thanks! - I am millennial and I'm not voting Democrat. Then again I am not registered to either party.

I believe in livable wages for all and a few "Democrat" ideals, still, the party sucks overall. Massive government, anf insane taxes are two of the major problems with the Democrat party. It also none of the government's business how much money I amount. I don't mind paying for a home for everyone with a reasonable federal sales tax on all non-food items in-store retail only. I am against the Death penalty and all forms of aggravated prison treatment. :( - I would refuse to pay. - Sigh... I really hope the people involved with the NSA and other spy agencies die of cancer. Also advertisers.

(18:16:32)<PONY_PONI_PONE>remember desert bus simulator
(18:17:08)<PONY_PONI_PONE>das autobahn
(18:18:37)<fusk>I love poney
(18:18:50)<n>^ Desert Bus (The Game)
(18:18:59)<nensondubois>desert bus pen and teller
(18:19:05)<PONY_PONI_PONE>cinematic driving through a tunnel
(18:19:11)<fusk>I can't play it
(18:19:23)<nensondubois>8 hours of eye popping madness for all ages!
(18:19:28)<PONY_PONI_PONE>oh me either
(18:19:35)<PONY_PONI_PONE>i don't feel like activating java for this
(18:19:40)<fusk>pie hopping

*random dubstep, 70's-80's-90's, early 2000's song plays*

Things we can't know for certain:
1. How much energy it takes for organisms to evolve and how much energy is produced by mutating genes.

TODO: Everything; sort information links, playlist dump, SGB programming, etc, etc

I left TCRF for obvious reasons.
1. The site needs new management that is non-bureaucratic and will not censor legitimate information per personal reasons such as "not terribly interesting or noteworthy", etc, etc.
2. It is also not my fault the doctor pressed on Chpexo's soft spot when he was being delivered.
3. Then again, the idea of wikis is equally beneficial and counter-intuitive to their goal's ideology.

Chpexo is a tiny horse cock. - Are you proud of yourself for engaging in counterproductive activity? For the sake of everyone you should question your existence. I hope you die in a fire and never produce offspring!

Chpexo literally removed tons of valuable unused Super Game Boy material for no reason! You now know who to blame, folks!


3. I do not have the time to set up a website offering the rest of the information certain people believe that no "one needs to know" sadly. An unused area that cannot be accessed normally is legitimate unused content. Someone was re-re-r-r-r-retarded when they removed the Animaniacs GB information about the inaccessible area from the article.
4, There are other points I'd like to explain though I'm not sure I want to elaborate. I'm enjoying watching the site turn to chaos (don't worry, I have made backups)

FACT: It is immoral to force facial recognition, gender-detection, gene-machine photobooth technology, DNA database, etc, etc onto unwilling, unwitting persons. The NSA, IRS, DEA, etc are also immoral and are unconstitutional ergo they should abruptly and immediately be terminated having the money returned directly to the taxpayers.

Ripping a newborn to pieces and throwing it in the trash is really one of the most insane things you can do... guess what. This has taken place at least one time throughout history. Imagine what early people did.
Listen to the silent screams. I wouldn't call the people who perform planned abortions people. They belong in a petting Zoo. (Well there are only two exceptions in which abortions are... acceptable, which are obvious.)

Life counter: YZILNT
ground setting: OZNPGS O=?
enemies invert NXKPVU
Pillar 1/4 graphic: VLUNXZ V=A, ?
Removes level section glitch black (???) APTLNZ

Why do people still watch TV? Subliminal messaging is rampant and almost all of the programmes are worthless. I stopped watching TV about a decade ago.

Is there a God? I doubt it. There's too much chaos everywhere, all the time.

Everything pretty much started to suck after 2003 when Nintendo and music became the least creative mediums in existence. There is literally no creativity or worth in popular music and videogames anymore, sadly. Independent music "classic" rock. and instrumentals are the way to go.

Our future is going to be one hell of a snafu at the current rate. - Though I don't like the idea of using a DMG unit as a donor. *shrugs*. Also, why aren't more people programming Game Boy games?

I have written a simple Game Boy executable that I use for testing Super Game Boy functions.