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2020 Sanders or Yang (best options) and also Shahid Buttar

Please consider donating via google pay to support this page: (Dumb name had since 12 / for years so fart. No Paypal because it sucks. No buttcoin because it is a waste of resources.) if you find this page helpful, or informative or funny. Thanks for your support! - Not enough room on this page, you should read and do your own research.

Now there is an internet sales tax. WTF?! More proof that Democrats don't actually give a f*ck about the middle-class, poor and small people-they just tax us more and more. More proof:

Science shouldn't be misused to dictate our personal lives. Period. Also, if any company takes your personal information and sells it to any party, uses it for their own gain, etc without your direct consent you should be entitled to the profits. I'm sick of my private info being bounced around companies and sold or weirdly manipulated without my knowledge or consent or coercement and without compensation. We really need laws to stop this sh*t. GET ON IT congress because it is unacceptable. - F*ck you dystopia, go jump into a dumpster fire, thank you!

Page content condensed to 11% b/c space

GROSS - - Well this progress at least. The next step is holding developers of creepy facial manipulation, etc technology including gender swaps and other filters. Snapchat, Faceapp, and other companies are responsible if all forms of this technology is used on photos made who have had their faces manipulated without consent or knowledge with reparations, and developers of these 'apps' will go to jail for violating basic privacy laws and causing personal damages with this technology. There is 'no' reason for this technology to be allowed to exist. It just causes problems. If you suspect a photo of someone was modified using these technologies you should report them to facebook or twitter, etc.

FACT: This is probably obvious but one of the main problems with our species is that we don't share common goals and we're not very coordinated in our goals, or interested in achieving mutual prosperity as a whole, at least apparently. We're competing to create technologies that will eventually destroy ourselves, which is the DUMBEST thing ever. Just a thought.

If one person or whatever dies from vaping, the gov't is quick to ban them, violating the constitution by telling consenting adults how to live their lives, but when many people overdose on opioids nothing is done. Does that make sense? Lobbyist. Unless people are afraid of or don't understand statistics.

18:44:36<nensondubois>dick, dick, dick-a-rick
45:34<SH|THEAD>i'm dick-a-rick morty - More violations of our natural rights and being forced to pay for it? They're joking, right? If people are stupid and allow corrupt politicians to do crap to them, this is it the dumb sh*t they'll get. Private companies and gov't: same sh*t; different flies - No real differences; no real choices. As long as people accept their authority, people will have the same worse issues and their lives ran by random people. Instead, gov't should be going after people / companies that develop these creepy, potentially dangerous and trashy technologies that should be destroyed. Behavioral profiling is also a form pre-crime. The feds, police and private companies do more harm than good. It has always been that way but we just notice it now more than ever before. Why do people still trust them? - DEFUND AND DEMILITARIZE THE POLICE AND THE FEDS! - Hopefully these people would get a random incurable disease. We also need international laws banning biometrics technology, etc. Why? Because this sh!t is not fair to our children. They deserve better than this toxic technology being used on them. I wonder what they would think because it seems selfish forcing things onto people who wouldn't want done to them. As a taxpayer I do not consent.

FACT:Democrat, Republican - same sh*t; different flies. Both 'sides' are real sh*tty. Green Party or no party all the way. I would register as Libertarian but they're *holes, who only care about themselves and their own prosperity.

FACT:Jesus was a socialist. He gave his blood and body to the poor

Welcome to Hell 1984, anyone? Seriously f*ck that! - What about UBI and basic needs for everyone so no one is homeless or starves? - Close to my ideas of what's nihilistically happening

If profanity, political incorrectness, or if freedom of speech offends you then go play with your extremely slender scchhllloonng or someone else's or whatever.

05:52:52<Kuddy>experience my ass in imax
10:23:46<tehloki>experience my ass in anamorphic widescreen

Mandatory caveats for parenting:
-Important values:
-NEVER belittle them with weird awkward guilt as a way of handling their issues constructively. DO NOT be dismissive and instead ALWAYS have intellectual debates with them without being biased.
*why privacy is important
*why personal freedoms and choice are important, stand up for injustices and issues that affect their lives, the dangers of AI
*why AI isn't a valid form of creativity, should be taxed, only be used for heavily regulated medical research and statistics.
*Objectiveness is important
*Solving world problems and challenges with adaptive solutions are important mindsets.
*Encourage them to be free, follow their dreams, be creative, have fun, make their own experiences and find themselves. -
-Life is not about being obedient; it is about making experiences.
-NEVER indoctrinate them with chaotic, insane, ridiculous religions, barbaric rituals, unless if they feel that's what they believe.

F8ck bottle deposits and cashiers who lick their fingers and touch my groceries and bags. Also, I'm sick of a million checkout questions and donations! I just want to pay and get the F*CK out!

<k>: i made a joke earlier metallicas having a concert in a walmart - F*ck work wellness programs. No gov't or employer has the right to run my life or database anyone's DNA for any reason! How dare they tell me what to eat, drink or live my life? I go there to work, not for them to nanny me. It should also be illegal for companies, insurance, gov't, schools to use and or coerce individuals for personal genetic information and to exclude individuals due to genetic discrimination.

I'm sick of the constant encroachment! I'm also sick of when people get emotional the gov't feels they need to make a new illegal (probably) law and f*ck up everyone's lives because someone stupid is crying on the news or TV for some sh*tty reason. Stop taking more of our rights away and OUR taxpayer money and using it against us! Please develop a random cist! Call it what you will; we live in a regressive police state.

There is a small number of things that should be frowned upon. We obviously need a handful of rules. A complete purge of gov't is a very bad idea.


May 28 01:18:55 <mira>an abandoned factory is the perfect place to end this movie

People who suck:
-The alt-right. It is your moral imperative to punch these people.
-The silent generation and baby boomers. They're 'mostly' closed-minded, old-fashioned, hot-headed, stubborn, selfish, bitter, biased, overbearing, clueless, ignorant, petty-obsessed, mal-adaptive out-of-touch with reality hyperconservatives who try to run other people's lives, relationships and insist they're always right every single time who also ruined our economy. The only good thing they did was stop Hitler and invent a few useful tools.
Things that suck:
-White tacky, ugly, gross PVC plastic, fences everyone is erecting around their homes chosen over wooden fences.
-Small yappy dogs and pets
-China for stealing our works, software and other obvious reasons. Let's not get into this. Also, PLEASE DO NOT buy fake games on Ebay from China because they could damage your consoles due to incorrect voltage. - Creepy, immoral and disgusting technology. I don't trust Verizon, much less any corporation or company, etc. ... - Every single person who created the AI software and hardware are the ones accountable for their own creations' actions. Period.

fartfairy - WTF? - I know it's not my body but this is still insane. Why would someone do this, like seriously WTF?

*Random Duke Nukem catchphrase* - 300 tons of Tritium radioactive water are dumped into the Pacific Ocean daily, and it is gravely affecting sea-life and wildlife in and around the Pacific. Thorium has a half life of like 6 years instead of hundreds. Good job, idiots. >_>

Old couch farts

22:58:58<SH|TBONE>he totally destroyed his car at the beginning of this movie by the way
59<SH|TBONE>like REALLY f*cked it up
59:21<nensondubois>it was totaled
35<tehloki>for some reason stressing the level of destruction of a car in a movie where people have their limbs shot off and whatever is very funny to me
55<SH|TBONE>only the director of this movie would shoot these action scenes
23:00:01<tehloki>the mute lady snuck up on him.. her special skill
15<tehloki>holy sh!t what a great room

Does anyone know what was the first song to use glasses cases as a musical instrument? It was probably a soft jazz song titled "Take a Turn for the worse".

Youtube videos coming back soon

h4s9tdh - WTF
pj7srym -Defeating one of the cancers of modern technology
kpukmpc -Glad I'm not religious


MIDI/Sequenced BGM:Coming soon

08:06:25<pncksbot> NOW ONLINE: resident evil 4 - streamu.*

LINKS Belittling, extreme. Possible valid points/articles. Vaccination is a good idea only if verified as safe and without alterior motives. - I agree 99% - Valid points, but mostly right-wing bs
other sites #atom - there's a lot of Funkytown going on everywhere. Only important news. -mmm delicious - other great articles at site as well

fartknuckle - This is really f*cked up. These immoral genetic "scientists" should be dragged and beaten.

22:36:35<miotatsu>personally I would be fine with humans being wiped out by AI, it is just another step of evolution in my mind
36:43<miotatsu>but I think we can live in peace
45<Delix>that's incredibly nihilistic
37:20<Delix>it's also hard to say
30<Delix>an incredibly intelligent life form might not share our values
39<miotatsu>you could argue the same about evolution in that species don't try to preserve the life of an individual but instead pass on genes to offspring
52<Delix>my ethical philosophy states that my survival is most important; it's a form of egoism, and therefore, i would never be okay with an AI wiping me out
57<miotatsu>we humans value the concept of a consciousness quite a bit
38:08<miotatsu>which is silly really
26<Delix>why would we not? it is the self direction of mankind!
42<miotatsu>we fundamentally disagree on the survival of the self
53<miotatsu>although I'd be cool with immortality too
59<Delix>that intelligent life form, the AGI, might not share our values; once it reaches a singularity, its intelligence will
exponentially increase. it might very well see us as something like ants- it might show complete disregard for us
39:38<Delix>my ethical philosophy begins with the axiom that self is most important

☠️ 💀 - Stop f*cking up and changing our ASCII! We want the original back!

02:45:27<Oranjer>remember the plot of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six
46:16<Oranjer>as*holes planned to put horny death virus in the vents at the olympics so it would spread around the world and wipe out humanity
25<SH|TBONE>what is a horny death virus
37<starlight_glimmer>promise between men
46<SH|TBONE>a horny death virus between men
05<Oranjer>a fatal STD that also makes you want to f*ck
51<SH|TBONE>just like AIDS
56<SH|TBONE>i got aids
02:54:56<SH|TBONE>i want to f*ck

The ideal economy:
Teachers are paid more as long as they do no not promote degradation of local and regional cultures / cultural homogenization, especially in traditional and melting pot areas because it is very bad for culture. More importantly and unrelated, it should be heavily frowned upon and made illegal to reprogram our children stripping them of their intellect and personality ONLY unless they have severe anger issues (no actual experience with either).
*Everyone makes a livable wage no matter what job they have including all interns, and minimum wage increases with inflation / cost of living for everyone without increasing taxes on the workers at the expense of sectors that provide no real benefit to the common good of everyone (listed below)
*Men, woman, everybody receive equal pay for same / equal jobs; no pay negotiations
*Fair competition mandates ensuring no one is allowed to screw each other over one
*Gov't provides universal basic income to all citizens at the expense of advertisers, bank cartels including Wallstreet, big oil, pharma, all unnatural, immoral forms of AI and machine learning are taxed to hell as well as trillionairess to pay for basic citizen requirements such as food, housing, etc
*Millionaires, workers, the middle class and lower should not pay taxes. Billionaires and trillionaires should have to give back to their communities.
*Monopolies are illegal. No reason for one person to own all companies / corporations or hoard ridiculous amounts of wealth.

Current most accurate N106/N163: nezplug++ VRC7: notsofatso-ufmix-dll-04302008 ( - VRC7 + 2A03 Hardware recording of Lagrange Point: found on my youtube channel)


*Random 50's, 60's,70's,80's,90's, song / soundtrack*

s0ckpuppet>whats really f*cked up about banks is that you deposit money and they are allowed by law to claim they have in their possession 3 times that amount then they invest with your money and dont share in the profits, under any other business model it would be fraud
s0ckpuppet>then ofc they charge you for keeping your money then some banks charge the people you write checks to a 5 to 10$ charge for cashing the check because you dont have an account with that bank therefore double dipping..fraud as well under any other business practice
nensondubois>I got slammed a 12 service fee last month just for holding my money. If they do it again I'm closing my acct and writing a review
s0ckpuppet>its bad enough that banks are allowed to falsify their total on hand cash but to charge folks for cashing a check and charge the account holder is completely unacceptable
s0ckpuppet>oh yah and the monthly services fee..for allowing then to make huge amounts of money off your money
s0ckpuppet>great scam imo
s0ckpuppet>one has to wonder how much gov't gets as a kickback for allowing this to happen

Is there a God? I doubt it. There's too much chaos, disorder in the world, no universal reason, structure, rules; I'm not talking about 'discipline' or other man-made social construct concepts, more like metaphysics and general chaos in the world. There's also no uniformity to anything, and too many flaws for an all-knowing, all-encompassing, all-reasoning, stable genius, all-powerful, omnipresent, and or superior entity / prime mover / creator to exist. If there is a higher power it would have to be completely indifferent, malevolent, and or powerless. Seriously, f*ck religion; why are you wasting your time with them instead of living your lives?

Religion has never contributed a positive thing (except maybe Buddhism), and why would a God have to hide behind a contradicting book instead of directly validating universally demonstrable evidence? Evidence comes before faith; directly prove your god or whatever is real or shut the f*ck up!

Why are we here? ︵ǝɹǝɥ ǝɹ,ǝʍ ǝsnɐɔǝB
Why does it happen? ︵suǝddɐɥ ʇᴉ ǝsnɐɔǝB

It is actually ridiculous that we're here if you think about it. So, we should stop hurting and killing each other because that's the smart thing to do.

At around the age of 11 I was indifferent and didn't really think or care about much about existence. I still had some vague doubts about religion. Later, at around 13 I unconditionally randomly started having more doubts. Overall I think I've always had average experiences until around 18 after graduating (not that it has to do with understanding the Universe and existing or is relevant)
At around 16 I just randomly sat there one night considering how the world is completely chaotic everywhere all the time and and came to conclusion that there is no higher power or benevolent force / entity / agent / prime mover / inside or outside of the Universe. Most of my friends at school also agreed including my old girlfriend at the time but for different reasons.

It doesn't matter. We're here so we should *try* to spend our time around the people that we love as much as possible, regardless of them forcing their religious philosophical lives onto everyone else.

I'm not conservative except for a few leanings. Too bad I rarely saw the cool, not insane relatives more often earlier on in life. All those waste years because we just never went over.

If you think about it, the idea of every single event that landed our existence is completely insane. Doesn't the fact that we're random variations of a monkey freak you out? Even crazier is the fact that we bred with them over millions of years, we're still evolving and have flawed eyesight, etc.

We originated from stardust -> minerals interacting with heat from the planet's core -> fish... (what else could we be) Doesn't the fact that life automatically movies without self-agency freak you out? Our evolution is actually horrifyingly crude, complicated and twisted.

Have you ever looked at our early hominoid species, or our common and quasi-genetic extant relatives that branched from our earliest species, and us, and thought "holy shlt! There were actually beings that looked similar to us at one point" and you lost sleep for about a week thinking about how different they were than us? Variations existed which had ridges on the middle of their skulls and connected jaws, others had crosses between man and ape appearances; some with weird diamond formations on their farheads.

Have you ever wondered how evolution took each path even per species (even though it is just random mutations over generations); or wondered how they sounded like if you encountered their existence (many did not have developed cognitive functions or brain sizes at varying stages of evolution); or what these species variants thought if they encountered modern humans; Or the crazy fights between our species and these variants for millions of years at different times and stages of their evolution periods. There were at least six known hybrid humanoid variations that existed. Maybe we should stop fighting and doing stupid sh!tty things to ourselves and each other.

Even "we" mated with "chimps" back and fourth for millions of years to create our current existence. I have created an accurate mathematical mental "image" of how these variant species sounded based on images of reconstructed photos, which in turn are based on fossils just because i randomly thought about the concept. Their reconstructions are inaccurate. I don't this information should be allowed to be researcyhed or shared with anyone and no one should think about this sh*t because it is scary. How many of them were eaten by wild animals and died from diseases? so, it wasn't just us.

Realistically, The Universe and everything in it just loops around with no meaning until it runs out of energy (and is a cycle in the form of /\/\/\/\/\ continually, eventually cascading from smallest/lowest to largest/highest infinitely. Pi is either the sum or product of the Universe (unsure which) Everything is trying to constantly branch away from it's original source and cancel out it's opposite existence proving existentialism is real because no matter what you do everything just repeats and loops around with no interaction, meaning and reacts only because of basic physics. With every action equal, greater, or opposite you are adding more information to the Universe that will be recycled, and there is nothing you can do about it).

The Universe just keeps going until it runs out of energy, probably freezes over, and all physical information reaches a maximum threshold and collapses, and is spread out where it recycles or transforms into either a new Universe, different form of energy or remains a barren frozen void forever.

Life is "big fish eats small fish (from smallest to largest)", chemicals and minerals interacting, constant transfers and expulsion of energy. The former predominantly explains why predatory capitalism [everyone is out to screw and exploit each other] exists, and is just another subset of survival-it is ingrained into existence perpetually. Currently we're in late-stage capitalism.

If we're here just to survive for as long as possible in nature, then why do our bodies give up on improving itself after puberty just to make a baby? What's the point if our genes just "give up" and rot out? Doesn't that defeat the purpose of self-preservation?

What causes us to age? Gravity, both strong, weak nuclear force. Certain crab species apparently do not age.

We're most likely just an expression of the Universe trying to figure itself out before it dies out in 13.3548 billion years. We can never compute our universe because we're bound.

Temple of The Dog produced one of the best albums in existence in addition to Roll The Bones, and 400 or so additional albums that everyone should listen to at least once. When I heard Ten for the first time I teared. I don't remember what age I was but I think it was probably 8 and it is one of the experiences that was a positive impact forever. The album is 25 years old already. Most (not all) of today's mainstream pop-music (or hip-hop) is the worst starting around 2003, about the same time when Nintendo also started to suck and fall into an abysmal generic state of creativity and soul when MTV, etc became sh!t.

nensondubois>and technology
woob>lol thewillis
TheWillis>technology growing 2 fast
woob>i think in our lifetimes sh!ts gon get weird
woob>and imagine after our lifetimes...
woob>kind of scary
nensondubois>the future is going to have a lot of problems
nensondubois>then again we'll probably destroy ourselves before 50 or so years
woob>:l - Imagine robots becoming so smart that they build more efficient versions of themselves and take us over? Also, we are the only species that has found a way to make ourselves redundant so we can have automated vacuum cleaners and massive unemployment. AI is a very dangerous and risky technology that threatens and rivals human creativity and stability. Good job. >_>

It may be required to tax all company profits that employ AI, and give the money to the people fired and who have been made redundant in the community. Includes artistic creations and general workforce created by the AI. Any country that does not agree would not be allowed to participate in the global economy. It is also a good idea to outlaw deepfakes, instrument removal from songs and other similar technologies.

FACT: It is a better idea to internationally outlaw and publicly list every company along with all individuals who are researching and developing all AI, biometrics, advanced robotics research and development so they can be held accountable for f*cking up our lives. In case something really stupid happens because that's literally common sense.

haha yeah being a plumber would be f*cking awesome actually
like if i had my own f*ckin' company
with a van and sh*t
like i'd go in to a plumbing business with a friend
cuz like when you got two motherf*ckers putting the time and money in
you can buy a van
you can buy f*ckin tools
you can buy advertising and sh*t
haha i'd have the funniest f*cking public access commercials for my plumbing business
like some dude would be taking a sh*t
and he'd jiggle the handle
and he'd be like ".....F*CK!"
then he falls over on the toilet and grabs the phone
and calls me
and he's like "HELLPP!!!"
then i bust through the f*cking wall
and f*cking beat the sh*t out of a big monster in the toilet1
with a plunger
and the dude is laying in his own sh*t on the floor
with the phone in his hand
and after i won the fight he'd be like "THANK YOU ZAMROS INC"
and he'd hug me and i'd get sh*t all over me
and i'd be like "ALL IN A DAY'S WORK"
<zamros>and then bust through the other wall

08:18:48<skullie>most f*ckers here gotta work all kinds of weird hours
53<skullie>i just work straight up MORNINGS
09:08:54<skullie>i can't see PICS AT WORK :(
09:12<skullie>i can poop though. and i did
20:14:24<nensondubois>don't start any fires lol
15:14<nensondubois>the night shift
17:49<nensondubois>as we were unloading a truck one day, we left some sh*t out accidentally and the next day we came back some guy was talking to the dumpster like it was a person, we looked at each other watching the guy from a distance like wtf is going on. Two of us (me and someone I was working with) confronted him and were like "can we help you" or sometihng and he was being weird and sh*t and he ran
07Ther are some othe rinstances I remember but they were less sporadic
20:20:27We've hd sh*t stolen outside before when we came back the next day

21:18:06<SH|TBONE>g*ddamnit nenson
29<SH|TBONE>i heard Love Shack earlier today and now i can't get your stupid nut sack joke out of my head
58<gbelo-bot>ircman! #265448: nensondubois> nut sack baaby nut shack (love shack parody)
59<SH|TBONE>it's even on ircman
19:06<nensondubois>oh right
21:20:59<SH|TBONE>oh my god

Halloween 2013 🎃‏
luke>is there much going on in frankfurt
luke>or is it all just cathedrals
kushghoul420>░░░▌░▄▄▄▐▌▀▀▀░░ THIS IS BOB ({spookygeist})
kushghoul420>▄░▐░░░▄▄░█░▀▀ ░░
kushghoul420>▀█▌░░░▄░▀█▀░▀ ░░ COPY AND PASTE HIM,
{spookygeist}>ow my f*cking ears
luke>i could skip that place
Spooky_Alice>y'all are aholes, i wanted to see bob
15:01:23<kushghoul420>this is some high qulaity ascii block art

<tbnwlls>no I'm too scared of getting booed out of the channel
14:42:34<nensondubois>you ain't no Eminem

17:40:12<nensondubois>my brother is f*cking around with his metal guitar
40:17<nensondubois>can hear it through the walls
40:36<s0ckpuppet>my guitar is made of wood
42:06<nensondubois>yeah but its small and quiet
17:42:39<s0ckpuppet>@3500watts RMS its pree loud lol

23:24:22<{|}>This straight butt sucks
fusk>that's how butts are though
fusk>The other thing doesn't remotely resemble a butt
Honk_Dog>!nc Hey/_buddy_whats_up
DeAD_NuTS>this Velocity 2X game is f*ckin crazy
{|}>It is a stupid looking butt
nensondubois>its a butt with a dick in it
{|}>(_(_) is much more elegant
fusk>it isn't
{|}>Like it's sticking out
Honk_Dog>!nc _{_{_{_
zamros>ok i put a lot of weapon holos and bot waypoints
- {|} is now known as {_{_{_{_}
{_{_{_{_}>Inviting someone to kiss it __ i_
{_{_{_{_}>Whoa siamese butts
23:26:05<fusk>poorly nested butts
23:26:18<wug>this mashup is good

21:31:07<luke>(_|_) (_\_) (_|_) (_/_) (_|_) (_\_) (_|_)

miotatsu:So I made a program to keep track of my projects: [redacted]
You add categories, tags, assign a category for the timers and then you can add tasks to a category which are each assigned an ID, have a name, description, tags, what other tasks a task depends on and what tasks depend on it, and tracks PERT stats so you give pessimistic, normal, and optimistic estimates for how long the task takes and it tells you the estimated time using the PERT formula and how much time you've actually spent on it
you can add timers, button timers run when you click the associated timer button on a task and the task keeps track of the time spent on it and you can have timers triggered by other timers which currently don't get recorded (will be more configurable in the future) it saves it all to a per-project custom format .aoi file
and I have a D script that parses a .aoi file and produces a graphviz file so you can generate the PERT graph showing the projects critical path etc
nensondubois:wow that's incredibly usefull

Mar 19
05:45:06<tbone>nothing like breaking up a dog fight at 5:30 in the morning
45:18 *tbone throws away coffee
06:04:02 *Tendies has quit (Quit: Connection closed for inactivity)
07:38:09 *SH|TBONE is scanning tbone using his GayDar....the results are in! |
tbone is 69% gay! HOLY CRAP! That's mega gay!

21:31:24<chae>Everyone keeps it pg13 around me but forgets I touch dildos all day [point of context: chae works at an XXX shop]
21:34<chae>And tell people how amazing certain ones are
32:01<tbone>if I come to your dildo market will you show me how they work
04<m[at]>"I touch dildos all day"
13<chae>I actually do touch dildos all day
14<m[at]>this is why i love this planet
19its the only one you can hear that on
24i know you do
27that's also beautfiul
32:43<nensondubois>uranus has got nothing on us
21:33:07* chae has quit (Input/output error)

Visit: #cornerpocket. Set up/mount a znc for chat.

Bases Loaded 4
Unused BL 3 songs Select Team
82BE:??:25 (1C-22)

Snake Rattle n Roll.nes
bin (BumbUmbuMbUMbum Bumbum!)

Bass Master Classic Pro Edition.bin

029FA2:00?? 13


Title screen song selection / music modifier (non-SGB. They didn't even try. Intelligent Systems my ass.)

Last Armageddon (J).nes
Monster Party Alien Select Mode
Title screen music modifier

Options screen
U 01DB8C:00??
6 hat options
EU 01DCFC:70??

Doody and farts


Virtual Pinball.bin

Megaman 3

Star Fox
Start On Venom - The Final Goal
Level Custene Select (03; 04 Training mode)
Start screen area

Sonic 2.GG
Hold A or B to Moonjump(period of time)
??3-DEC-10A (00-FF;00 shortest)

Comix Zone.bin
Jukebox 1
(Apr 4, 1995 prototype)
(Prototype - May 30, 1995).bin
1CFCC4:??0A 1C,1D
68000 crash
(Prototype - May 26, 1995).bin
Ooze, The.bin

Zombies Ate my Neighbors.sfc
8094EC?? 0A
006D3A:00?? 01

Flashback The Quest for Identity.sfc
Plasma death cutscene; music entry point in memory
Load cutscene

PS1, PS2, Saturn etc coming soon but no more room. 360, etc ISO patches can't be linked or easily setup. DO NOT ASK.

Hit Anywhere
Start On Second Quest

Quiz Nihon Mukashibanashi - Athena no Hatena クイズ日本昔話 アテナのハテナ
Always guess correct answer
Enable Unused/Unfinished 2-Player Mode
Quiz Debug

Small Soldiers.sgb
Disable Super Game Boy soundtrack (DMG audio will play/w SGB / 2)
Start In Unused Bathroom Level
Infinite Health
Always Have Crossbow
GB/SGB Song Test Selection Limit 07

Title music
0D Unused Superman Theme

Mega Man (RMW).gb
8A0-CF9-800 23 Test song 2
??0-D29-4C2 2D Test song 1

Mario's Picross
Mistakes not registered
Unused Japanese text in-game
Unused tiles in-game
(or ??9-D29-C4B alone, other tiles in-game; their range is from 6A 6B 6C 6D 6E.)
Load Unused Archeologist Mario sprites in-game
079-CF9-F72 + 7B9-D29-C4B (7A,7C also)
Unused Super Game Boy SOUND programming in-game
DMG SE table in-game
GB BGM/SGB SOUND in-game song table modifier
In-game BGM music modifier (SGB SOUND)

Picross 2
Select puzzle enter debug menu
Mistakes not registered
Display Wario Puzzle time
Display Wario puzzles

Family Composer.fds
Set demo song W/FDS Bell instrument
Song table:C06720...


Donkey Kong Country 2
B5813A66 Soundfont
7E001C?? Set BGM

Sim City (Prototype MMC5; no expansion audio; impressive planned onboard 64kb city mapping area).nes
Infinite Special gift slot 1

Wario's Woods.nes
85C5:??:03 (0x0205D5)
7E0100??-Set BGM after sound driver loads
8195E4?? 13

Wayne's World.bin

Doubutsu no Mori e+ どうぶつの森 e+ Gamecube ID 1BF Love all the people who developed original Animal Crossing. Wild world is great but lost the charm
Inventory modifier slot 1
03266D04 0000????

Mario's Early Years - Fun With Letters/Preschool Fun.sfc
Fun With Numbers

Ice Climber
Controllable Jump
Jump Through Single Layers

Mohawk & Headphone Jack
Jump free-movement
High Jump
Start with all CD tracks

Super Mario Bros
Enable BGM/SFX effects Title Screen
Unused Game Over
Flashing "random" inv
Improve Power Glove Control

Super Mario Bros.2
Multijump all
BG priority
N64 cartridge tilt pause
Music segment alt unusual

Super Mario Bros.3
Alt Level music table

1P can move any player's piece on their turn
Always current player's turn
Set piece to end game

Devil World
No crosses (Existential Mode)

Yoshi's Story
0x00BA5E2B U
00B6F9B3 J

Pokémon Ruby

WarioWare, Inc.Mega Microgame$!
WarioWare Twisted! U
Control using D-PAD
[No room to post]
Velocity control
0x1D14 (051D14)
1D14:05:?? (BGM 00-05)

Bakuten Shoot Beyblade 2002 - Gekisen! Team Battle!! Kouryuu no Shou - Daichi Hen 爆転シュート ベイブレード2002 激戦!チームバトル!!青龍の章 -タカオ編-.gba
Change instruction from 080005346 2025 mov r0,25h to 080005346 2030 mov r0,30h or change address 0x000005346 to

Galidor - Defenders of the Outer Dimension
080004E2 2419 mov r4,19h (0x04E2 to 19)

Doubutsu jima no Chobigurumi 狄尤小乖乖.gba

Disable title demo

Zombie Nation.nes
OOOOOOOOOoooooohhh-ooOOhh-oooohh ooh ohh oh-oh-oh oooh ooohhh!
Round select

Disable autoscrolling

Tweenies: Doodles' Bones.gbc
??3-00F-E6A-(0D,12)Placeholder menu

Animaniacs.bin (people love cartoons apparently)
Pw screen
03EBF0:00?? (01-69,)
84 85 95 98
Multi/Jump mid-air
Unused SGB BGM
Song limit 14 Ending
Press Start Logos
??0-88B-F72 (08 Ending, Test Cuscene)

Wario Land II.sgb
Jump in mid-air
Replace MASK_EN 00 W/Unused SGB A/B SOUND

Sonic 3/Knuckles.bin
Red Spheres have no effect
Sonic 3
Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (Nov 3, 1993 prototype).md
Title screen music modifier
Disable title screen demo
Enable in-game debugger
No Qix(es?)
Only Need 1%

Shin 4-Nin Uchi Mahjong Tengoku Yakuman (only game that uses DAC... poorly)
Just Breed
2a03 channels On/off
Metal Slader Glory
Esper Dream 2
(8 channel)
Erika to Satoru no Yume Bouken
King of Kings
(4 channel) Great for harmonies; causes aliasing)
Final Lap
Namco Classic II
Mppy Kids
BE04:??:9C 90-AF,B0-FF
Sangokushi II - Haou no Tairuku
Rolling Thunder
8E6D:??:81 (<81)

Earthbound.nes (Why didn't Nintendo originally release the game?)
9D8A:??:16 (0x29D9A)
DPCM Pop Reducer

Jurassic Park: Lost World.sgb
Press Start title cutscene viewer
Early main menu
Available October screen

Puzzle Loop J.gbc
Enable unused SGB mode
0?5-EF9-E6A (01,02)

Beavis and
Instrument test track

Super Mario Bros 3. Special (Unl).gbc (who cares. The game has downsyndrome)
Stage Select
15:45:31<FrostyTheSnowboner>super downz brothers

unused cutscene music

More: - I only added half the information {and made preliminary videos on my channel covering the less-than abstract concept of game music ripping as one of my many projects. Including several complete working examples.

*GSF and USF ripping, etc
*Finish SGB BGM tracker (79% completed 10-09-2018 - sampling import, instrument definitions, output .sgb rom; no gui in C + +)
*YMF281B article
*Upload old all original and new MML, Famitracker, Fruityloops, MTV music generator songs and compositions as videos (some were tests for learning music theory years before I had a guitar). I also made a few songs with friends and brothers several years ago. One of us has them on old CDs somewhere.
*Fix Pro Mahjong Kiwame Arcade MAME (incorrect samples play in wrong places)
*Convert Pokémon Y/C, TCG other game GB soundtrack to SGB BGM, SOUND A B per animations (I ripped mono versions' GBS)

[DPS-D4] Power Dolls Trailer] PD2bgm4.psf Reverb is inaccurate. Tons of PSF sets as well. My general method is to (easier said than done), to set the title / first screen the game loads music then set it to play each song, set CPU to infinite loop, null graphics rendering, joypad (then manually crop for compact size), then make your savestate on the first frame music plays. It is a process but it IS worth your time if you want guaranteed accure rips. I plan on writting an accurate reverb ripping guide / tutorial video using an example game. (It would take 10 hours or so to write text and privde examples. I should continue writing MAME XML scripts for more arcade game ripping. I ripped Namco Museum a very long time ago, never finished uploads, was before VGM multiformat existed.)

21:36:27<SH|THEAD>i am watching twisted pair again
29<SH|THEAD>drunk this time
35<SH|THEAD>i'mk studying it


19:50:27<N{8}>*ssholes are like baskin robins
34<N{8}>31 flavors
51:24<nensondubois> *you don't want to lick them all
PLAYLIST DUMP:(randomly listed;incomplete.TOO MANY TO LIST!; literally no room here.Also because scripting is impossible on this page, so manual shuffling is required and I do that maybe 3 times a year.)
Weather Report
Phil Western, Scott Blackwood, Brenden Tennant
Soushi Hosoi, Pirowo
Dragon Sound
ALIEN WORLD, Level One, invoker,
Velvet Revolver
The Arcs
Infectious Grooves
The Verve Pipe
Totally Sick
Aleksi Eeben,
Faith No More
Foster the People
Dean Evans
Andy Laster's Hydra
Doug Brandon
Hexen OST
The Black Keys
Bad Company
Lonesome Dan and The Curmudgeons
Justin Scharvona
The Tragically Hip
Toru Osada
Limbless Female Cadaver
Opening theme 01
Kim Mitchell
Pawel Kulikowski
Infected Mushroom
MTO ([Kawaii Hamster] DMG-B7HJ-JPN, [Ojarumaru: Mangan Jinja] DMG-BOJJ-JPN, [Tanoshii Obentou] CGB-B7BJ-JPN,Akinori Sawa - DMG-ALDJ-JPN
Status Quo
Thin Lizzy
Skin Yard,
Hirohiko Takayama
Snatcher - Sega CD / MSX2
Daisuke Tamura
Matt Furniss
Dave Rogers
Queens of the Stone Age
Jimmie's Chicken Shack
Jim Young
Marc Brown
Junko Kihara 樹原淳子 - [Linda^3 Again] - Town 4(TODO:Transcribe riffs) - Reverb settings are accurate
Stevie Ray Vaughan
Bishop Gunn
Kozue Ishikawa, Yumiko Kanki, [Star Fox 2 Alpha version] MUSIC15 (Battle Mode) (1994-05-13) #21] Battle
The Replacements
Rick Fox
Tsukasa Tawada
Will Davis, Jeehun Hwang, Allister Morten Brimble
unknown - [Dengeki PlayStation-D7] DPS-D7 DAT-SAMPLE1
Brad Fuller (First Arcade FM chip music composer)
Joni Mitchell
Strawberry Alarm Clock
Flux Pavillion
?- Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu 10 Chou Ketteiban - 2003 Memorial (2003-12-08)(-)(Konami)
Collective Soul
Lotto/Chance theme
Neil D. Voss
Akito Nakatsuka,
Mike Cihak,Matt Scott,Byte Size Sound - Mohawk and Headphone Jack
Tsugutoshi Goto 後藤次利, Kazuo Oikawa, Koichi Ishibashi, Aka Ishibashi, Akiyoshi Saito, etc
Mark Snow
J Dilla
Nobuyuki Ohnogi, etc
The Living End
Novuko, Hasebe - [Shougi no Hoshi] - Track 6 This song sounds like an ultra-poppy beachside blues theme
Local H
Rose & Dick Boy!!!
The Moody Blues
Manfred Linzner
Grateful Dead
Jackie Davis
Melissa Etheridge - She deserved the 2014 new years
Cherry Choke
Iron Butterfly
Blue Sky Rangers
Mark (Edward) Ortiz
Mad Season
The Real Estate song
Masayoshi Sasaki - Saiyuki: Journey West
?- Ojohsama Tokkyu Express
?- Kattobi Tune
Yumiko Mori - スターライトスクランブル 恋愛候補生 Renai Kouhosei Starlight Scramble
Akio Dobashi & Noriyuki Takahashi - Lagrange Point
Howard Drossin
Noriko Nishizaka
Soul Coughing
Mike Pummell, Mike Tekulve
Toshiharu Yamanishi, Takeshi Yoshida - [Thunder Force IV]
*random Americana, country, death, heavy, metal, grunge, rock, blues, punkrock, Independent, jazz, instrumentals, philharmonics, trance, surf, reggae, Industrial, disco, soundtracks, trance pop variants, videogame music,etc,*

*80's slap bass sounds*

{preamble discussion about modern game development} (obligatory; every blog needs videogames)
Hextator - 09/20/2017
the devs worked harder to make do with what they had
now it's all copying established libs and focusing on dirty marketing
tricking people into paying for things that aren't worth it, and/or aren't what they were advertised as

Super Game Boy SGB/2SGB programming infos just because: (Last official update was 2014. I stopped for several reasons. Leaving it up for reference in hopes that it may prove useful for 2016-forever game development using original hardware.) - Includes Chapter 6 (and 5.2 Transfer File Example) Super Game Boy SOUND format / sound system, which was never actually made open source as it was intended.

All we were given from was Taito's infamous Space Invaders 94, a barely finished prototype (that they later had the balls to release on the SNES)

I'm glad most of these developers went out of business for not giving a single f*ck about game development, although sometimes it wasn't their fault though to be honest, so, partial credit for those who did but couldn't due to management, deadlines, costs, etc. A lot of game development even to this day is just the same concept with totally different architecture, so isn't even comparable, but the general idea of developers cutting corners is still the same.

I find it difficult to hate creators of videogames, movies, music, books and other art mediums because people spent part of their lives and time creating the content for everybody

Tiertex gave us a few games with SGB soundtracks, although sporadically. Still, they might be the most underrated 3rd party developer. I'm glad they took the time and answered my questions before disappearing. I don't have backups. :/

Every other developer gave us almost exclusively sh!tty borders and bad disabled palettes.

-Mostly bad Sega CD games
-E-reader (Nintendo never follow through; completing game sets, allowing other companies to release their own cards.)
-Minimal support for GBA GC link games
-NES/FC chipsets (MMC5 example) vastly unsupported/unused features (name a few: split-screen mode, digital audio FC only because derp Nintendo didn't give the NES it's planned expansion bridge). MMC5 is sparsely documented.
-Other consoles, chipsets (SNES SGB,SA-1,BS-X,)

My Small list of incomplete SGB/2 research NOTES:(Too many notes to list! Condensed. Also lost nearly my entire disassembly because derp Luigiblood deleted the forum for no reason without notification.

Nintendo, etc only included basic SGB/2 support in their games which was just lazy and unacceptable. If Nintendo could invest into creepy gender detection and facial recognition biometrics technology in their 3DS then they could have done a fully supported SGB game. For this reason alone (and business practices in general) I have forever lost respect for Nintendo, etc and so should everyone else.

*SGB BGM / Sampling Data Item Flag Definitions
80 Mute currently playing
CC Fade out (80, 32 frames fade in)
FE-FF Mute/Unmute (sending 65816c program, transferring advanced SGB/2 sound driver alterations or jumping to code / bank area; clear SPC700 echo buffer)
*2A03, YM2612, 2151, 2413, 3812, 2608, 2610 others can be compressed to SPC700. There are limitations (timing issues depending on song/setup, RAM for samples, channel priority splitting, No DAC)
*DATA_TRN PRG is split, has to load from GB cart per bank.This is slower than standard SNES cart, is mapped by SGB
*Save ROM space by transferring SGB BGM scores / samples in one GB ROM bank per 10h items.
*DATA_SND Also can define BIOS function RAM, also for setting up small routines, add new functions SGB/2 .Format LSB.RAM:7E0000-7EFFFF (7F mirror/user) If default DATA_SND SGB INIT not used, 7E w/banks 04 08, 0B,18,1B.
79D103007E??00...[00] SGB2 default palette
79050C007E100 Def X button pal
79060F007E??00 Unused/Unfinished SNES OBJ_TRN Mode (01 Enable 00 Disable); SGB/2 ROM Patch Pro Action Replay MK3 00814D07
Reads, masks lower part GB screen to draw SNES objects overriding static palette limitations. Can exceed bounds of GB screen area.
No commercial game used this function because Nintendo didn't finish. Can be setup and used via CHR_TRN. SGB OBJ _TRN format system palettes; only 8x8, 16x16, transparency is supported per entree.
*OBJ_TRN format was reverse engineered by nensondubois(As well as other more modern things, but the Super Game Boy / 2 is probably the most interesting partly because of how little developers used it), and the pandcocs author's original work; where I added, rewrote, and added info how to enable, added more notes, info.
*Sample in SGB BGM or Standalone. Mono. Stereo two separate samples. BRR format. PS1/2 DSP also accepts BRR.
*No limit PRG can exceed 1024kb total ROM size. Bankswitch since SGB RAM is 128kb which could potentially break SRAM in PRG if it saves progress to GB SRAM battery / flash memory. Save game progress before overwriting SGB WRAM.
*JUMP (91) instead of SOU_TRN (49) and new DATA_SND (79) is possible to overwrite SGB 64kb ARAM for SPC700 soundtrack or play SPC dumps (see below setup SNES sound driver transfer via SGB commands.)
*Send sampling items first per file transfer, then BGM score even if all items fit in a single file sent in 4kb transfers. Set SOUND 41000000FE to reset IPL then send custom sound driver.
JUMP commands per data replacement size and files. With abuse it can 'stream' blocks of sampling but not DMA to SGB/2. Until ROM space runs out on cart 01-FF; memory bankswitching is possible.
790018000BA9018D0042AFDBFF00F005 - Check SGB revision / and VBLANK handler
*DATA_SND Can setup definition table w/default or new sound code/driver/
*C1 OBJ_TRN, 69 TEST_EN no function ends in ret; set DATA_SND commands for speed function, OBJ_TRN
*Commands F5-FE issues 5-14 consecutive commands directly following on-the fly only non-register files (no 4 frame wait)
*Border can setup display system palette 0, allowing creative user-defined palettes.
*DATA_SND can control SOUND writes ARAM $2140-2144 registers directly individually
793X03007EYY... (X=00-07 Y=??)
*Mosaic, effects, transfer SNES sprite, graphic layer information, etc. Using mode 7 control matrix plane with DATA_SND can't be read directly from GB RAM.
*Non-sequential commands (42-48 etc) no use except Attribute CHR settings (ATTR_CHR)
*Do not use ICON_EN. Use C9 01 PAL_PRI, disable palette selection for that area of your game (recommended) 'only' to display palette 256 total or overlapping OBJ_TRN, PAL_TRN, attribute palettes.
*If sampling items exceed 07 (more actually allowed since sound driver no direct limit until you run out of space) items in user-defined space, sampling would need mapping elsewhere in ARAM. Repoint internal tone data w/o overwriting initial SGB/2 N-SPC engine unless
*PRG can return to SGB if exe JML to RTS instruction bank 00
*PRG 'mode' can use DMG as buffer 4kb request w/ 65816
*BS-X Satellaview, other games use N-SPC variant engines.
*GB/GBC and 7F wavepattern reloading, audio can play simulatenously with SGB audio (good for appregio mixing) NOT recommended because unable to save SPC for playback.
*REMOVED SPACE Github soon:NES mapper 0 conversions possible,SGB FMV
*videos/release my demo
*Mark Ortiz's GB / SGB, GENESIS, etc source files (many special thanks to him) (linked on my Youtube)
*Find official Japanese dev documents, tech demos supplied with SGB/2

Examples SGB register file transfers (2nd,3rd videos are my work)

*Guitar slide*

god jesus f*cking mother of sh*t d*mn a spider bit my balls
one of those yellow sac spiders
it was inside my gym shorts
it was like 1cm long
i hang my gym shorts on my clothes tree by the built in netting/underwear stuff
i guess it was chilling out in that stuff when i put them on
that's one for the record, eh
thank god those little yellow spiders cant really do anything venom wise
unfortunately this is not the only time a spider has been on my dick
there was a really big black one just crawling around inside my pajama pants one day
that one didnt bite me though
god im going to be itchy for days
idk man I can't imagine why a spider would love your dick so much
god. should i wash my balls. what do you do when a spider bites you
i havent been bitten by a spider in like 12 years
go to a hospital or urgent care?
it was not a very venemous spider
I'd definitely wash it with antisepctic
oh god never mind they're the kind of spider where the wound always gets infected
well, be back later, washing my balls

FM radio tuning while lucid dreaming
Subliminal messaging in media
Bismuth crystals



FACT:Entropy always wins

22:27:59<Oranjer>do you watch Legion or Westworld, plb
29:20<plb>i dont watch anything
30:05i dont need to have an idea conveyed to me through drama
09just write it down and i'll read it
33i dunno i feel like watching crap is an invasion of my mind
43my mind, the only thing i have that is mine, that nobody can take
51and when i watch something i am giving it up
30:51<nensondubois>How about making something people will watch?
31:06<plb>the time for watching is no more
21<kaioken>fill my mind with trash
28<plb>you can't spoil anything for me
46i applaud people for just telling me the message a show or movie is trying to convey
32:58and if i like the message maybe then i will check it out
33:09but yeah probably not even then
45<plb> where my boi tehloki @
34:13<Oranjer>but plb,
35:03<kaioken>you're just trusting that person to accurately convey whatever that media is about
19<plb>its hard to entertain thoughts when you watch something though
23you are being taken for a ride
24kaioken>actually, though, its a good trick to get people talking about ideas instead of just mindlessly consuming crap
27i'm down
30<c{^_^c}>tfw you live in plato's cave on purpose
35:55* plb peeks head out of cave, sees shadow
29<Oranjer>living in plato's cave, sending out emissaries to report on the outside world
40<kaioken>platonic cavemen
36:41<Oranjer>they come in with their eyes burnt out, tell you what's up
37:08<plb>i saw a deal on groupon, six day seven night stay in platos cave
10<kaioken>platonic cavemen, in several senses
38:01<Oranjer>I suppose if you're in a cult to an idiot god then one of your responsibilities would be to explore the world and tell them (in prayer) what's going on
38:57<plb>maybe there are just cameras installed inside of our brains recording everything we do and sending the footage via wifi to databses
39:15<plb>it can't read our thoughts, that would be far too complicated
38<kaioken>e* has a direct link to our pineal glands
39:53<Oranjer>would there be anything about what we observe that would not reveal our thoughts anyway
40:15<plb>i mean, do your thoughts really matter?
21<plb>nobody gives a fu ck what you think
31its what you see, what you do, that's what actually matters
35<nensondubois>they don't and they don't last forever
41:06<kaioken>as far as thoughts affect response to stimulus, they matter
26<plb>yeah but like
40i could have a really big complicated plan to do something totally crazy and awesome
43but just in my mind
50with no proof anywhere
51but in my mind
42:11just imagine if like, you got 100,000 people to do one seemingly innocuous task
44:48<Oranjer>why do you assume things that only matter to you don't matter
45:01<plb>nothing matters
08<Oranjer>for you
38<nensondubois>I guess that's that the most realist reasoning
42<plb>if nothing matters for me, then why would it matter for anybody
45:59<Oranjer>why not
22:46:24<Oranjer>proving something doesn't matter to anyone, let alone that everything doesn't matter to anyone, seems like a monumental task


23:00:32<Oranjer>whoa, the guest contains a bunch of obscure references to Halloween 3
00:44<nensondubois>what movie Oranjer
53<Oranjer>"The Guest"
58<very good
00:58<nensondubois>never seen it
01:03I'll have to tonight
04<Oranjer>I highly recommend it
23:01:18<rrlm's most recent video is an interview with the writer

F*ck it nobody cares DVD Special edition
-spelling dirty words with fridge magnets at a late night party
-tehloki's spider bite pictures
-video of a friend nearly destroying his house trying to remove a raccon (this actually happened lol!)