Battlefield 2 (PC)

Battlefield 2 (PC)

Listings:   4 available, 1 wanted, 15 collection
Types:   1st Person Shooter, Strategy, Action
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GameTZ Review:   [ A- ] BF2, released in 2005, seems like an age ago, and yet not long enough! This could be the daddy of all Sandbox shooters. Good fun to be had by all, and very rarely boring!

Available Listings

McMadGamer GameTZ Subscriber Bronze Good Trader Gold Global Trader (12)
Condition: very good   Box: yes   Manual: yes
Comment: Plastic sleeve on case has a few small cuts/nicks
bogo Double Gold Good Trader Global Trader - willing to trade internationally
Condition: excellent   Box: yes   Manual: yes
MFCOMMAND Gold Good Trader
Condition: very good   Box: yes   Manual: yes
tarzanpat Bronze Good Trader Canada
Condition: good   Box: no   Manual: no

Wanted Listings

fish9888 Silver Good Trader Canada
Condition: don't care   Box: don't care   Manual: don't care