Dead Space (PC)

Dead Space (PC)

Listings:   5 available, 1 wanted, 13 collection
Types:   Action/Adventure, Shooter, Horror
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GameTZ Review:   [ B- ] The line, between instant classic and good, is perfectly demonstrated here, shame it's leaning to the wrong side! If it weren't for the camera, control system, and failing storyline, you'd have the best game of 2008!

Available Listings

Gelert Double Gold Good Trader Gold Global Trader (15) United Kingdom
Condition: very good   Box: yes   Manual: yes
SirLauncelotDuLake Silver Good Trader Gold Global Trader (17) Singapore
Condition: unopened   Box: yes   Manual: yes   Value: $10
MCleveland89 Silver Good Trader
Condition: unopened   Box: no   Manual: no
Comment: Steam or Origin Key
ParadigmSwift Silver Good Trader Global Trader - willing to trade internationally
Condition: excellent   Box: yes   Manual: yes
AY2 Bronze Good Trader
Condition: digital   Box: N/A   Manual: N/A
Comment: Origin Key

Wanted Listings

ProsetheticMind Bronze Good Trader
Condition: excellent   Box: yes   Manual: yes