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Completed Trades

6-Jul-2009Yaverot gets: Aura Battler Dunbine Vol. 1: Tales of Byston Well (DVD (fullscreen)), Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi 1 -- w/ Series Box (DVD (fullscreen)), Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi 2 (DVD (fullscreen)), The Devil Lady Complete Collection (6 discs, 1 case) excellent condition, Kiddy Grade Entire series (4 separate cases, 2 disks each) Excellent condition, King of Bandit Jing W/ Art box (Complete Series, 4 individual discs), Tenchi GXP vol 1
Qpalzm gets: $107 shipped

8-May-2009Yaverot gets: A.D. Police Files Vol. 1-3 (DVD), Arcade Gamer Fubuki (DVD), Arjuna: Complete Collection (DVD), Baki: The Grappler: Boxset 1 (DVD), The Cat Returns (DVD), Cyborg 009: Unedited and Uncut (DVD), Darkside Blues (DVD (fullscreen)), Doki Doki School Hours: 1st Hour (DVD), Doki Doki School Hours: 2nd Hour (DVD), Gestalt (DVD), Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence (DVD (fullscreen)), Happy Lesson OVA (DVD (fullscreen)), Inuyasha: The Movie 2: The Castle Beyond the Looking Glass (DVD), Jubei-chan the Ninja Girl: The Secret of the Lovely Eyepatch: Complete Collection (DVD), Last Exile: First Move -- w/Series Box (DVD), Legend of Himiko: Sacred Fire (DVD (fullscreen)), Legend of Himiko: The Pendant (DVD (fullscreen)), Maps (DVD), My Beautiful Girl, Mari (DVD), Princess Princess complete collection (DVD), Rayearth (DVD), Revolutionary Girl Utena: The Movie (DVD), Sakura Wars OVA Collection (DVD), Sakura Wars: The Movie (DVD), Scrapped Princess: Complete Collection (DVD), Shadow Skill (DVD (fullscreen)), SiN: The Movie (DVD), Sister Princess collection (DVD), Whisper of the Heart (DVD), Case closed 4 and 5 unopened, Peachgirl 1 unopened, Tekkamanblade II complete collection, Tokko complete collection, Zeram Iria movie
Neokitty gets: $325 + 47 S&H = $372 total

21-Jan-2009Yaverot gets: Anime
PastorMatt gets: $$$

11-Jun-2008Yaverot gets: All 18 volumes of CardCaptor Sakura DVDs (subtitled, R1, Pioneer).
Shadowchemist gets: Funded PayPal ($137 shipped)

1-Feb-2008Yaverot gets: Animation Runner Kurumi, Dragon Half, Video Girl Ai
superguido7 gets: $35 shipped

29-Jan-2005Yaverot gets: Final Fantasy X (PlayStation 2)
Oleg gets: Shrek 2 (DVD (widescreen))

18-Jan-2005Yaverot gets: 19 DVD Cases (19 Regular Black DVD Cases, Good condition)
16songs gets: Overlord (Boxed game, manual Good condition, box fair), Arcana Unearthed: A Variant Player's Handbook (Excellent condition)

8-Dec-2004Yaverot gets: Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual -- 3rd Edition (Wizards of the Coast), d20 Modern Roleplaying Game: Core Rulebook (Wizards of the Coast), Dungeons & Dragons The Sunless Citadel -- 3rd Edition (Bruce R. Cordell), Neon Genesis Evangelion vol.1 (Yoshiyuki Sadamoto), Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles (GameCube), Mickey Mousecapade -- Manual Only (Nintendo Entertainment System)
nihon gets: Always Postpone Meetings With Time-Wasting Morons (Scott Adams), Another Day in Cubicle Paradise (Scott Adams), Build a Better Life by Stealing Office Supplies (Scott Adams), Casual Day Has Gone Too Far (Scott Adams), Dogbert's Top Secret Management Handbook (Scott Adams), Don't Step in the Leadership (Scott Adams), I'm Not Anti-Business, I'm Anti-Idiot (Scott Adams), It's Obvious You Won't Survive By Your Wits Alone (Scott Adams), Journey to Cubeville (Scott Adams), Random Acts of Management (Scott Adams), Shave the Whales (Scott Adams), Nuku Nuku Dash!: Mode-One (DVD (fullscreen))

21-Aug-2004Yaverot gets: The Lord of the Rings (J. R. R. Tolkien), Dragon Ball: Mystical Adventure (VHS), $2 towards shipping. LotR is a paperback boxset, not an all-in-one.
RaisinBran gets: Dilbert: A Treasury of Sunday Strips: Version 00 (Scott Adams), Dogbert's Clues For the Clueless (Scott Adams), Intellivision -- Broken (Intellivision), on the Intellivision it is both of them

19-Aug-2004Yaverot gets: Neon Genesis Evangellion: Platium: 0:1 DVD
Ranchan gets: Peanuts Treasury (Charles M. Schulz)

16-Aug-2004Yaverot gets: The Matrix (DVD), $1
doctor_kaz gets: Office Space (DVD)

31-Jul-2004Yaverot gets: X/1999 magna by clamp volumes 1-4, 5 dollars us via paypall or money order
ph33rb0t398 gets: Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete (PlayStation)

25-May-2004Yaverot gets: Minority Report (DVD (widescreen))
Teancum gets: Quake II: Quad Damage (PC)

23-May-2004Yaverot gets: Rampart (Super Nintendo), Controller (Super Nintendo)
TraderJake gets: 250 Dragonball Z: Collectible Card Game cards

13-Mar-2004Yaverot gets: Big O II volume 1 DVD
Renald gets: Unopened Vivi (FF 9 black mage) plush doll