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Completed Trades

4-AugFyreuz gets: $127.50 (85% of 150)
sinnie gets: $150 iTunes gift card

4-AugFyreuz gets: $85 PayPal F&F
Bleed_DukeBlue gets: $100 Best Buy (4 x $25)

8-Mar-2022Fyreuz gets: paypal
Ryan gets: 5x drink 5x popcorn AMC

7-Mar-2022Fyreuz gets: 8x Chipotle codes
itunehater gets: $32

2-Dec-2021Fyreuz gets: 12 Chipotle free entree codes, staggered by expiration date (4 sent on Sept. 30, 4 sent on Oct. 31, 4 sent on Nov. 30)
heatdolphins45 gets: Zion Williamson jersey (new with tags, size M, 48')

12-Nov-2021Fyreuz gets: $90 PayPal F&F
Boss gets: $100 Best Buy eGiftCard

12-Oct-2021Fyreuz gets: PayPal
thenadz gets: 5 x chipotle codes

4-Oct-2021Fyreuz gets: $9
Frank gets: x2 Chipotle Codes

4-Oct-2021Fyreuz gets: $25 Paypal
MaxRebo gets: NFL Sunday Ticket Student Discount

1-Oct-2021Fyreuz gets: $5 PayPal F&F
Frank gets: 1x Chipotle Free Entree Code

1-Oct-2021Fyreuz gets: $10 amazon
EclipseLion gets: 2x chipotle codes

1-Oct-2021Fyreuz gets: $15 PayPal F&F
King_link gets: 3 Chipotle Free Entree Codes

30-Sep-2021Fyreuz gets: $10 PP F&F
EliteGamer18 gets: 2 Chipotle Free Entree Codes

28-Sep-2021Fyreuz gets: $20 paypal
akfa gets: 4 chipotle codes

23-Sep-2021Fyreuz gets: $10 pp
akfa gets: 2 chipotle codes

20-Sep-2021Fyreuz gets: USD $20.00 PayPal Personal Gift
Noid gets: Chipotle Gift Card Code ×4

19-Sep-2021Fyreuz gets: $10 PayPal F&F
Scarface gets: 2x Chipotle Free Entree Codes

18-Sep-2021Fyreuz gets: $5 Venmo or PP
oxymoron gets: Chipotle Code

17-Sep-2021Fyreuz gets: $9 PayPal F&F
Master_Z gets: 2 Chipotle codes

16-Sep-2021Fyreuz gets: 10PPFF
32BitsOrLess gets: 2 Chipotle Codes

15-Sep-2021Fyreuz gets: $5 Amazon
EclipseLion gets: 1x chipotle code

14-Sep-2021Fyreuz gets: $20
longhornsk57 gets: 4 chipotle codes

14-Sep-2021Fyreuz gets: $5 gifted PayPal/Venmo
heatdolphins45 gets: (1) Chipotle code

14-Sep-2021Fyreuz gets: USD $20.00 PayPal Personal Gift
Noid gets: Chipotle Gift Card Code 4

12-Sep-2021Fyreuz gets: $10 gifted PP
bungholio gets: 2x $5 chipotle free burrito coupons

8-Sep-2021Fyreuz gets: $9 PayPal F&F
Master_Z gets: 2 Chipotle Free Entree Codes

3-Sep-2021Fyreuz gets: $15 gifted PayPal
thenadz gets: 3 Chipotle codes

27-Aug-2021Fyreuz gets: $17 PayPal F&F
philliesphan gets: 4 Chipotle Free Entree Codes

27-Aug-2021Fyreuz gets: $10 PayPal F&F
longhornsk57 gets: 2 Chipotle Free Entree Codes

25-Aug-2021Fyreuz gets: $5 Paypal
Orochijackson gets: Chipotle code

24-Aug-2021Fyreuz gets: $10 PayPal F&F
Scarface gets: 2 Chipotle Free Entree Codes

24-Aug-2021Fyreuz gets: $10 PayPal F&F
EliteGamer18 gets: 2 Chipotle Free Entree Codes

24-Aug-2021Fyreuz gets: 4x Chipotle codes
itunehater gets: $20

24-Aug-2021Fyreuz gets: $10 gifted PayPal
thenadz gets: 2 X chipotle codes

23-Aug-2021Fyreuz gets: 2 moar Chipotle Free Entree Codes
EclipseLion gets: $10 amazon

22-Aug-2021Fyreuz gets: Chipotle
itunehater gets: $5

19-Aug-2021Fyreuz gets: $10 Amazon GC
EclipseLion gets: 2 Chipotle Free Entree Codes

19-Aug-2021Fyreuz gets: $10 PayPal F&F
scuba gets: 2x Chipotle Free Entree Code

18-Aug-2021Fyreuz gets: $5 PayPal F&F
Master_Z gets: Chipotle Free Entree Code

17-Aug-2021Fyreuz gets: $10 PayPal F&F
Auron gets: 2-Chipotle Free Entree Code

16-Aug-2021Fyreuz gets: $5 PayPal F&F
philliesphan gets: Chipotle Free Entree Code

16-Aug-2021Fyreuz gets: $4.50 gifted PayPal/Venmo
heatdolphins45 gets: Chipotle code for free burrito

16-Aug-2021Fyreuz gets: $5 PayPal F&F
scuba gets: 1x Chipotle Free Entree Code

14-Aug-2021Fyreuz gets: USD $20.00 PayPal Personal Gift
Noid gets: Chipotle Gift Card Code 4

14-Aug-2021Fyreuz gets: $5 PayPal
Frank gets: Chipotle Code (One Free Burrito, Burrito Bowl, Salad, or Order of Tacos.)

20-Feb-2021Fyreuz gets: Purple/Orange Joycons
i_gothix_i gets: $58.50 PP F&F

22-Sep-2020Fyreuz gets: Google Levi Jacket
Ronin gets: $40 PayPal F&F

17-Sep-2020Fyreuz gets: 2x NBA 2k21
i_gothix_i gets: $52 Pp F&F

17-Sep-2020Fyreuz gets: Cartoon Network Battle Crashers, Pokemon Sword
i_gothix_i gets: $42 Pp F&F or Fees a Paid

13-Sep-2020Fyreuz gets: Switch Jump Force Deluxe + PS4 Madden 21
i_gothix_i gets: $65 PayPal

12-Sep-2020Fyreuz gets: $85 PayPal F&F
Bleed_DukeBlue gets: $100 Best Buy

3-Sep-2020Fyreuz gets: $45
gamemasta114 gets: Banjo Kazooie (N64) and Jet Force Gemini (N64)

7-Aug-2020Fyreuz gets: 2 Paper Mario + Mario and Sonic + Bioshock Collection + 2 My Hero One Justice + Mortal Kombat 11 Aftermath Kollection.
i_gothix_i gets: $170 PP F&F or Fees Paid

27-Jul-2020Fyreuz gets: 3x Paper Mario, 2x Ghosts, 1x Mario and Sonic Olympic, 1x Ni No Kuni, 1x Kart Racers, 1 x Katamari Damacy, 1 x Just Cause 4
i_gothix_i gets: $267 PP F&F or Fees Paid (-$40.00 Credit, Remaining To Pay $227)

23-Jul-2020Fyreuz gets: Lego Worlds - $12.00 Terraria - $14.00 Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - $40.00 Paper Mario Origami King - $46.00
i_gothix_i gets: $90 PP F&F or fees paid

18-Jul-2020Fyreuz gets: PayPal
Best1989 gets: Nintendo Online spots on a family plan

8-Apr-2020Fyreuz gets: Lego Worlds Paw Patrol On A Roll! Bee Simulator Cars 3 Driven to Win Bloodstained Ritual of the Night Saint's Row the Third: The Full Package Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch Race with Ryan Cartoon Network Battle Crashers Our World is Ended Remothered: Tormented Fathers Tokyo School Life Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight Touhou Genso Wanderers Reloaded Resident Evil Origins Collection Megaman Zero/ZX Legacy Collection Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Disney Classic Games Aladdin & The Lion King Labyrinth of Refrain: Coven of Dusk Megaman X Legacy Collection + Megaman X Legacy Collection 2 Set of Joycons Pokemon Sword
i_gothix_i gets: $340 F&F

31-Mar-2020Fyreuz gets: Super Mario Odyssey - $38.00 Super Mario Party - $38.00 Pokemon Shield - $38.00 Sid Meier's Civilization VI - $15.00 Lego The Incredibles - $15.00
i_gothix_i gets: $110 PP F&F or Fees Paid

27-Mar-2020Fyreuz gets: Animal Crossing New Horizons, Joycons (Blue/Yellow) Sealed
i_gothix_i gets: $75 PP F&F or Fees Paid, No Messages

23-Mar-2020Fyreuz gets: Super Mario Party, Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, Mortal Kombat 11
i_gothix_i gets: $70 PP F&F or Fees Paid

5-Mar-2020Fyreuz gets: $15 Cashapp
Roll gets: 4x Large Popcorn/Large Drink at AMC Theaters

5-Jun-2019Fyreuz gets: $18 PP F&F
Mir_wan gets: $21.20 BestBuy gift card

4-Jun-2019Fyreuz gets: PayPal (other), $155 PayPal from taylordickey02@gmail.com
Brayton1234567 gets: PS4 broken eject without controller or hdmi

24-May-2019Fyreuz gets: $47 PayPal Shipped
GeeWiz gets: Resistence: Burning Skies, Dead or Alive 5 +, Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, and Supremacy MMA (Vita)

24-May-2019Fyreuz gets: $34 PP F&F
klusion gets: Hyrule Warriors (Switch)

24-May-2019Fyreuz gets: $35 paypal
KamenRIderVulcan gets: Breath of the wild switch.

27-Mar-2019Fyreuz gets: 20 psn
steve581 gets: 3 AMC black movie tickets

4-Jan-2019Fyreuz gets: $20
AlphakirA gets: $25 Xbox $

16-Dec-2018Fyreuz gets: $26 PP
samdalous gets: $30 PSN

1-Dec-2018Fyreuz gets: 5 BestBuy item order ($140)
cblake78 gets: $140 BestBuy gift card

30-Nov-2018Fyreuz gets: 5 Popcorn 5 drinks
KilroyWasHere7 gets: $18 PP F&F

21-Nov-2018Fyreuz gets: AMC Black Ticket bundle
D78 gets: $8 Pp F&F

21-Nov-2018Fyreuz gets: (1 set) 1 Large Drink + 1 Large Popcorn for AMC Theatres
KilroyWasHere7 gets: $4 PayPal (family and friends)

21-Nov-2018Fyreuz gets: Pp
QDizzle gets: Eshop gift cards

17-Nov-2018Fyreuz gets: 2x AMC black ticket/drink/popcorn, 5 large drinks, 1 popcorn
D78 gets: $25 PP F&F

15-Nov-2018Fyreuz gets: 1x AMC Black Ticket/drink combo, 1x Large drink and large popcorn
KilroyWasHere7 gets: $10 PP F&F

23-Oct-2018Fyreuz gets: 4.25 venmo
saintkiwi gets: 5 xbox

22-Oct-2018Fyreuz gets: $17 Venmo
Bleed_DukeBlue gets: $20 PSN

21-Oct-2018Fyreuz gets: $34 PayPal
Bleed_DukeBlue gets: $40 PSN

14-Jan-2018Fyreuz gets: $20 gifted PP
bungholio gets: $25 ebay code

14-Jan-2018Fyreuz gets: $40 pp (sent within 5 mins of receiving)
whitefire gets: $50 eshop

8-Jan-2018Fyreuz gets: $21 Gifted PayPal
whitefire gets: $20 eShop gift card and $5 eShop gift card

30-Dec-2017Fyreuz gets: iPhone 7 smart battery case, 3ds charger.
Eggplant_Wizard gets: $20 PayPal (F&F)

11-Nov-2017Fyreuz gets: 3 month XBL
Hum gets: $16 Gifted PayPal

14-Feb-2016Fyreuz gets: Ted 2 Unrated iTunes code
JD gets: $1 PayPal

18-Dec-2015Fyreuz gets: Dumb and Dumber To iTunes code
tc gets: $1.25 PayPal gifted

30-Nov-2015Fyreuz gets: Nintendo 64, av cord, power brick, controller, 7 games
EclipseLion gets: Sony PSP -- 3000 (PlayStation Portable), PSP 3000 Invizimals bundle in box, bundle has invizimals game, psp camera, 1GB Mem card, cloudy with a chance umd, and charge cord

20-Nov-2015Fyreuz gets: Street Fighter IV 3D edition for 3DS
MegaNesMan gets: $5 PayPal Gifted

11-Nov-2015Fyreuz gets: $75 repayment by 11/15.
Jeremey gets: $60 PayPal loan.

15-Oct-2015Fyreuz gets: Legend of Zelda Triforce Heroes Demo
Rollobobo gets: Fist bump (for Cubs success in playoffs)

4-Oct-2015Fyreuz gets: $5 PayPal Gifted.
GeeWiz gets: Minecraft Windows 10 Beta Code

27-Sep-2015Fyreuz gets: $48 gifted pp
HAMMER gets: $40 visa GC (sending digitally)

12-Sep-2015Fyreuz gets: Gigantic Beta
Ronnietrade gets: Nothing

30-Aug-2015Fyreuz gets: $125 by Sept. 1st
Jeremey gets: $100 PP loan

26-Jun-2015Fyreuz gets: $25 June 25th
six gets: $23 now

26-Jun-2015Fyreuz gets: $92 by July 1st
Jeremey gets: $75 PayPal loan

17-Jun-2015Fyreuz gets: 12 month XBL gold code
michaeld gets: $30 gifted Paypal

30-May-2015Fyreuz gets: PSTV Bundle (includes pstv, Lego movie ps vita game, 8gb memory card, and a dual shock controller) sealed.
Mir_wan gets: $60 gifted PayPal.

19-Apr-2015Fyreuz gets: Mewtwo DLC super smash bros 3ds
monkeysmadness gets: $3.50

16-Mar-2015Fyreuz gets: Blue 2DS with box and manuals Charger Official Blue Case 32GB card Games (all digital, attached to account that will become yours): Star Fox 64 3D Kid Icarus Uprising New Super Mario Bros. 2 Super Mario Land 2 Metroid II Link's Awakening DX Kid Icarus (GB) Mario Kart 7 (unused code)
Ronin gets: $97 PayPal Shipped

26-Feb-2015Fyreuz gets: MLG Gamebattles 1 month premium code.
FilmGrrl99 gets: Free

19-Feb-2015Fyreuz gets: Peach, and Yoshi Amiibo from Best Buy
devans77 gets: $15.98 plus tax shipped

7-Jan-2015Fyreuz gets: FIFA Soccer (PlayStation Vita)
jdwooley14 gets: $8 gifted PayPal shipped

15-Nov-2014Fyreuz gets: 2006 Super Monkey Ball AiAi Plush SEGA, Plants vs Zombie 2 Pin, Nickolodeon Bag along with Nick USB and Nick Cup
MrsTronne gets: $2 + shipping

23-Jul-2014Fyreuz gets: Auction Winnings
bonham2 gets: $12 Gifted PayPal

23-Jul-2014Fyreuz gets: Destiny Xbox One code
TheBruce gets: Freebie

22-Jul-2014Fyreuz gets: Enders game - iTunes HD Code
Lunar gets: $1.30 gifted PayPal

22-Jul-2014Fyreuz gets: 2-Lord of the rings UV codes
Rakurau93 gets: $1-Gifted PP

22-Jul-2014Fyreuz gets: 1- Lord of the rings UV code
Rakurau93 gets: $1-Gifted PP

18-Jul-2014Fyreuz gets: Destiny PS4 Code
akfa gets: Free

16-Jul-2014Fyreuz gets: Nintendo gold rewards digital code
Master_Z gets: $4.25 gifted PayPal

14-Jul-2014Fyreuz gets: Anchorman 2 - iTunes HD Movie
starsfan gets: $1.50 PayPal gifted

14-Jul-2014Fyreuz gets: $34 Paid Back on July 14th 2014
SpookyMonster gets: $25 Paypal Loan

12-Jul-2014Fyreuz gets: Rio 2 HD iTunes code
Bobthebuilder gets: $3Gifted Paypal

12-Jul-2014Fyreuz gets: The Nut Job (HD iTunes)
benjm23 gets: $1.50 gifted PayPal

11-Jul-2014Fyreuz gets: 2x $25 Xbox Microsoft point codes
NostalgicJustin gets: $30 PayPal gifted

11-Jul-2014Fyreuz gets: 7-Day Xbox Live Trial
BasiliskFang gets: .50 cents gifted paypal

4-Jul-2014Fyreuz gets: Nothing
samdalous gets: Twitch turbo for one month

13-Jun-2013Fyreuz gets: FFXII code
StrawHat gets: Free

12-Jun-2013Fyreuz gets: Ghost camo
dinosaurdaniel gets: Free

2-Jun-2013Fyreuz gets: 3x 1200 msp
Scott gets: $24 PayPal

29-May-2013Fyreuz gets: 7200 msp (1200 codes, 6 of them)
Dustin gets: $48 PayPal

28-May-2013Fyreuz gets: $25 gifted PayPal
SuperPhillip gets: $25 amazonkindle card

28-May-2013Fyreuz gets: 1200 msp
Taz gets: $7 PayPal

23-May-2013Fyreuz gets: The amazing Spider-Man, rise of the guardians, hotel Transylvania, arthur christmas -UV codes Madagascar 3
tc gets: $11 PayPal

22-May-2013Fyreuz gets: $1
Famous gets: Alan Wake Collectors Edition

18-May-2013Fyreuz gets: Silver Linings Playbook + Dredd iTunes codes
Jasmine gets: $3 Gifted PayPal