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Completed Trades

8-Dec-2003barbapappa gets: Twisted Metal Black Ps2
MaxRebo gets: Dark Cloud Ps2

22-Mar-2003barbapappa gets: Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil: Director's Cut (PSX)
Longknife gets: Castlevania Chronicles (PSX)

5-Feb-2003barbapappa gets: NFL 2K3 (PS2)
crewser gets: Final Fantasy 3

17-Sep-2002barbapappa gets: Tenchu 2 psx
bluesaturn gets: The Fifth Element DVD

3-Sep-2002barbapappa gets: Jamp 3 Mp3 Player
ThaFro gets: T2 DVD and US Marshals DVD

25-Aug-2002barbapappa gets: tiger woods pga tour 2002
wd24 gets: gta 3

24-Aug-2002barbapappa gets: FFC and $10
ChuckyDJ gets: Tiger Woods 2002

22-Aug-2002barbapappa gets: $5 shipped
MiniAustinPowers gets: SNES manuals (Last Action Hero, Primal Rage, Cliff Hanger, Bulls vs Blazers, Addams Family, Home Alone 2, Pugsley's Scavenger Hunt, Weapon Lord, Robo Cop 3, Super Mario World, NHL 96, & the SNES manual)

17-Aug-2002barbapappa gets: Final Fantasy 7 (PSX) & $15 paypal
sinnie gets: Mister Mosquito (PS2)

12-Aug-2002barbapappa gets: Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation (PSX)
sinnie gets: $7.50 paypal

12-Aug-2002barbapappa gets: Vagrant Story
Belladonna gets: Maximo

11-Aug-2002barbapappa gets: Lord of the Rings (animated) DVD
bill gets: Tomb Raider DVD

2-Aug-2002barbapappa gets: Castlevania Chronicles and Tomb Raider 3
Belladonna gets: Tekken Tag Tournament

22-Jul-2002barbapappa gets: Gladiator
dangerranger gets: Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and Faceoff

20-Jul-2002barbapappa gets: The Hobbit, Secret of NIMH and O Brother Where Art Thou all DVD
Message gets: Medal of Honor Frontline PS2

16-Jul-2002barbapappa gets: Gran Turismo 3 (PS2) Complete
Miranger gets: Onimusha (Ps2) Complete

16-Jul-2002barbapappa gets: Tekken Tag Tournament PS2
PastorMatt gets: Ace Combat 4 PS2

12-Jul-2002barbapappa gets: Some sub time
Chef_Charley gets: A couple of SNES game manuals

9-Jul-2002barbapappa gets: Cast Away (DVD)
Homeslice gets: Final Fantasy 10 Lighter

14-Jun-2002barbapappa gets: Onimusha
PaperStreet_Co gets: GT3

14-Jun-2002barbapappa gets: $
sgtshaggy gets: FFX Watch

13-Jun-2002barbapappa gets: Shipping Cost
Atolm_Dragon gets: Mario Allstars Manual

6-Jun-2002barbapappa gets: Mr. Misquito
crewser gets: Jak & Daxter

4-Jun-2002barbapappa gets: Face Off DVD and $15
Qpalzm gets: MGS2 Zippo and Cigarette Case set

28-May-2002barbapappa gets: Rush Hour 2 (DVD) complete
Starwave27 gets: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (DVD) unopened

25-May-2002barbapappa gets: Cash $$$
giznad gets: NBA Street PS2

24-May-2002barbapappa gets: Dark Cloud (Non-GH, complete.)
TheSelphie gets: Theme Park Roller Coaster (complete)

20-May-2002barbapappa gets: Enemy of the State DVD
SteelPatrick gets: $$$

17-May-2002barbapappa gets: US Marshalls DVD and $10
Styling gets: Sixth Sense SE DVD (Vista Series)

15-May-2002barbapappa gets: Matrix DVD and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon DVD
KuronoTuriga gets: Red Faction Ps2

9-May-2002barbapappa gets: $$$
ThaFro gets: The One DVD and Shanghai Noon DVD

6-May-2002barbapappa gets: Hoosiers and The Fifth Element (DVD)
Yoda gets: Pay Pal Cash

6-May-2002barbapappa gets: NBA 2K2 PS2
giznad gets: Soul Reaver 2 PS2

4-May-2002barbapappa gets: $10 via Paypal
Red1917 gets: Starship Troopers DVD

4-May-2002barbapappa gets: Sealed Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon DVD and 5.00 USD.
sjword gets: ESPN Winter Xgames snowboarding

3-May-2002barbapappa gets: Maximo PS2
xion gets: Bass Strike PS2

1-May-2002barbapappa gets: The Rock DVD
MarkFitz gets: $10 paypal

1-May-2002barbapappa gets: NBA Street (PS2)
Akira gets: Devil May Cry (PS2)

24-Apr-2002barbapappa gets: Ace Combat 4 (PS2)
Milwbuck gets: Max Payne (PS2)

23-Apr-2002barbapappa gets: $$$
TahoeMax gets: Fight Club SE DVD mint

16-Apr-2002barbapappa gets: Jak and Daxter
apostleX gets: THPS3 PS2

14-Apr-2002barbapappa gets: Starship Troopers DVD and $10
Guru gets: WWF Smackdown JBI PS2

8-Apr-2002barbapappa gets: Soul Reaver 2 PS2
Auron gets: Baldurs Gate DA PS2

6-Apr-2002barbapappa gets: $35 (Money Order)
Commodorey gets: Grand Theft Auto 3 (PS2)

4-Apr-2002barbapappa gets: Max Payne (PS2)
DCMasta_the_return gets: Grand Theft Auto 3 (PS2)

1-Apr-2002barbapappa gets: Save The Last Dance (DVD, former rental)
RULost119 gets: The Fast and The Furious (DVD)

20-Mar-2002barbapappa gets: wwf: jbi (ps2) complete
goldbera gets: 18 wheeler (ps2) complete

15-Mar-2002barbapappa gets: $$$
RocKo gets: Madden 2001 love

11-Mar-2002barbapappa gets: ICO (PS2)
sgtshaggy gets: FFX Keychain, FFX Pencil Case/Ruler

11-Mar-2002barbapappa gets: K2 dvd factory sealed.
jethrokiller gets: soul reaver PS (mint and complete)

10-Mar-2002barbapappa gets: DMC
Suikoden gets: Shrek DVD unopened, Rush Hour 2 and somes music cds

5-Mar-2002barbapappa gets: You've Got Mail DVD complete
frizzlefry22 gets: Almost Famous DVD complete

4-Mar-2002barbapappa gets: Fast and the Furious, Shanghai Noon, Charlie's Angels and Bring It On all DVDs
BigBoi gets: Super Puzzle Fighter 2 COMPLETE

3-Mar-2002barbapappa gets: 18 wheeler(ps2),Rush Hour 2, Pearl Harbor, Shrek, and Phantom Menace(all DVD and unopened)
Deadsexy gets: GBA(mint, complete, ARCTIC)and DWM (gbc)(cart only)

20-Feb-2002barbapappa gets: Grand Theft Auto III (ps2) complete in good shape
goldbera gets: Time Crisis 2 (ps2)/guncon2 complete in good shape

19-Feb-2002barbapappa gets: Baldurs Gate (PS2), Mission Impossible 2 (DVD)
lmmarsh01 gets: Vampire Nights w/ guncon 2 (PS2), Armored Core 2 (PS2)

16-Feb-2002barbapappa gets: $$$
Beanis gets: Actraiser, Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest, Secret of Mana (all SNES complete)

13-Feb-2002barbapappa gets: Theme Park Roller Coaster
Aurelius360 gets: $20 shipped

13-Feb-2002barbapappa gets: $10
jayizzle02 gets: Fallout

7-Feb-2002barbapappa gets: $6
slug gets: Snes Manuals (Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter 2, Magical Quest w/Mickey Mouse, Mario Paint, Mario World, & Mario All Stars)

30-Jan-2002barbapappa gets: Fight Club (DVD)
lmmarsh01 gets: Silpheed (PS2)

28-Jan-2002barbapappa gets: THPS3
pluto gets: Half Life PS2

25-Jan-2002barbapappa gets: Armored Core 2
watujim gets: $$$

16-Jan-2002barbapappa gets: 15.00
Gunn gets: ZOE

15-Jan-2002barbapappa gets: Grand Theft Auto 3 (ps2)
TheQuickOne gets: Tony Hawk Pro Skate 3 (ps2) & Rainbow 6:rogue spear

9-Jan-2002barbapappa gets: Slipheed: The Lost Planet
1984 gets: NBA Street

26-Dec-2001barbapappa gets: cash
NesCollector gets: 2 unopened RotJ figures

26-Dec-2001barbapappa gets: Gundam Mobile Suit PS2 complete
BoneThug gets: Iridion 3D and Fzero Advanced both complete

26-Dec-2001barbapappa gets: Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 PS2
Trypentine gets: Xenogears mint and complete and $10

17-Dec-2001barbapappa gets: GT3 complete
TahoeMax gets: FF9 and MGS both complete

10-Dec-2001barbapappa gets: $10
Swollen gets: SFA3 psx

3-Dec-2001barbapappa gets: Red Faction complete
Millington gets: $18 paypal

3-Dec-2001barbapappa gets: Half Life PS2 unopened
Deadsexy gets: $30 paypal

21-Nov-2001barbapappa gets: FF9 complete
Trypentine gets: FF7 complete

14-Nov-2001barbapappa gets: Madden 2K1(ps2)
Cain gets: 10 whole dollars in paypal grin

10-Nov-2001barbapappa gets: FF7
supraspeed gets: MGS VR Missions

2-Nov-2001barbapappa gets: NBA Street
pluto gets: Xenogears

2-Nov-2001barbapappa gets: $10
Dragon_Ash gets: Final Fantasy Adventure

3-Oct-2001barbapappa gets: xenogears
weibrother gets: suikoden 2 and breath of fire 4

18-Sep-2001barbapappa gets: Rush Hour VHS
Longknife gets: FF Legend 3 GB

9-Sep-2001barbapappa gets: Soul Reaver
Bubba2746 gets: Suikoden unopened

30-Aug-2001barbapappa gets: Cash
Dragon_Ash gets: Summoner

22-Aug-2001barbapappa gets: Iridion 3D
akjsdhakjh gets: Romance of the Three Kingdoms 4

22-Aug-2001barbapappa gets: Metal Gear Solid
ugtzff7 gets: Legacy of Kain Blood Omen (unopened)

17-Aug-2001barbapappa gets: FF Adventure and Dragon Warrior Monsters
Cain gets: Legacy of Kain Blood Omen (unopened)

17-Aug-2001barbapappa gets: cash
Lightstar777 gets: Vandal Hearts and Vandal Hearts 2

7-Aug-2001barbapappa gets: Final Fantasy VII (psx) and Final Fantasy Legend III (gb)
Kuniva gets: Castlevania: Circle of the Moon (GBA)

3-Aug-2001barbapappa gets: Vandal Hearts 2
Suikoden gets: cash

29-Jul-2001barbapappa gets: FF7 original
Suikoden gets: FF7 GH

27-Jul-2001barbapappa gets: $12
fish9888 gets: Nox

25-Jul-2001barbapappa gets: $25
Ash gets: Tech Romancer

25-Jul-2001barbapappa gets: Dumb & Dumber (VHS)
Ash gets: Tommy Boy (VHS)

25-Jul-2001barbapappa gets: Vigilante 8: 2nd Offense (DC)
Ash gets: Black Sheep (VHS)

10-Jul-2001barbapappa gets: Final Fantasy Anthology (complete)
Kuniva gets: Lunar 2 (complete) plus shipping

9-Jul-2001barbapappa gets: $70 cdn
ian1386 gets: Final Fantasy 2

28-Jun-2001barbapappa gets: Breath of Fire 3
Cain gets: Saturn no hookups

28-Jun-2001barbapappa gets: Romance of the Three Kingdoms IV complete
Cain gets: Thousand Arms complete

20-Jun-2001barbapappa gets: Street Fighter Alpha 3, Crash bandicoot and ninja star
DM gets: Mj pic, Mj poster and MJ book

12-Jun-2001barbapappa gets: $15
Dragon_Ash gets: Saga Frontier and Syndicate Wars

11-Jun-2001barbapappa gets: Lunar 2 complete, Front Mission 3 complete, Chrono Cross complete and Breath of Fire IV complete
Twiske gets: Dc sytem complete, Vmu and Chrono Cross clock

25-May-2001barbapappa gets: $20
matrix2001 gets: Alundra (complete and shipped)

23-May-2001barbapappa gets: $50
twams01 gets: Shining Force 2 complete

23-May-2001barbapappa gets: NBA 2K1 (mint and complete
Rancid gets: Perfect Dark (mint and complete

18-May-2001barbapappa gets: cash
Lvmunkeys gets: Star Craft 64

15-May-2001barbapappa gets: $18
Dragon_Ash gets: Kartia

6-May-2001barbapappa gets: Suikoden II and FFVIII
Suikoden gets: FFIX/Bouncer Magic Mirror Standy

4-May-2001barbapappa gets: cash
BlueFusion gets: Star Ocean