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Bad Trader Reports

DDR_Freek_Geno BTRs22-Apr-2002
Status: active
Reporter: LeisureSuitLarry

Geno Has my games and I havn't got his. Geno Owes me me styff back, which he auction off and than took the money and ran. SO not only does he have MY stuff but the money for it too! He owes me some blank cd's, THPS2, suikoden 1, Street fighter alpha 3, 10 dollars

DDR_Freek_Geno BTRs9-Nov-2001
Status: active
Reporter: AndrewC

I sent him $25 for some dreamcast games. (you remember which ones they were, Gene.) I have not recieved anything from him, nor have I heard from him. Please email me, Gene. kc0ili@hotmail.com

DDR_Freek_Geno BTRs4-Nov-2001
Status: active
Reporter: CoolPorygon

Sorry to do this to you Geno, but I really need the remaining $5 paypal and it's been nearly two months. frown Please understand.

To everyone else, we have geno had a trade for my Bomberman Tournament for GBA. He sent me $25 paypal and said the remaining $5 paypal will be coming very soon. Well, it's been nearly 2 months and I have yet to receive my $5 paypal. And I havent been receiving email responses from him either. This report will come down immediately upon receiving the $5 via paypal.

DDR_Freek_Geno BTRs4-Nov-2001
Status: active
Reporter: TheQuickOne

I had a trade going with geno for his Ge Force 2mx 400 64mb video card in return for my Voodoo 3 2000 Red Alert 2, and Quake 2. I sent via UPS on 10/01/01. I had a tracking number and know for a fact he recieved my package because i checked it. HE also told me he recieved it while talking to him on aim. later that week while on AIM he said he had sent my package through just his mailbox (who the heck does this???). Since that day he has not been on aim, unless he has me blocked. he wont answer emails from me. and he HAS been on ICQ and MSN but always ignores me, or is set to away. I still haven't recieved my side of the deal and will take this down when he comes through, and I will do whatever it takes to get what i deserve!

DDR_Freek_Geno BTRs2-Nov-2001
Status: active
Reporter: Icecat

I was the winner of 2 items in an auction held by Geno a month ago. The items were Gran Turismo 2 and Street Fighter Alpha 3. After I was contacted about price, address, and other information on the auction I sent out a money order for $15. I haven't heard from him since and reposted to the auction post about my problem to see if I were an isolated incident. Obviously I wasn't. This will be taken down once either I get my items or my money back.

DDR_Freek_Geno BTRs29-Oct-2001
Status: active
Reporter: nalod6

DDR_Freek_Geno held an auction over a month ago, in which many gametz users, including me, bid on and won games and other gaming accessories he had up for auction. I, and the others, sent in payment after we emailed each with information to make a trade. I sent out the money order soon thereafter, and haven't received the game.
I logged on Sunday, October 28 after getting home from vacation to find that other users had had the same thing happen to them. Realizing I most likely was not going to get my game, the other gametzers and I all are filing bad trade reports on this loser of a user. Although thankfully my bid was rather low ($7), others may have had much higher bills to pay. It doesn't matter if the trade was 1 cent or 1 thousand dollars, if you don't follow through, you have to pay the consequences. Unfortunately, I no longer have the emails from this jerk because aol deletes all emails after 30 days, and since this auction ended over a month ago, the emails from me and DDR_Freek_Geno have been deleted. Don't trade with this loser user...EVER.

DDR_Freek_Geno BTRs28-Oct-2001
Status: active
Reporter: SweetyPie

My: money
His: Tony Hawk 2 PSX game


- Edit -

Still nothing. It's been 1 month since my last edit and 4 1/2 years since I posted this. Garrr!

DDR_Freek_Geno BTRs23-Oct-2001
Status: active
Reporter: Solid_SnakeC4

About 2 months ago I started a trade with Geno, and he agreed to send his stuff first since he had a BTR. I waited patiently, and after about a month it came. I then immediately sent my stuff out the next day, and he still says he hasn't gotten it yet. I then tried the stuff he sent me and it didn't work, and we talked about it and i sent it back with my side. He still says he hasn't gotten my side yet, and that was like 2 weeks ago. He hasn't replied to my instant messages for a long time and im getting sick of it. I can see how other traders have to fall for little or nothing in his trades, i just want my side and for him to tell me that he got the side i sent him, so we can finish this damn trade. Gene, I will take this down when you start to talk and we can figure this out. Thank you.

UPDATE 11/6/01

It has been an incredible amount of time since i sent my packages, and my parents sent them first class priority shipping. Im sure Geno has gotten my side, and he hasn't been on for a long time. I sent games that I really liked, and I would dearly like them back, even though I probably never will get them back. This guy is a total loser, he was really mean in our aim messages and he lied about when he was going to send and instead of apologizing he just yelled at me and then ignored me. I haven't talked to him for a long time, and I feel I have been cheated out of this deal and that I will never see my games again. Bill, I hope you can do something about this, because so many other traders have put BTR's up on him. I guess what people say is true, you don't even expect to get anything back after its so long that you dont get your side. I hope you go to hell Geno, because I'm frankly sick of waiting. Thanks to all the good traders, good night.

DDR_Freek_Geno BTRs22-Sep-2001
Status: active
Reporter: Sun

Gene, I'm getting tired of waiting for my games to come. This will come down when I get my games. BTW, please reply when I e-mail you and IM you. Jeez...

I finally e-mail him about his attitude and his failure to send games. He tells me that since I filed a BTR on him, which is more than legitimate, he's taking his sweet time. This is completely blatant and is pissing me off. I'll make sure Bill suspends, if not, delete his account. Also, I'll get my parent's lawyers to sue his fudging ass.

I actually get a legitimate response from his. Hopefully he'll actually send me my games.

DDR_Freek_Geno BTRs15-Aug-2001
Status: active
Reporter: Eltis

UPDATE: 10/3/01

Well, in a few more days we'll be hitting 4 months that Geno has not held up his end of the trade. I had contacted him a few times to try and work out an alternative plan, maybe trade something else of equivalent value in an attempt to make things right. He had actually made a couple semi-decent attempts at a substitute for Lunar 2 (an incomplete Lunar 1 or FF9) and although I appreciate that, I wasn't going to accept anything less than what was on par with the value of Lunar 2. I mean at this point, if I don't get anything back it's not going to kill me, I'd rather use this as an instrument to prevent others from getting the shaft than get only part of what I was supposed to get and pretend like nothing happened. I think that's why he doesn't have alot more BTRs, because he keeps stuff for so long, people are relieved to get anything back at all and will settle for something sub-standard. I didn't want that to happen here. Either you do it right, or don't do it at all.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Out of the blue I got another message from him trying to work something out (after not responding to me for a long time). It was suprising, I thought maybe he was turning a new leaf. Well, when I went to his page, I saw someone else had put a BTR up on him. Then I got the feeling that the only reason he contacted me was because the BTR reports were causing him problems with trading, so that was his only motivation (as opposed to just being a decent person). Sorry if I am making a wrongful assumption, that's just what it looks like... But anyway, he offered the incomplete Lunar 1 again, or Suikoden (uh, no...) and I didn't want to do that, I asked for Alien Front Online (used = $25) and $25 to equal $50 (approximate used value for Lunar 2 with all the goodies). At least I could be half way to getting the game I was supposed to get and the overall value would be right. He didn't like that idea. We were messaging through ICQ, and then as always, right in the middle of talking, he stopped responding. I think that's the most annoying thing, he likes to ignore messages like a coward when it's not what he wants to hear. Frustrating... Oh, and he likes to freak out in messages with stuff like "I'm trying to get your DAMNED game," and stuff like that. Kind of hilarious actually. :P

So anyways, to you folks that have pendings dating way back when and you sent first, I wish you good luck. Sorry you couldn't see this earlier. To those of you thinking about trading with Geno... Well, if you are the kind who thinks about the future and tries to do something about it when you see someone wronged, you might decide not to trade with him because of the principal that he did bad things to other people. If you are the type that doesn't give a hoot what happened to others and the deal is too good to pass up, at least have the sense to make him send first so you don't become like me (well, us I guess). And finally, to all of you good traders out there who I have traded with as well as those I haven't, I hope that this report will be of use to you, thanks for making gametz overall a great place to swap games (and of course a special thanks to Bill for making this all possible).

~Mark (Eltis)


On June 7th, Geno emailed me and asked if I would trade with him for my maracas.
On June 8th, we agreed to trade his Lunar 2: EB + all the swag for my Cha Cha Amigo Maracas and an official DC controller.
The trade was posted on June 9th. I agreed to send first since his ratings were substantial.
On June 14th, Geno said my shipment arrived safe and sound. It was at this time he notified me that Lunar 2 was pending in, so he could not send it. This was not indicated to me before. He assured me that if it wasn't in "soon," he would buy me a new one and send that.
After a couple weeks of hearing nothing, I emailed Geno again asking about the trade. He responded and told me that there was a death in the family and was away, but assured me that he would be able to send the game out priority mail on Tuesday (July 10th). I trusted that, and waited.
August rolled around and I noticed there was alot of trade activity on Geno's listing, but I hadn't received anything. At this point, we were around 2 months into the trade and I was getting impatient. I emailed him again, and he responded August 3rd asking if I would take Lunar 1 instead (no swag). I declined because I have Lunar 1 already and didn't find it to be a fair trade.
I emailed him again and told him if we didn't get this resolved I would have to put up a bad trader report.
He responded August 7th stating it wasn't easy to get the money for it, but he was working on getting the game.
I emailed him stating that I would have been more patient if he had been honest and forthright in the beginning, but I gave him one more chance. I asked him to set a reasonable date at the latest for which he could get the goods for me.
He emailed me back August 8th and asked for a week. I found that reasonable, so I delayed putting up the BTR.
As of today, that week has expired and I haven't heard a word from Geno. I hoped I wouldn't have to put this up, but at this point I've run out of patience. I really trusted him, and I feel that the whole way this has been handled goes against the 3 criteria that a trader is rated on: honesty, speed, and courtesy.

Geno, I would appreciate it if you would fulfill your part of the trade as promised and we can put this behind us. I will remove this BTR upon successful completion of our trade. <Eltis>

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