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Bad Trader Reports

Mr_Niggy_McBlack BTRs17-Sep-2002
Status: active
Aliases: Mr_Niggy_McBlack
Address: 8812 Ave L Brooklyn NT 11236
Reporter: faust69usa

I was new to this forum so i sent 1st becasuse he said he was a mini-mod and had lots of trades. so i sent to him 1st and after he recieved the stuff i sent him he kept staling on sending mine out. finally he said he did and when i didnt get anything for over a week he said that it had been sent back because he had sent to the wrong address and that he would sen out again asap. that was pretty much the last ive heard since then. ive gotten a coupple emails saying it was going out, but nothing. this was almost 2 months ago now. i would sugest not trading with this guy.

Mr_Niggy_McBlack BTRs9-Sep-2002
Status: active
Aliases: Mr_Niggy_McBlack,Firestar48
Address: : 8812 Ave. L, B'klyn NY, 11236

We pended a trade over a month ago. ($11 for my Jason Sehorn Jersey)Even thou i had more trades, i agreed to send at the same time because he was a mini-mod. We set a day to send at the same time , but i was unable to send at that time. (not on purpose.) However it didnt matter because he didnt send that day either, and it was obvious he was waiting to recieve my side before he sent. i sent about a week later, and when he recieved, he sent me an email saying that he has got the jersey and he was going to send a mo out the following saturday. However that was almost a month ago. A couple of weeks ago i sent him an email because i hadnt recieved yet , and he said it was on the way. I sent him another email last week and he has yet to reply. Anyway $11 isnt a big sum of money, but this is the second time i have been ripped off, and worst of all i got ripped off by a "mini-mod". I will delete this report as soon as i get a mere $11 money order.

Mr_Niggy_McBlack BTRs28-Aug-2002
Status: active
Aliases: Mr_Niggy_McBlack
Address: 8812 Ave. L, B'klyn NY, 11236
Reporter: xdcbox_games

Trade was for my Luigi's Mansion (Mint) and a Interact Superpad (Controller) for $32 shipped. I shipped first since he had more refs.

Trade Pended On : 17-Jul-2002
Received My Side On : 22-Jul-2002

It is now August 28, more than 1 month and I have received no money, and he said he would try to send on the 27th,
"I'll try to mail your cash on the weekend, as per my bio page (I can only mail stuff on Saturdays"

On a email from him on Wed, 31 Jul 2002 23:22:59 -0400, he told me
"I sent your money this afternoon, a money order in a regular envelope."

On a email from him on Mon, 19 Aug 2002 01:09:40 -0400, he told me
"there wasn't a DC number on the money or anything, it was just cash in an envelope, y'know? If it was lost though, no biggie. I came into some cash, so if it doesn't come this week, we'll call it lost and I'll mail you a MONEY ORDER for the stuff this time, and a little something for your trouble ^_^ Sorry for all the delays; I'm really usually pretty good about that, so bear with me, okay? Thanks..."

i just noticed that today going over all our emails, anyway, communication between is horrible, he doesnt reply every time I email him, he says its because he
"can access GTZ from any computer anywhere,
especially as I'm a mod here-but not my e-mail, as it's my girlfriends."
it seems he only replies to me when i use BTR in the email, ill get rid of this BTR as soon as i get my $32..

Interests: Women, Beer (oops, am I underaged?)...I mean, *water*...yes...^_^ Gaming, PCs...
Likes: Gaming, Anime, Women, Beer...err..Por...umm...Water grin
Dislikes: ANYONE offering crap for gold on this board, ppl who condemn GCN!

Quote: SPOON!! -The Tick

As of 6/29/2K2, I'm armed with a bronze star. Regulate accordingly, kiddies smile

As of 1/15/2K3, Mr. McBlack returns, and starts his quest to make things right again...

Hello, I'm Mr. McBlack. You may remember mre from such pictures as "How To Lose Credibility in 10 Days" and "Undercover Brother 2: The Blackening" grin All jokes aside, as of 1/2003, I'm back, armed with a new job, a new school, a new outlook on life, and the will to restore my good name here at GameTZ, no matter how long it takes. I've got 3 BTRs left, and I'm going to clear them up with a "bang", as it were. If I owe you ANYTHING, and I mean ANYTHING, you can reach me at GameNikki in the forums, or you can e-mail me, and I'll get back to you quickly. I prolly have your addresses, but in case I don't, send them to me, and I'll ship your stuff out, plus some AMAZING extras. AMAZING. If you have PayPal, send me whatever info I need to pay you, and I will, along with some extra cash for your troubles. To anyone who I caused troubles for-mods, Bill, minimods, users; I'm so very sorry. Words can't express how sorry I am...but my actions will, I assure you. Bill-If you can forgive me, I'll show my worth around here again. Shrike, thanks for calling and keeping tabs on me. That lone call will not be in vain. Soldiers of the Nikki and King Richard: I'll be in that forum, real soon-like. Jenna, Marcel, Guru, etc.: Watch your ass. I'm back. grin Anyway, just wanted to make it known that I haven't forgotten here, I'm not a fugitive, and most importantly-I'm not a thief. I might be lazy, irresponsible, a drunk, black, stupid, an occasional liar, black, and black...but I'm no con artist. If you currently have a BTR on me, expect your stuff in 1-2 weeks.

You're probably a member of GameTZ if you're reading this page, and if you've been a member since it was "UGTZ" back in the day, you know why you're here:

You are? we can deal PROPERLY ^_^

Rules are as follows:
1. You have a BTR, you are SO sending first. No questions asked. I don't care about how "your stuff is worth more" or "i've been ripped before" have a BTR b/c *I have to watch for YOU*...remember that...

2. I have more trades, you send first; you have more, we cross-ship if you're in 5 trades of me, or I'll send first. Again, no questions asked, unless we explicitly work something out...

3. DON'T EVEN *THINK* about ripping me off. Not only will the USPS Mail Fraud site be used to ream you, my father, who works in law enforcement, will have you reamed. Better yet, ALL OF GTZ will ream you...and if you live in my hometown, guaranteed I'll beat you like Ike beat Tina. smile

4. Don't make a trade you're gonna back out of...that's just lame. At least, tell me if you want it or not, don't lead me on and waste time...and if we do trade, it better be what was described...

5. I don't give a rat's ASS about eBay feedback, Amazon feedback, or feedback. All nine million of 'em mean squat when you roll up to GameTZ. Other respected trading forums, however, *might* be considered if you bring 'em up...

6. If you want to trade w/me and you AREN'T a member here, you ARE sending first, unless I know you from another BBS or something...

7. I can only ship on FRIDAYS and SATURDAYS...and I only have like, a 2 hour window on those days, so...tweak your patience accordingly. I will always make sure to employ Priority Mail with DC, so you can see I shipped. If I can't mail you something the first weekend, don't worry. I'll tell you via e-mail, IM, or whatever you like, and I'll get on it ASAP.

8. I also DO NOT check my e-mail everyday...if you send me e-mail, I usually respond in a few hours...but don't be alarmed if I respond to you in two days instead. When I have to make good on my part of the deal, I try not to mail back and forth too much until I've shipped, so I don't look like I'm stalling or something...

That's all really...what I'm looking for this time around is stuff for my GBA, GCN and PS2, and maybe an XBox, if you have one for trade...and of course, I love the rare gaming goodies and cool gaming oldies as well, so holler at me, ppl...Mr. McBlack OUT...

*My sig and everything will be back soon. Bill, if you see this, keep your eyes peeled for a MO from me that should cover some things; consider it a donation. smile*

*Mr. McBlack: 3.5 years a member, and counting...*