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Completed Trades

21-Oct-2007Phuctrooper gets: $20
ChosenOne gets: PS2 Control + mem card

8-Jun-2007Phuctrooper gets: $10.00
speedy05 gets: GTA Vice City Stories PS2

2-Apr-2007Phuctrooper gets: $20 shipped
framerguy gets: 4 Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt cars

19-Mar-2007Phuctrooper gets: $60
gamertundra gets: Oakley Wiretap

16-Mar-2007Phuctrooper gets: $150 Money Order
benstylus gets: WD My Book Premium 500GB HDD

15-Jun-2006Phuctrooper gets: $150 in cash (seven 20s and one 10, unless you want a money order...)
Dave gets: PSP package as advertised on the forums

13-Jun-2006Phuctrooper gets: $35 Money Order
mab_69 gets: Oakley Valve Sunglasses

6-Jun-2006Phuctrooper gets: $40.00 postal money order.
framerguy gets: Black Nintendo Gamecube console (works great, no DREs)

3-May-2006Phuctrooper gets: $8 shipped
X2X gets: GTA SA, greatest hits version (xbox)

28-Apr-2006Phuctrooper gets: $10 money order or $11 paypal - whichever you prefer.
Forgotten_Freshness gets: Silent Hill 2: Restless Dreams (XBOX) Complete, non-Platinum hits.

23-Mar-2006Phuctrooper gets: $10
MegaNesMan gets: XBOX Jade Empire

12-Jan-2006Phuctrooper gets: $12
Admiral gets: XBOX NFS Underground 2

3-Jan-2006Phuctrooper gets: $20 money order
Kianta gets: Luminies PSP game with umd case and manual

14-Apr-2005Phuctrooper gets: $25 shipped
EasyCompany gets: Family Guy: Volume Two: Season 3 (DVD (fullscreen))

28-Mar-2005Phuctrooper gets: $35 Check
gamertundra gets: Resident Evil 4 (GameCube)

28-Feb-2005Phuctrooper gets: $$$
anteis24 gets: NBA Street Vol. 3 (mint complete, xbox)

19-Jan-2005Phuctrooper gets: $22 Money Order
Akira gets: The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King -- Special Extended Edition (DVD (widescreen))

7-Jan-2005Phuctrooper gets: Ichiro + Ronaldo Jerseys
gamertundra gets: $5 Blockbuster Gift Card + $5 Cash

7-Jan-2005Phuctrooper gets: Nintendo Gamecube with 2 controllers (Official + Nyko), 2 59 memory cards (Nintendo + 3rd Party)
gamertundra gets: Controller -- Xbox Controller S (Xbox), Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne (Xbox), Halo and $5

3-Jan-2005Phuctrooper gets: Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Tides of War (Xbox)
Belladonna gets: Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance (PlayStation 2)

16-Jun-2004Phuctrooper gets: $20
mlbete gets: Freedom Fighters XBOX

25-May-2004Phuctrooper gets: Gladiator DVD
Felty gets: 6 weeks subtime

6-May-2004Phuctrooper gets: $5
FoxDale gets: Super Chase HQ GameBoy

5-May-2004Phuctrooper gets: 2 months subtime
Daniel gets: TMNT GameBoy

6-Apr-2004Phuctrooper gets: $10
ImDaIcon gets: XBox memory card

26-Feb-2004Phuctrooper gets: 3 months subtime
rock101 gets: Meteora (Linkin Park)

23-Feb-2004Phuctrooper gets: 5 months subtime (20 weeks)
plowboy gets: Bad Boys 2

22-Feb-2004Phuctrooper gets: XBOX DVD playback kit
Deadsexy gets: Halo XBOX

14-Feb-2004Phuctrooper gets: $ 10
t0pdawg7 gets: Dead To Rights XBOX

2-Feb-2004Phuctrooper gets: XBOX Halo and Dead to Rights
Xian gets: Raiders Jersey

27-Jan-2004Phuctrooper gets: Bad Boys 2 DVD
slabinskia gets: $ 10

16-Jan-2004Phuctrooper gets: Blockbuster booklet
Fi21 gets: 10 weeks subtime

29-Dec-2003Phuctrooper gets: $15
Kevin gets: Digital Camera

17-Dec-2003Phuctrooper gets: PC Ram stick
Xellos2099 gets: Need for Speed: Underground PS2

17-Dec-2003Phuctrooper gets: $35
Helen gets: Need for Speed: Underground

9-Dec-2003Phuctrooper gets: Cash
mcgee9 gets: DVD Remote (PlayStation 2)

8-Dec-2003Phuctrooper gets: Cash send registered.
grass07 gets: Family guy dvd season 3 Region 1 mint and complete

6-Dec-2003Phuctrooper gets: $ 6
NINTENDOMASTER gets: LP Hybrid Theory

6-Dec-2003Phuctrooper gets: 36 weeks subtime
bradzilla gets: The Matrix Reloaded DVD

28-Nov-2003Phuctrooper gets: $ 6
VinoBrad gets: Pearl Harbor DVD

25-Nov-2003Phuctrooper gets: 2 months subtime
Y2k gets: 3000 Miles to Graceland DVD

21-Nov-2003Phuctrooper gets: 4 months subtime
Helen gets: LP ReAnimation + NBA 2K2

18-Nov-2003Phuctrooper gets: 6 months subtime
Ataribob gets: Streets of Rage 2 GG

17-Nov-2003Phuctrooper gets: $ 6
Helen gets: Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2

10-Nov-2003Phuctrooper gets: 3000 Miles To Graceland DVD
qeuycznyadasdy gets: 2 Months Subscription Time

1-Nov-2003Phuctrooper gets: TI-81 Graphing Calculator
pjpoker gets: Red Faction 2 PS2

22-Oct-2003Phuctrooper gets: $5 and 10 weeks subtime
sinnie gets: Gladiator DVD

17-Oct-2003Phuctrooper gets: $12
beavis gets: Desperado -Superbit DVD

17-Oct-2003Phuctrooper gets: Red Faction 2 (PS2)
Helen gets: $12

10-Oct-2003Phuctrooper gets: Final Fantasy VII, Laser Gun, PS2 controller
jordan23 gets: Sony DualShock 2

4-Oct-2003Phuctrooper gets: $ 20
Kirby gets: Ratchet and Clank PS2

2-Oct-2003Phuctrooper gets: Linkin Park-Hybrid Theory
cochrancarl gets: 2 months subtime

30-Sep-2003Phuctrooper gets: Meteora + ReAnimation CD's
DGPR gets: 2 months subtime

22-Sep-2003Phuctrooper gets: $ 10
glock17 gets: Fast and Furious DVD

20-Sep-2003Phuctrooper gets: Bush-Glycerine
Criticom gets: $ 7

20-Sep-2003Phuctrooper gets: Allen Iverson Bobblehead
RachelR gets: $ 6

20-Sep-2003Phuctrooper gets: $ 7
zach2004 gets: GTA Vice City strategy guide

18-Sep-2003Phuctrooper gets: digital camera and accessories
rizen88 gets: die another day dvd

15-Sep-2003Phuctrooper gets: $10 +shipping
grass07 gets: T2: The Ultimate Edition DVD

13-Sep-2003Phuctrooper gets: Desperado DVD
AngelOfDeath gets: $ 10

13-Sep-2003Phuctrooper gets: $ 10
lobsterman gets: Saving Private Ryan DVD

13-Sep-2003Phuctrooper gets: nba 2k2
Snotboxrocker gets: $$

8-Sep-2003Phuctrooper gets: Cash
sentoukaishi gets: Star Wars Ep. 2 Attack of the Clones DVD

4-Sep-2003Phuctrooper gets: $ 20
Wvufan23 gets: GTA Vice City

30-Aug-2003Phuctrooper gets: $ 10
Ironman gets: Metal Gear Solid 2: SOL

29-Aug-2003Phuctrooper gets: Sony Dual Shock Controller
GraphicsWrench gets: $ 3

29-Aug-2003Phuctrooper gets: $ 10
Snotboxrocker gets: Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX 2

29-Aug-2003Phuctrooper gets: $ 5
MHohen75 gets: 007 Nightfire PS2

26-Aug-2003Phuctrooper gets: Tomorrow Never Dies DVD, Deep Rising and The Rock VHS
verrive gets: 14 dolla!

25-Aug-2003Phuctrooper gets: Fist Of Legend VHS
scowboy12 gets: Subtime

22-Aug-2003Phuctrooper gets: $ 10

22-Aug-2003Phuctrooper gets: GTA: Vice City +Fast and Furious DVD
Blu_Ray_Freak gets: Family Guy DVD set

19-Aug-2003Phuctrooper gets: Die Another Day DVD
diggerdog33 gets: $ 10

17-Aug-2003Phuctrooper gets: Pearl Harbor DVD
bort gets: 12 weeks subtime

16-Aug-2003Phuctrooper gets: $20 +6 weeks subtime
Helen gets: 2 PSOne Controllers + PS1 Mem Card

15-Aug-2003Phuctrooper gets: $ 15
goldbera gets: Rygar (PS2)

11-Aug-2003Phuctrooper gets: SW: Episode II: Attack of the Clones DVD
SEspo gets: $ 10

7-Aug-2003Phuctrooper gets: NBA Jersey
DarkManX gets: $ 20

6-Aug-2003Phuctrooper gets: Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4 (PS2) and $10
VastoLorde gets: Final Fantasy X (PS2) & Mark Of Kri (PS2)

4-Aug-2003Phuctrooper gets: Carmageddon Splat Pack
FerociousWeasel gets: Soldier of Fortune

29-Jul-2003Phuctrooper gets: $8 USD shipped
Shinji gets: Xtreme G3: Racing(ps2)

29-Jul-2003Phuctrooper gets: $10.00
MinuteHand gets: Sony Playstation 2 DVD Remote

29-Jul-2003Phuctrooper gets: $$
ToadReaper gets: 2 sony 8 mb ps2 mem cards

28-Jul-2003Phuctrooper gets: $ 5
Carl gets: Metalhead 32x

26-Jul-2003Phuctrooper gets: 7 Incite Demo disc's
efaKOREGA gets: subtime

9-Jul-2003Phuctrooper gets: BMX XXX (PS2) & Extreme G Racing (PS2)
ryanflucas gets: Devil May Cry (PS2)

30-May-2003Phuctrooper gets: subtime
nikon gets: Aladdin GENESIS

28-May-2003Phuctrooper gets: $15
moebarguy gets: Sega Sports Tennis PS2

27-May-2003Phuctrooper gets: subtime
AAA gets: Virtua Fighter 32x

23-May-2003Phuctrooper gets: subtime
Carlos102284 gets: Kiss of the Dragon DVD

7-May-2003Phuctrooper gets: subtime
nikon gets: Sonic Spinball

6-May-2003Phuctrooper gets: subtime
ToadReaper gets: earthworm jim gen w/ man, nba jam te 32x complete

6-May-2003Phuctrooper gets: sega sports tennis ps2 (complete)
ToadReaper gets: training day and blade II dvds, samarai showdown genesis (all complete)

14-Feb-2003Phuctrooper gets: $25 US
Styling gets: Romeo Must Die / Iron Monkey / Blackhawk Down DVD's

25-Jan-2003Phuctrooper gets: $20 dollars and lighter
plowboy gets: Goldeneye, The World is not Enough, The Spy Who Loved Me DVD's

17-Dec-2002Phuctrooper gets: Gran Turismo 3, Red Faction (PS2)
Myllz gets: Rush Hour 2, Mission Impossible 2, Star Wars Episode 1 (DVD)

29-Nov-2002Phuctrooper gets: $ 20
Ranchan gets: Swordfish & Final Fantasy DVD

29-Nov-2002Phuctrooper gets: $ 55
Ranchan gets: Tomb Raider, The Matrix, Simpsons season 1, The One DVD

21-Nov-2002Phuctrooper gets: $ 5
benjam138 gets: Pitfall 32x

21-Nov-2002Phuctrooper gets: $ 10
l3ornl3aked gets: The Fast and the Furious DVD

18-Nov-2002Phuctrooper gets: $30 Shipped
moebarguy gets: The Simpsons: Complete Second Season (Complete...DVD's)

12-Nov-2002Phuctrooper gets: $ 5
moebarguy gets: Wrestlemania the arcade game (Genesis)

5-Nov-2002Phuctrooper gets: $ 10
ksneal gets: Behind Enemy Lines (DVD)

31-Oct-2002Phuctrooper gets: $ 7
Dealman gets: Beavis and Butthead Do America VHS

17-Oct-2002Phuctrooper gets: $ 10
Milton gets: Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back DVD

10-Oct-2002Phuctrooper gets: Grand Theft Auto 3
cjmoorewi gets: Metal Gear Solid 2

23-Sep-2002Phuctrooper gets: Ready 2 Rumble boxing: Round 2
ScreamingSlave gets: Three Kings DVD

17-Sep-2002Phuctrooper gets: Midtown Madness, Sacrifice (PC)
Shmoo gets: Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec (PSX)