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Completed Trades

10-Jan-2004CrnoMagus gets: Cash
YocidK gets: Ikaruga, Majora's Mask

28-May-2003CrnoMagus gets: Fire Shark, Hell Fire, Light Crusader, Target Earth (genesis)
animallyson gets: Dune, Final Fantasy(DVDs)

18-Apr-2003CrnoMagus gets: Burning Rangers (Saturn)
Lino gets: Rashomon -- Criterion Collection (DVD)

1-Mar-2003CrnoMagus gets: Kingdom Hearts
Dave gets: L'Avventura CC DVD

9-Feb-2003CrnoMagus gets: Klonoa 2 [ PS2 ], Series 7: The Contenders [ DVD ]
Sid_Ceaser gets: Cries and Whispers: Criterion Collection and Chungking Express [ DVDs ]

22-Jan-2003CrnoMagus gets: Luigi's Mansion
Orlandu gets: Lost Kingdoms

2-Jan-2003CrnoMagus gets: Money
ThomasMeyer gets: Banjo-Tooie

10-Dec-2002CrnoMagus gets: Maximo
uummmm_me gets: Virtua Fighter 4

19-Nov-2002CrnoMagus gets: Pulp Fiction CE (sealed DVD)
Jester695 gets: 8 1/2 CC (DVD)

7-Nov-2002CrnoMagus gets: Virtua Fighter 4
eatatete gets: Beach Spikers

9-Jun-2002CrnoMagus gets: front mission 3
Belladonna gets: maken x

31-May-2002CrnoMagus gets: Cannon Spike and Jo Jo's Bizarre Adventure [ Dreamcast ]
Sid_Ceaser gets: Rayman Advance and Puyo Pop [ Gameboy Advance ], and Behind Enemy Lines [ DVD ]

27-May-2002CrnoMagus gets: Saturn Arcade Stick
LucasBarton gets: NiGHTS

27-May-2002CrnoMagus gets: Modded PSX, Megaman X4, Megaman X5, 2 Controlers.
RocKo gets: ring of red, planet of the apes, sleepy hollow, the relic , the waterboy and $40

22-May-2002CrnoMagus gets: The Corruptor PS, Being John Malkovich SE (un-used DVD'S)
Jester695 gets: Zoolander, Hearts in Atlantis, The Fast and the Furious (DVD'S)

20-May-2002CrnoMagus gets: Sonic CD, Startropics
Crazy_Train gets: King of Monsters 2(neoCD)

7-May-2002CrnoMagus gets: Ghost World [ DVD ]
Sid_Ceaser gets: Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me [ DVD ]

4-May-2002CrnoMagus gets: Ys 3 - Wanders from Ys (TGCD, Mint, complete), $20 US funds
NGE_Freek gets: Animal Leader (GameCube, Import, Mint, Complete)

2-Mar-2002CrnoMagus gets: $45 shipped
t0pdawg7 gets: Winback, Onimusha(PS2, Complete), Sony Dual Shock 2 controller

2-Mar-2002CrnoMagus gets: $12
CoolPorygon gets: tony hawk 2 gba(cart only)

24-Feb-2002CrnoMagus gets: $15
Scot gets: sengoku turb

19-Feb-2002CrnoMagus gets: sengoku blade
Pagleh gets: $90 shipped

16-Feb-2002CrnoMagus gets: Super Monkey Ball
hayato42 gets: Sonic, Gaiares, Ranger X, Vectorman, Castlevania: Circle of the moon

13-Feb-2002CrnoMagus gets: Shenmue 2(PAL)
superfurry gets: Dragon Warrior 7

6-Feb-2002CrnoMagus gets: Gunbird 2, Ridge Racer 64, Clockwork Orange
LucasBarton gets: Mario Advance, Mario Party

19-Jan-2002CrnoMagus gets: Steep Slope Sliders (Saturn)
Steven gets: Greatest Nine '98 & Galaxy Fight (Saturn)

19-Jan-2002CrnoMagus gets: Cosmic fantasy 2
2DGamer gets: Metal Black

9-Nov-2001CrnoMagus gets: $20
Woodruff gets: Homeworld and FIFA '97

24-Sep-2001CrnoMagus gets: $30
GreatOne gets: Super Dogdeball GBA and NFS3 Psx

15-Sep-2001CrnoMagus gets: Nintendo 64 system
HanstheGreat927 gets: Deep fear, king of fighters 97, albert odyssey

31-Aug-2001CrnoMagus gets: $30
Staraang gets: Thunderforce V(saturn)

31-Aug-2001CrnoMagus gets: Platoon (new/un-used), Leaving Las Vegas (DVD's)
Jester695 gets: Dark City, The Frighteners, Das Boot (DVD's)

16-Aug-2001CrnoMagus gets: Super Dodgeball Advance
GianniM gets: Chu Chu Rocket

10-Aug-2001CrnoMagus gets: Viewpoint, Real bout Fatal Fury(Neo Geo CD)
Vlahka gets: Items to be determined later

1-Aug-2001CrnoMagus gets: Tony Hawk's pro skater 2(GBA)
BoneThug gets: Bomberman Tournament(GBA)

23-Jul-2001CrnoMagus gets: Black & White
J_MAN gets: Deus Ex

11-Jul-2001CrnoMagus gets: Neo Geo CD system(good working condition with 1 stick and all wires), Samauri showdown 4, King of monsters 2, world heroes 2 jet, King of fighters 96
RageAM2262 gets: Typing of the dead with keyboard, Internation superstar soccer 98, Sonic Adventure 2, Assualt suit leynos 2, The exorcist, Traffic, The thin red line, the perfect storm, face/off, the contender(all dvds)

28-Jun-2001CrnoMagus gets: Casino DVD (new)
Jester695 gets: X-men, U-571 DVD's

27-Jun-2001CrnoMagus gets: Guilty Gear X (DC) & Honey Bee Convertor (Genesis)
Yoshi gets: An Undisclosed Amount of Cash

2-Jun-2001CrnoMagus gets: Cash
Jeff_24 gets: House of the Dead 2 with Gun

22-May-2001CrnoMagus gets: Cash
3eee31212 gets: Secret of Mana(cart only)

21-May-2001CrnoMagus gets: Last Blade 2: Final Edition(dreamcast, new)
Nikke gets: $49

12-May-2001CrnoMagus gets: Radiant Silvergun
SnKDeViL gets: $145

9-May-2001CrnoMagus gets: Metal Black(saturn)
Rain gets: $35

8-May-2001CrnoMagus gets: $15 USD
Jefe gets: Resident evil 2(DC, unopened)

3-May-2001CrnoMagus gets: $60
Pouncette gets: Final Fantasy Tactics

2-May-2001CrnoMagus gets: Escape from monkey island 4
timdorr gets: Baldurs gate 2, f-zero x

1-May-2001CrnoMagus gets: Timesplitters (PS2) and Kessen (PS2)
Spineshank gets: Stigmata (DVD) and $43

1-May-2001CrnoMagus gets: $60
html gets: Tekken Tag Tournament, Kessen

30-Apr-2001CrnoMagus gets: Grandia 2 + Cash
FlasHBurN gets: Dynasty Warriors 2 and ZOE

30-Apr-2001CrnoMagus gets: gameTZ t-shirt (with subscription)
bill gets: cash

30-Apr-2001CrnoMagus gets: Deconstructing Harry DVD
Sid_Ceaser gets: The Sixth Day DVD

28-Apr-2001CrnoMagus gets: Saturn 5-1
jekbrown gets: Crouching Tiger hidden Dragon, The 6th Sense(DVD's)

28-Apr-2001CrnoMagus gets: McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure (gen) and Gun Griffon Blaze (PS2)
2DGamer gets: Guilty Gear X (import DC)

27-Apr-2001CrnoMagus gets: $40
Sbgo gets: Mario Advance

27-Apr-2001CrnoMagus gets: Romance of the Three Kingdoms IV(PSX)
Belladonna gets: Persona: Revelations(PSX)

26-Apr-2001CrnoMagus gets: Dynasty Warrior 2 and Saga Frontier 2
ebisoba gets: Starwars: Starfighter

23-Apr-2001CrnoMagus gets: Swing Away Golf
PWizard gets: Ridge Racer V

20-Apr-2001CrnoMagus gets: Unreal Tournament(DC), Ring of Red, Zone of Enders, Phantasy star online, Lunar 2, winback(ps2)
Lino gets: Light Crusader, Zombies ate my neighbors, Soukyugurentai, Thunderforce II

13-Apr-2001CrnoMagus gets: Ridge Racer V
PS2Freak gets: Einhander, Vandal Hearts

13-Apr-2001CrnoMagus gets: Albert Oddyesy(sat-disc only), Mischief Makers(N64-complete) and 43$
illcasta gets: Mario Golf/Metal Gear Solid/Donkey Kong Country(all GBC, all complete), The Bouncer(PS2), Rayman(PSX), and Dragon Power

9-Apr-2001CrnoMagus gets: Cash, Final Fantasy tactics, Star wars starfighter, the bouncer, tekken tag tournament, Playstation 2 memory card(all complete)
Sbgo gets: Gameboy advance, F-zero advance(both complete)

9-Apr-2001CrnoMagus gets: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (DVD)
Jester695 gets: Three Kings, What Lies Beneath, Fight Club (DVD)

9-Apr-2001CrnoMagus gets: unopened RPG Maker (PSX)
Trey gets: Dracula Circle of The Moon (GBA)

6-Apr-2001CrnoMagus gets: 70$
Akuma585 gets: playstation, 2 controllers, kartia, super puzzle fighter,silhouette mirage

4-Apr-2001CrnoMagus gets: Onimusha: Warlords
dman gets: Skies of Arcadia, Panzer Dragoon Zwei

3-Apr-2001CrnoMagus gets: Einhander
uncsteve gets: Vagrant Story

3-Apr-2001CrnoMagus gets: Skies of Arcadia
Apr1de987 gets: DDR Pad(DC)

31-Mar-2001CrnoMagus gets: Playstation 2(sealed in box)
Staraang gets: Cash, Battle Garegga, Batsugun, Lunar 2(psx), gunstar heroes, Xenogears, Phantasy star 4, saturn gameshark

30-Mar-2001CrnoMagus gets: Baldurs gate 2, $5
Drktenor gets: Gameboy color

29-Mar-2001CrnoMagus gets: Money Order
NINTENDOMASTER gets: Grandia (psx)

26-Mar-2001CrnoMagus gets: No One Lives Forever
master_homer gets: Get Shorty DVD, Vampires DVD

23-Mar-2001CrnoMagus gets: Midtown Madness
Duelatron gets: System Shock 2

21-Mar-2001CrnoMagus gets: The Longest Journey
TheSimbul gets: Persona 2

19-Mar-2001CrnoMagus gets: Capcom Cardfighters and $ mint complete
shatnerfan gets: Grandia 2 DC mint complete

18-Mar-2001CrnoMagus gets: Magical Drop III value edition(saturn) and Batsugun(saturn)
jennety gets: Custom Robo(N64)

16-Mar-2001CrnoMagus gets: Lunar 2(psx, complete) typing of the dead(DC complete) and $55
shermg79 gets: Panzer Dragoon Saga(complete)

15-Mar-2001CrnoMagus gets: $25, Theif
Skywallker gets: Ogre Battle(SNES) Final Fantasy(NES) Virtua Fighter

15-Mar-2001CrnoMagus gets: Giants: citizen Kabuto
Aj gets: Metropolis street racer

14-Mar-2001CrnoMagus gets: House of the Dead 2 w/ light gun
thrifthtml gets: NBA 2k1

14-Mar-2001CrnoMagus gets: $$cash$$
ElderVyse gets: Harvest Moon (cart only)GBC version

14-Mar-2001CrnoMagus gets: Contra 3
Sid_Ceaser gets: Castlevania: SotN, An American Werewolf in london, Crystal Method "vegas"

6-Mar-2001CrnoMagus gets: $20
almasy82 gets: Sonic Pocket Adventure

6-Mar-2001CrnoMagus gets: Get Shorty (DVD) and Vandal Hearts (DVD)
Flatliner gets: Gladiator (DVD) and Ape Escape (PSX)

5-Mar-2001CrnoMagus gets: $15
FunkMan76 gets: Phantasy Star 2(cart and box)

4-Mar-2001CrnoMagus gets: Thunderforce 2 & 3
illcasta gets: Klonoa

3-Mar-2001CrnoMagus gets: #2 pencil
DJClue gets: nba2k

2-Mar-2001CrnoMagus gets: Deep Fear(saturn, complete)
weibrother gets: Rockman Battle and fighters(complete, NGPC)

27-Feb-2001CrnoMagus gets: $$
icejet12 gets: Mega Man 3 cart only (NES)

27-Feb-2001CrnoMagus gets: Galaxy Fight & Bust a move 2
luv2rave24_7 gets: Thousand Arms & $5

27-Feb-2001CrnoMagus gets: Panzer dragoon saga, grandia 2(unopened) and Final Fantasy IX
SnKDeViL gets: Radiant Silvergun

27-Feb-2001CrnoMagus gets: Soukyugurentai, virtua fighter 2
Akuma585 gets: Metal Slug: Second mission, $10, blaster master

27-Feb-2001CrnoMagus gets: Fighting Vipers & Daytona USA (Sega Saturn)
DJ_Mo gets: Art of Fighting & Flashback (Sega Genesis)

26-Feb-2001CrnoMagus gets: Paper Mario(unopened, n64)
aznxshyguy gets: Dance Dance Revolution 2nd mix(import, dreamcast)

26-Feb-2001CrnoMagus gets: Soul Caliber, Climax Landers, Dreamcast demos
NeWsKiLLz gets: Wild Metal, Colony Wars

23-Feb-2001CrnoMagus gets: Persona, Threads of Fate
ebisoba gets: Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete

21-Feb-2001CrnoMagus gets: Dragon Force(US, complete)
ilovetoplay18dc gets: Winback, Resident evil 2(n64), command and conquer(n64) and Mischeif Makers

20-Feb-2001CrnoMagus gets: Bangaioh(Pal, dreamcast)
markww999 gets: Nfl2k(unopened)

20-Feb-2001CrnoMagus gets: Ape Escape(complete)
Reckase gets: Space Station: Silicon Valley(complete)

20-Feb-2001CrnoMagus gets: Kartia: World of Fate(complete) and Darius Gaiden(saturn, complete)
Yoshi gets: Goemon's Great Adventure(complete) and $5

17-Feb-2001CrnoMagus gets: Dreamcast vmu, $4
recycled gets: Shawskank redemption(dvd) and the gladiator(dvd)

16-Feb-2001CrnoMagus gets: persona 2(complete)
Soxicide gets: Skies of arcadia(complete)

7-Feb-2001CrnoMagus gets: Chrono Trigger Instruction Booklet
RusselMiller gets: $

25-Jan-2001CrnoMagus gets: Money
giznad gets: Suikoden 2

17-Jan-2001CrnoMagus gets: king of fighters dream match 99 for Dreamcast
Groo gets: space channel 5 for Dreamcast

12-Jan-2001CrnoMagus gets: Suikoden 2
Kronvict gets: Dino Crisis 2

30-Dec-2000CrnoMagus gets: Sonic Adventure(DC, Complete)
oneCRAZYtrader gets: Ferrari f355 challenge(dc, complete)

24-Dec-2000CrnoMagus gets: Radiant Silvergun(Complete)
Hellboy gets: Panzer Dragoon Saga(Complete, U.S.)

17-Dec-2000CrnoMagus gets: Dynamite Heady(genesis, cart only)
Sid_Ceaser gets: Beetle Adventure Racing(N64, complete)

12-Dec-2000CrnoMagus gets: Space Channel 5 (DC) and Guardian Heroes (Saturn)
emagius gets: Armada (DC) and Chu Chu Rockets (DC)

12-Dec-2000CrnoMagus gets: Thunderforce V (unopened, Saturn), Phantasy Star 4 (complete, Genesis), Clockwork Knight 2 (complete, Saturn)
yuey gets: Samba de Amigo (complete, Dreamcast), Sambe de Amigo Maracas (complete, Dreamcast)

7-Dec-2000CrnoMagus gets: Sengoku Turb, $25
ChosenOne gets: Ogre Battle 64

22-Nov-2000CrnoMagus gets: Internation superstar soccer 98(n64)
panzer101 gets: $15

27-Oct-2000CrnoMagus gets: Marrio Tennis N64 (complete)
Sid_Ceaser gets: Powerstone 2 japanese Dreamcast and american Toy Commander Dreamcast (complete)

19-Oct-2000CrnoMagus gets: Panzer Dragoon Saga(US) in near perfect condition
Cable gets: Radiant Silvergun in near-perfect condition

14-Oct-2000CrnoMagus gets: king of fighter's evolution '99(Jap. version)
MattD gets: cash

10-Oct-2000CrnoMagus gets: unopened Ridge Racer 64 (N64), unopened Win BAck (n64), and unopened Goemon's Great Adventure (n64)
vgamer gets: mint/complete Bangaioh (jap n64)

10-Oct-2000CrnoMagus gets: Sega Rally 2 (DC)
vgamer gets: Legend of Mana (PS)

11-Sep-2000CrnoMagus gets: Cash
nall_x gets: English version of Faselei for NGPC

9-Sep-2000CrnoMagus gets: Deus Ex
RandyJA gets: Soul Caliber

2-Sep-2000CrnoMagus gets: Powerstone 2(jap version) and $7
recvcapcom gets: Jet Coaster Dream

30-Aug-2000CrnoMagus gets: $
eternalblue gets: Beyond Oasis (Genesis)

21-Aug-2000CrnoMagus gets: Front Mission 3(PSX) complete
Nirvy gets: Armada(DC), Ready 2 Rumble(DC) both complete, $4

14-Aug-2000CrnoMagus gets: cash
recycled gets: 4.5 mm gamebit tool to mod N64

14-Aug-2000CrnoMagus gets: $13
cfehrman gets: Tenchu

9-Aug-2000CrnoMagus gets: Lunar SSSC complete--psx
Neokitty gets: Harvest Moon 64 complete --N64

5-Aug-2000CrnoMagus gets: Legend of Mana
recycled gets: Cash

29-Jul-2000CrnoMagus gets: Wild Metal (DC)
AdamBlue gets: Psychic Force 2012 (DC)

27-Jul-2000CrnoMagus gets: Roomania #203
FreakyMofoSpam gets: Ecco The Dolphin: Defender of the Future, cash

26-Jul-2000CrnoMagus gets: Space Station Silicon Valley, $5
SamHorn gets: NHL 2K

24-Jul-2000CrnoMagus gets: Ecco The Dolphin: Defender of the Future (Dreamcast)
spikyTail gets: Tony Hawk Pro Skater (Dreamcast), King of Fighters 99 (Dreamcast), NFL2K (Dreamcast)

17-Jul-2000CrnoMagus gets: Jet Coaster Dream DC Import
GreatOne gets: NGPC box, Sonic manual, plastic case, Biomotor Unitron, and $$CASH$$